Why did the V6 forums are dead die?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by zincyellow03, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. Just wondering, why was the "V6 Forums are dead" closed?

  2. Kilgore is here now and I shall liven up your lame little corner o'Stangnet...

    What is up with the V-6? I know nothing about the engine. It is a decent engine? What is the stock hp and displacement. What are some mods that are for V-6 only? Is it true that all V-6 owners wish they had GTs?
  3. No, not all V6 owners wish they had GTs, because there are some sixers running below 10 seconds without truely pushing the envelope of the engine. the 99-04 232ci put out 190bhp, the 05-06 244 puts out 200bhp I believe, but sometime soon, between 07 and 09, it will be the 3.5L 214ci putting down 260-280 bhp depending on how it is configured. But really, why was our corner killed off? it was our chatroom.
  4. the 3.8 has one more awesome advantage, gas mileage. I am making like 350 miles a tank highway right now. And for me that great because i put about 1,000 miles a month highway only on my car
  5. All i will say is that Engage47 comments may have shut the thread down.

    The other is that you can chat in PM and not wasting bandwidth.
  6. No offense, but I don't think that the chat in the PM and wasting bandwidth was the problem, because it's been up since June, 2005. I think that everyone that posted there should have atleast been given a reason why it was shut down.
  7. Well, whatever, I guess this is life...nothing you can do about it.
  8. The old saying is that one bad apple ruins the bag?

    Well one did and your are right nothing can be done.

  9. well he got banned,and none of the rest of us did anything wrong. That would be like having someone screw up a lab in the electronics class and the teacher cancels the whole class. If someone you work with screws up does everyone in the comapny get fired? we're not second graders in here, and that was a bit unfair
  10. Well you make a point there! Why not just open another thread up?

    Several of you all say that Engage got the axe before Ox did. So, is there a competition of seeing who gets banned first?

    I have asked Ox this with no response? maybe someone can bring me up to speed on this?