Why did you decided to get a classic Mustang?

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  1. So, why did you get one? The nostalgia, the sound, the looks, the no emissions, the ladies :0?
  2. Because I couldn't afford a Dodge Charger, wouldn't buy a chevy, and that left me with...
  3. The double-take factor is what I call it. Try to get this look in a plane jane modular car. Sure some cars turn heads. But a classic can break necks. It is a good feeling when you drive by and people look two, three, four times. Sometimes they just stare. It is the whole package. Nothing beats owning a classic, nothing. My $.02.
  4. I grew up with them, I was 7 in 1969, so I'm just alittle older than my fastbacks.
  5. I guess I should explain why I wanted a Charger. Dukes of H, Blade, Gone in 60, Bullitt, and most every other TV show installed me with a sense of awe. Plus I think its slightly ultilartian to be able to maintain a 33 year old car in working condition. Lots of people continue to buy new cars to keep up with the Jones or just to have a new car, but to be able to find a car that you want/can keep for an extended period of time has it's own appeal to me (seeing as how I'm somehthing of a packrat) I love my 78' Lincoln there is nothing more comfortable. But the Mustang is clay in my hands and when I'm done I'll have a genuine Zach-mobile. Beats picking the color of the generic for-everyone cars being sold now. The current GTO is a perfect example. BLAND

    plus it will appreciate rather than lose half its value in a year.
  6. I bought my best friends 72 coupe when I was 18 (23 years ago) for $75. His parents wouldn’t let it sit in his driveway leaking oil while he went into the airforce. My girlfriend (later ex-wife) drove a 67 fastback (which we sold for $500 in 1989 to pay the mortgage :bang: ). Both cars were our daily drivers. Two of my parts cars 71 & 72 coupes came from people coming up to me at gas stations pointing to my car saying: “Hey, I’ve got one of those in my back yard. You want to buy it?” Both purchased almost free. I purchased the 73 Mach1 as a 40th birthday present for myself.
  7. I was in high school when the first Stangs came out (okay quit counting, yes I'm old). I drooled over a 65, 4 speed coupe that my bosses daughter had where I worked. She let me drive it one day and I was hooked. I did buy a used 65 coupe with a 3 speed stick, but always wanted a 67 coupe, which I finally acquired with a 4 speed. I've had bowties, Mopars and Fords. I really like the looks of the older Fords. As 65straightsick said, the wow factor is great.
  8. Well lets see.....I had a 67 GT Fastback in high school.....That was in 1971. So over the years I have owned several others stangs under 1973. I did the 85Gt and 3 years ago a 98GT Vert. Last year I liked the looks. Well after trying to figure out mod motors and computers, I decided they werent for me. So I found another 67GT Fastback that was rust free. It needed someone that understood what those cars were. And I am redoing it to my standard of what it should be. So for the last seven months I have been working on it. Working out the engine details and need to build a tranny now. Then get it painted. Its going to be the keeper out of all of them. Check out the pictures. Cant wait to see what its going to run when its finished..... :D
  9. #1, my whole family was chevy since i was born, I didnt like chevy and I liked going against the flow. So Ford it was.

    #2, Ive like Ford Mustangs since I could ever know what a car was.

    #3, wow factor. No car gets head turns and questions asked like mine. Everyone asks "does it have a 289?" everyone knows, classic mustang = 289 (even though not all are, it just goes to prove the impact mustangs had)

    #4, ease to work on. my parents have other cars, newer, and i cant do cramped engine bays and stupid computers. I want to be able to work on MY CAR, and no shop is gonna touch it to mess it up.

    I was going to get some newer* car for my first car, but two years ago my neighbor let me pull his 70 Camaro RS 350 outta his garage (he also has a 68 GTO 400 SB). Thats all it took, the rumble of the carbed v8 was all it took. The only car that will EVER satisfy me is a good old classic, specifically a Ford Mustang, and more specifically (in the future) a 69 Mach 1 R code 428 super cobra jet with the no a/c 4.11 drag pack manual. :D
  10. It isn't just the mustang though.....i am a muscle car enthusiast, GTO's, Chargers, Camaro's. They're all great. Before i am through, i would like to own a 69 Camaro SS. But the one car I want to own more than anything, is a 69 Fastback, WOW!! But any classic will make an impact on people. What amazes me is how many classics can handle rice burners, even after 40 years, that is a special thing to brag about.
  11. haha word that (esp the 69 mach (fastback)), like i said, a camaro got me hooked.

    Road Runners
    Olds 442s

    you name it, its old and has a carbed v8 and i'll drive it. nothing like a old vert caddy hehe
  12. Muscle Cars :drool:
    Had or driven all types of motor vec.
    But the Feel of raw HP in the old muscle cars can't be beat.

