Why do Grand Prix try to race me?

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  1. Tell your friend learn how to drive :shrug:

    The bigger MAF won't do anything unless you're pegging the one you currently have. If you're not, spend money else where.
  2. My friend had a 2001 GTP (before he traded it in on an Avalanche). Took me for a ride in it a while back and I have to admit it was a pretty snotty car. Being front wheel drive with most of the weight over the front tires, it jumped off the line pretty hard and kept right on peddaling till the next gear. I think he did a pulley swap and it had a CAI. Otherwise, it was stock as far as I remember. I'm sure it would have been a driver’s race between it and any stock Mustang GT made before '99. Even then if the '99-up driver got caught napping, there wouldn't be a whole lot of distance between the two by the time they shut down.

    They’re quick for their weight. That little Eaton blower makes up a lot of the cubic inches that they’re missing. Too bad it was one of the noisiest, rattling cars I’d ever been in. And although they’re a good looking car on the outside, GM has always been famous for putting the cheapest looking crappy interior and dash layout of any manufacturer I’ve ever seen. I hope the newer ones look a little more modern. :nonono:
  3. As I suspected, what a bunch of tools.

    "OMG Guys! Did you hear what they are saying about GTP's on teh rustang forums ? OMG!, we must band together and educate them! teh GTP's reputation depends on it1!1!!!!!!!!11!!!"
  4. me too:nonono:
  5. WORD LIFE!!
  6. This is good stuff lol... I have a friend who is a member of clubgp and his car is pretty quick. 13.6 or so. but come on with all the work he has in that thing it should be faster. and the transmissions are straight crap!!!

    the Buick GN was a fast 6 cylinder.. not the GTP.
  7. definitely. the GTP should be faster. the GN is king and the GNX is god. the typhoons were bad ass as well. i think they should go back to the turbo setup vs the supercharged personally. i wouldnt mind seeing a factory superchaged LSx...
  8. gtp guys, you suck.

    be at clarksville tn raceway 5:00pm wednesday apr. 5. and lose as many times as you like. this thread also sucks. stupid gtp.
  9. Not all us members are like BillFisher.

    I can't believe you let this thread get to you and with a reply like this, We mustang people need to show our age and not IQ.
  10. sorry, i was just trying to piss them off. i got carried away.
  11. don't worry about it Bill...i bet hes trying to save face for his Pontiac friends who brought this thread back. Cause they are watching...:crazy:
  12. i have a rep of pissing people off. even in the real world. my car is a good representation of me. i go over the top.