Why do Grand Prix try to race me?

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  1. Anyone else have this problem? It seems that both older and newer Grand Prix hunt me down. Do they really think that they are competitive against a Mustang GT? All they have for an engine is a 3.1l V6. It's embarassing (for them).
  2. they are retards.
  3. Are you sure these aren't Grand Prix GTP's? Those can be made fairly badass for not too much money and aren't bad straight from the factory for a sedan.

    They're I think 240hp and 280tq at the motor when stock. That may vary depending on the year.
  4. I had a Grand Am, a newer one the kind with a the ram air who wanted some this morning. I couldn't believe the guy, he was riding my bumper so I just matted it in 2nd broke the tires loose (to get away from this guy) and put a buslength on him instantly, slowed then moved over a lane, he then pulled next to me and started reving his car. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself. :D
  5. I've had that problem with my 94 GT, yet they never seem to really wanna follow through on the race, just like ricers :nonono:
  6. No one ever tries to race me. It's boring.
  7. :stupid:

    The only race that I had was after the victor ford event. I pulled up next to a lightning. We both pretty much knew what was going to happen. Thats right. I got 6 bus lengths on him within 3 seconds. :D
  8. Yea, seems like I get every civic (riced out or not) with some 16yr old kid driving it that wants to ride my bumper but when I switch lanes they just sit there...It's damn annoying! :bang: That or a smiley faced neon.
  9. I think they only have 220 hp from the factory(the gtp's). Some ppl think anything with a supercharger is fast.
  10. The 2004 Grand Prix GT1 has a 3.8l V6 that puts out 200 bhp and 230 lb-ft torque. The GTP has a supercharger that puts out 260 bhp and 280 lb-ft torque. That's only a 30% gain with the supercharger.

    Anyone know the 0-60 mph time or the 1/4 mile time on the GTP?
  11. Or a turbocharger for that matter......
  12. Just looked on edmunds.com... 235 hp for 2003, 255 for 2004, and 260 hp for 2005.

    Not on any before that. In any case, enough to be fun stock, but not enough to take a stang as they probably weigh more, too. I've talked to some owners though and they seem to take well to mods, which seems reasonable with the blower. I think stock they're good for mid 14's to low 15's in the quarter.
  13. Yeah, I think they're mid-14ish to low 15s, I'm not sure which is more common, and of course it depends on the year... looks like earlier gtp's were at 235hp or lower and I'm not sure what the torque on those was.
  14. I had a race with a GTP a year ago, at first he passed me revving and slowed down for the stop light, I lined up and I knew he was going to punch it, when the light turned green I took off easy because I wanted him to do the first move (I knew I was going to win anyways), and he did, he punched it, and so I did, through first gear he hanged with my GT, by the end of 1st I had like half car ahead of him, but when I shifted into second he was gone, I had like three cars ahead of him when he quitted, that was by the end of 2nd gear.

    However, not bad for a 3.8L SC automatic.
  15. Don't sleep on the GTPs guys, there used to by a guy, think Chaosstarter was his name, who had one round here, they can be made fast fairly easily just like any factory power adder car. And can modded to hang with GTs or Machs for that fact pretty easily from what I remember.
  16. There are almost as many 12-13 second GTPs and Regal GSs at IRP as there are 14sec Mustang GTs. A simple pulley swap will net good gains on the GTPs.

    I wouldn't really make fun of them. :shrug:
  17. The GTP weighs 3583 lbs. (curb weight) and has a 3.29 gear ratio.
  18. I can understand where the GTPs might think they have a chance. But, why do the regular Grand Prix want to race, especially the older ones? When I oblige them, it's not even close.
  19. because verts are slowwwww!!!
  20. my friend's 1999 grand am GT surprised me. it was pretty quick. easily faster than v6 stang and caught me off surprise when he tried to race me

    the non supercharged Grand Prix's suck though.