Why didnt they modle the car after 67&68?

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  1. I hate to be a party foul and talk bad of the new car, which is amazing looking and has great power by the way. But i really like the 67 and 68 fastback mustangs. Is there any posiblity we could have a repeat like the 60's and the 05 and 06 will be coupes, and then they move to a FULL fastback car where the trunk is slanted into the bumper? I would love to have a Fullfast back 500hp Cobra. Any rumors going around?
  2. It is styled after the 65-66 fastbacks. I don't think there are going to be any real body changes for a while. No rumors going around yet (though you are welcome to start one).
  3. the possibilities for the 05 styled Mustangs are staggering. Stay tuned and be patient. There's no telling what Ford or some after market company will come up with.
  4. Apparaently it is not based on the 65-66 fastback. I know the pics of the concept featured a red 65'66 fastback, which suggested that the inspiration for the 05 model came from there, but in any interviews i've read with the engineers, designers they all say its based on the more agressive 67-68 fastback.

    In the february edition of Topgear magazine (UK) chief designer Larry Erickson says it harks back to the 67-68 models.


    "Those are the cars everybody feels are the right ones, with the long bonnets and the short boot lids"

    In my opinion the front half of it is very 67-68 but the rear half is like a cross between the 65-66 fastback and the 69-70 fastback.

    Still like it and cant wait to see how it develops over the next few years. I believe in 10 years time there will be one model year of the new mustang that everyone thinks is the best one, dont think it'll be the first one though, maybe in 2 or 3 years they'll do something with it (like some of the GTR details) that just works perfectly, IMO!