Why do Grand Prix try to race me?

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  1. My mom drives a GTP... :D

    Just kidding, man. I have respect for people who like a good car, whether it's Ford or GM or whatever. Just as long as it's not a pimped out Civic!
  2. How's the torque steer on those GTPs?
  3. I can be pretty bad at times but you get use to it.:D
  4. So a troll linked another troll to a 2 year old thread on a Mustang forum...nice. Can you give us a link to the thread you guys are all bagging on us and claiming kills on Mustangs. We like a good laugh also.
  5. +1

    The past couple months have been absolutely nothing.
  6. Nice..... Where did I bag on you? If you can read I posted a link on my first post....:shrug: Get over yourself, I came here because I have a 65 that I'm getting ready to restore, I just posted a link for '04+ track time and dyno numbers, where is the harm in that? I have no problems with Mustangs, they are nice / fast cars.

    In case you missed it... http://www.clubgp.com/newforum/tm.asp?m=1433500&p=1&tmode=1&smode=1

    Oh and I don't "claim" any of my kills no matter what car it is, I just take care of business at the track. And when I do beat them, I don't claim my car to be faster or better, it usually comes down to the other guy not knowing how to drive / launch...
  7. Hmm so blown GTP's with smaller pulley's are getting into the low 14's.....impressive :shrug:
  8. I wasn't trying to impress you but there are some in the 14's stock and a few in the 13's with a pulley and exhaust.:cheers: The only thing that I was trying to do by posting the times was to give you guys an idea of what mods do what to the GP's....
  9. Hmm, well obviously the one I raced at the track was HIGHLY modified. He beat me lol, but trap was nearly identical...darn 15" MT DRs let him pull a car instantly off the line :nonono: .

    he also had a little "COMPCAMS" sticker on the sidewindow....looked kinda gutted and had ice on the blower...and they pushed it to the line. I wasnt too upset...and my 12.79 run beat like all of his. I just had a bad launch when we lined up.

    What was also funny is lining up against some old cars that were trailered and had slicks...this one guy (big cam, slicks, pushed to the line, ect) jumped me off the line about 2 cars....then his pull just STOPPED and we trapped like the same. I was like :banana: lol..makes you feel good.
  10. u can pretty much say that about any car.....

    but man this thread is freakin old
  11. It sure does make you feel good when you take one of those guys that trailered their car and you own them on the tree and beat them or nearly beat them.

    I recently ran a heads up race against a modded C5 Z06 and I beat him on reaction and 60' and nearly took him. LOL He ran a 12.5 @ 120 to my 13.1 @ 103(2700' altitude) but my 60' was a 1.8 to his 2.2 and my R/T was .05x to his .3xx. I bet he was pretty stressed thinking that he might get beat by a sedan LOL...

    There was a Cobra there running 10's, he had many mods and that thing sounded mean, you could hear the tires biting on every shift!:nice:
  12. grand prix's are stupid i still hate LS.
  13. GTP Club

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to add my 2 cents worth, There are a few guys here that belong to a GTP club and I know them all, I have to tell you for a 4 door sedan they can flat get it, I know that a lot of you won't admit it, But it is true, and the funny part is for around 400 bucks they can get into the low 14s, Not bad for a 6 cyl if you ask me, Props to Pontiac for this one. Watch out for the sleepers because you never know.lol
  14. who cares? why are all these GTP people posting here.
    RPM PLANET welcomes all car enthusiasts equally..give it a try.
    here we are kinda fond of MUSTANGS and really don't give much thought to Pontiacs fast or not.
  15. I see some are not open minded.

    I never said I was a GTP person, I was just stating a fact, And I guess you can't handle it. Be blind if you wish, I drive a 05 Mustang and I am man enough to admit there are other cars other than Mustang.
  16. this thread = :dead:
  17. the reason is that they are reasonably quick. my moms GTP was actually faster in the quarter than my GT. they arent quite as fast but to a stock auto GT...they can be a run for the money.
  18. The New 2006 GrandPrix GXP are Bad They Run Like mid to High 13s Stock Also The 2006 Chevy Monte Carlo SS And Impala SS