Why do Grand Prix try to race me?

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  1. Back in the day when I was stuck in a little 2.3L stang I raced cars that I knew were faster than me. I did it because I wanted to see them run and see just how fast they were compared to my slow POS. I realize that a lot of the people out there ARE retards who really think they're fast, but maybe some of them are actually just having fun for the hell of it, eh?
  2. i love racing faster cars
    mine's slow :(
  3. I'd be willing to bet that my '99 and '01 Formulas would have run with '96-'01 Cobras.

  4. For the most part, I agree with you. I've seen the same thing with older cars from beat up fwd's to rwd's, to awd's thinking they're hot ****. Now, obviously you have some nice work done to your car, but as a stock car, the Auto 'vert 'stang is the slowest of the bunch. Now is different. Again, I can never say a race is futile because of the fact that you don't know what the other is packin'. You have tons of more work done to your car, but I'd still race you. Even if I knew I was going to lose, but I'd do it just for the fun of it. :nice:
  5. Was linked here from another site, just thought I would share a little vid of a Regal GS vs. an 05' Stang for your guys enjoyment. Now I am not claiming to be any super fast car or anything and not claiming I beat a stang down in a blaze of glory but just thought you guys would like some visual proof. :nice: Not saying the mustang driver could shift either, but hey whatever

    Click here to watch WildGSvs05Stang

  6. This thread is like a year old :shrug:
  7. YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!
  8. My friend owns a 96 GT that he swaped the 96 Cobra engine in, trans , rear end ect.

    he has headers and open ehaust, intake and chip.

    i handed him his arse with my 99 regal. He's since installed a 75 shot and still doesnt think its enough to take me (he lives 4 hours away, met him at college and we havent raced again yet)

    BEST ET was 13.744 @ 101.X, w/2.268 60' , BEST MPH was 101.74 If i get my 60' around 2.00 or less i would be looking at a LOW LOW 13. It doesnt help i cant go WOT in 1st gear with out smoking the tires. I am also adding a 85 MM maf and 75 MM throttle body and progressive alcohol injection ( waiting on the couplers /adaptor plate for the new throttlebody )

    i have a DHP computer, high lift aluminum roller rockers, slp headers & exhaust, open cone intake, generation 5 supercharger and 3.2 inch SC pulley (stock is 3.8)

    WITH ONLY a 3.4 inch pulley basic stuff (T stat and plugs) and hot air intake, dhp comptuer, i was destroying 2000 body style GT's.

    acouple days ago raced a 5.0 conv with somekinda hood and pins and turned him inside out..

    The pre 97 gtps had the 3.4 dohc or OLD 3.5 ( cant remember) DOHC motor and there were also TGP's that came with the 3.1 turbo
    Series II SC was factory rated at 240 HP and 280 TQ but it was more like 300 TQ
    Series III SC was factory rated at 260 HP and 280 TQ, but their PCM's hold the cars back AND they have smaller fuel injectors so they are actualy slower, despite some engine and trans upgrades.
    97 GTP's and up had the 3.8 L supercharged. (sereis II)
    97 up regal gs's had the 3.8 L supercharged. (series II)
    2004 impala SS has the 3.8 L supercharged. (series II)
    2004 montey ss has the 3.8 L supercharged (sereis II)
    2004+ GTP / GTP comp G had the 3.8 SC series III

    Granted most "stock" cars will have major issues racing especialy launching because it takes alot of practice, i still have trouble. With traction control on by mistake i ran a 14.8 i let go after my terrible launch and coasted past the 1/8 at 80 something and figured why push the car, most of the drivers you run into are likely running with traction control on and preformance shift off...

    next time you run into a gtp or GS ect, if you can hear the SC whine, be ready for a race.


    that link will take you to my cardomain page where you can view my timeslips from the first time i went to the track, i have yet scan my most recent. THe fasest time slip on the site is my old PB from my first time at the track, 13.763 @101.x
  9. maybe an older non-supercharged lighting ... even then i doubt you'd have them by much.

    but if you say it was a supercharged one definetly :bs:
  10. And i'd hate to tell you but every time i went to the track i had a race with a mustang GT auto or watched one go down the track and they were BOTH running between 15.2-15.5 neither of them could break a 14 all day. ONe was the more recent body style ( not the 05) and one was the one just before that. the older one was the faster of the two, the newer one had an intake...
  11. Yea same here....wtf? I've had two GMC Jimmys race me, a blazer (same thing), and this one guy in this late model ford explorer with 20" rims races me everytime i see him for some damn reason. No matter how many times i stomp him (in too high a gear, i might add) he still comes back for more...i don't get it. PLUS, I always beat him when his girl is in the car with him......is he TRYING to embarrace himself in front of her?
  12. teh compooter is wrong, i pwn them with teh good driving skills and teh mickey thompsons :inlove:
  13. i've had a few of those SS trucks try to race me, and the mini trucks... but they get :owned: i like how after you beat the mini trucks they pull up next to you and they drop a corner or something, so i lite them up and fling rubber all over them.
  14. I love all the 400 hp luxury sedans that are coming out right now. And the charger, that is a funny one. They don't understand that there is more than HP when in comes to racing.
  15. FYI

    FWIW I have a 2004GTP Comp-G (3.29 gears) and ran a 14.6 w/only homemade intake. When I made my pass down the track against a 2001 GTP (coupe)Bone stock he ran 14.4... Go figure huh. Just some facts for you guys.

    I know this thread is OLDashell but hey im bored at work. lol
  16. Hey guys, saw you were discussing GTP's so I thought I give you a little info.
    I have a modified 2004 GTP and I like hunting Mustang GT's. I haven't lost to one yet. I know there are a lot of you guys would easily kill me with your mods, but stock or lightly modded GT's are the cars that I look for. I get a lot of challenges from V6 mustangs but just like V6 Camaros and Firebirds they are easy kills. I have one of the slowest modified GTP's on the ClubGP forum. I haven't been to the track lately, but since my latest mods I should be in the 14.0 to 13.7 quarter mile range. Most GTP's run 14.5 to 15.0 stock. However, there are tons of guys on our forum that are running anywhere from 13.9's down to 11.5 and that's just the 2004's. Older models are in the 9's and 10's.

    So if you get a GTP on your ass, he's either stock and doesn't know any better or he may just be modded and might jump up and surprise you.
  17. You signed up just to educate us on the almighty GTP ? Get a life man.

    Oh and you guys might want to check the date this thread was started :doh:
  18. I'm new to the forum, I have a 65 convertable but my other car is an '04 GTP CompG which runs low 13's at 2700' elevation. Here is a link to some '04+ track times stock / modded.


    I didn't come here to bash, just wanted to post some actual track times. Plus I'm going to be restoring the 65 and thought that I may be able to get some useful info from this site.
  19. Calm down man, I'm not a troll. I didn't come here to bash. Someone wanted to know why GTP's think they have a chance again a GT and I thought I would answer. The link was sent to me so I didn't notice the date but that doesn't matter, because the answer is still the same. GTP's can pack a punch.

    BTW I've also had a 65 and a 94 Mustang and my buddy who helps me with most of my mod work owns a modified Cobra. So I have nothing against mustangs. I fact I would love to get my hands on one of the new Shelby's.:D

    I've also been a member at SVT performance for a while now. No one has ever had a problem with me there so why are you sweating me?

    There are several Mustang owners on the ClubGP forum. We value their input and have great conversations with them. Why not give me and any other non-mustang owner the same chance.