    I like the style of 69/70 Fastback :D

  13. Well i think the 69 fastback is the meanest looking fastback. But i love the look of a clean looking coupe, note the car. haha
  14. I saw Bullitt on TV when I was in 1st grade

    I fell in love with the 1968 FB Det. Bullitt drove in the movie but being about 6 at the time, I wasn't sure what kind of car it was. And I think I forgot the name of the movie two days after I saw it. I only remember that it was the coolest car I ever saw. So one day my mom and I were walking back from the mall and I was tagging along behind her. She was jabbering away and when I didn't respond to her, she wheeled around and I wasn't there. She backtracked to find me staring in awe at a moss green 1967 or 1968 Mustang Fastback. "Mom." I said with a hushed reverence, "look at how cool that car is."

    She grabbed me and dragged me back to our car and on we went. Since then, the mustang FB has been the only car I ever wanted. I can afford to buy a new Viper but I don't want one. I just don't care. I love the mustang. I guess I always have.
  15. When I was a kid my dad, uncle, and aunt all had 60 something Torinos with the biggest engine that Ford made at the time. I loved those cars so I guess that is how I was hooked on Muscle. Later in the 80s I saw gone in 60 seconds and absolutely fell in love with the 71-73 mustangs after that. By the time I was a teenager I had given up on ever having a mustang. I remember seeing some around but I never thought I'd be able to afford one.

    Then after I got back from duty in Kuwait in 92, and had saved some money up to buy a car, I stumbled across my dream car in the form of a faded Blue 73 mustang convertible with a white top. We bought my stang the next day. It was like it was fate.
  16. It's kind of funny, but I never really considered any other car. :shrug:
    I don't come from a "car guy" background or anything, but when the time came to get a car when I was 16, after saving my money from working at the pizza joint, a classic Mustang was the only car I'd look at. $3k later, I was tooling around in my very own 65 six cyl coupe, and happy as a clam. Later that year I encountered the first fastback I'd ever seen, a bad ass 66 with some mean lookin wheels. It took me 5 years of saving my money and badgering the poor guy that owned that very same fastback, but eventually I talked him out of it. :D I've never looked back since.
  17. Because working on the newer imports are major PITA unless you are double jointed.
  18. Even as a 4 year old in the 60's, cars were my fascination! In 1976 when it came time for my first car, there was never a question, it was going to be a Mustang. I've always liked them most. Over the years, over 20 have passed through my hands, in addition to two Cougars, a Hurst/Olds, and my daily drivers.

    BTW, watch in an upcomming issue of Hemmings Mustang guide, as I wrote a retrospective story on my first Mustang from over 25 years ago!
  19. My neighbor was selling a 1970 Orange Grande for $800 when I turned 16. In those days, they weren't classics, they were just used cars. Had a lot of em since, but the 69-70s have always been my favorite.
  20. I like some did not come from a car background either, but it's always been in my veins from somwhere. I guess my fascination began when I started to realize that just about every bad ass smooth and slick mother f---er in every action movie I ever watched always drove some classic piece of kick ass muscle and I simply could not resist wanting one of my own, something that instantly defined your persona and said look out. I envied every single person I ever passed in a cool car and vowed to one day be one of those guys. It took me another 16 years to get the car I wanted since I was 16 (well it started with the 69' fastback like many, but evolved into a convertible when the daily driver need was no longer a factor) and though it didn't always seem that way during that spell, it was very much worth the wait.

    Over the years I came very close to buying Stangs of various models, 1st in 85 when I almost bought a barely running mostly in pieces 69' coupe but let my dad talk me into a reliable and immediatly usable 77' Nova for the same price. Then in 89 when I came close to an 83 GT that was really beat on and nasty, again I bought the far more reliable 86' Nissan Pulsar (my only import to date, I was young and confused) then in 90' my father gave me his Olds Cutlass for a song so what the heck, I was poor and working for rent practically, then the new 94's came out and I prety much creamed myself. I did everything in my power to scrape together every nickel to buy the cheapest 6 they had on the lot, just 2 days before signing my boss told me he was moving to Japan and would I be interested in his mint condition and loaded 90' 2 door cherokee for $4500 (less than half what it was worth). Conditions were $1000 down and 14 deposit slips to put $250 into his account each month, paid in full with zero interest and no loan as far as insurance was concerned. I simply could not pass that up and looked at it as opportunity to become a 2 car owner by the next summer which ment finally acquiring my dream car summer ride. I drove that cherokee until 265,000 miles to make that dream happen and actually traded it for a 99' daily driver when I moved to texas and became part of Blakes new and old club.

    Many differnt cars many different points in my life but one thing always a constant and that was the object of my affection, a Mustang!