Why Do Import Guys Give No Respect Towards Mustangs???

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  1. I just feel like ranting lol... Is this everywhere in the states or is it just in NY? I am a "car guy" and I give respect towards all cars when they are nicely modded. I cannot count the number of times an Import mostly hondas would see me and give me the thumbs down or make a jerking off motion with there hands. All my co workers at work are all Import guys and have nothing nice or good to say about Mustangs or Cobras. When they see my car they tell me that it sounds like a truck, it needs to be lower and mustangs handle like crap and I should just get a Honda and do a swap. They all think that stock honda civic SI's are faster and better. I acknowledge all there imports and say good things about them, because I do my research on ALL cars and they still just bash. I really dont care what they think but was just wondering if this is just a NY thing or is this everywhere??? Mustangs and Cobras have the most history out of any car in the world but kids these days just have there heads up there asses. lol
  2. Well, that sucks. Not the most open minded crowd. I haven't had that problem with kids that I've talked to. But, I did have s. fun conversation with a couple of GM guys. It was amusing to me that I knew more about his car than her did. And hee even tried to bash my Mustang because of the live axle. I acknowledged that fact, and three fact that my car would out handle his in every way :D
    I didn't point out that if he was really worried about a car with archaic technology, then hee shouldn't drive a car that still uses push-rods... Just saying ;)

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  3. Just invite them out to the local track and they will talk noise about showing up and spanking you, but they usually NEVER show up!
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  4. Some people are just close minded. I have had a few rides in 10 second Hondas. Both were well kept and extremely nice, also complete sleepers with stock bodies and nothing but some nicer rims. Both were cool guys and were open to anything that was fast. Most of the import only guys have never owned anything fast and will stay that way until they do.
  5. Chalk it up to ignorance. 99% of these big mouths don't know the first thing about working on their own car, never mind a Mustang.

    Whenever it comes time to "put up, or shut up" there's always an excuse. Because hey.....if you guys never race, you never technically beat him, so he gets to continue the trash talk.

    I was just at a local 1/8th mile event about 3-weeks ago. Out of the 20-or so imports running in the street class, maybe 2 of them were able to break into the 8's. The majority ran high-9's, up to high-10's. And half the crop were turbo cars too. Junk, junk, junk.

    You should have heard the excuses in the pits. :rlaugh:
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  6. Yup, I've figured out that the best way to shut them up is to simply ask them to race. Usually, the ones that actually do go to the track [more than once] are normally pretty cool guys that work hard on their cars to make them faster. I've got quite a few friends with VERY fast imports.
  7. I actually test drove a Civic Si about two years ago. The regular civic I had got wrecked and I was thinking of getting a sporty one. Let me just state the obvious it did not even compare to my cobra of course. The manual gearshift was this little tiny thing sticking out of the dash that you held with your fingertips and moved around to shift. The thing was like a clown car it literally made me laugh. Mustangs are the cars every one compares their car to and brags about beating. Haters are gonna hate best to just ignore them. And when someone disses your car just take it in stride, there is always someone faster real car enthusiasts know this and do not feel the need to prove anything to anyone.
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  8. Very true. Here in the Tampa area most import guys are slowly growing into the RallyCross cars and Subaru's are being bought up like crazy. There still are enough tards around here though, however. There is a reason I put a supercharged badge on my back bumper... ;)
  9. I didn't read any portion of this thread with exception of the title...

    So here's my answer:

    Who gives a chit? They're import guys. :shrug:
  10. Its funny I gave a few guys at work that bashed my old stang a ride in my cammed, 4.10 and sticky tired 95 5.0 vert and they almost chit there pants lol. They weren't use to the low end torque of a geared pushrod 5.0!
  11. Sounds like typical Honda fanboys who think they're cheap 0.8L 4-banger Jap-crap is the fastest thing on the road. Their rice rockets just so happen to be the cars that I annihilate the worst.
  12. I know what you mean. But even the domestic guys are the same it seems... Very little respect for stangs.

    If you put Flowmasters on a Mustang then yeah it sounds like a truck. The SRA is a total POS in my opinion; I do think they handle like crap on any road that isnt smooth, so folks are going to rip on the handling if they are looking for weaknesses.
  13. Short answer? They're ignorant.

    Long answer? They have low self-esteem. They can barely afford the cars they have, and rather than concede that their ride is inferior to someone else's, they make excuses and fabricate elaborate justifications for their current ride.

    And there are any number of domestic fanbois that think anything not made by the Big Three or worse, by their favorite brand, is complete garbage. IMHO, a fanboi is a fanboi, regardless of their affiliation.
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  14. Never has bothered me what anyone thought of my car. I don't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks about anything.
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  15. I disagree. Although I admit the sound of a Mustang with Flowmasters has become common place....it still doesn't sound like any truck I've ever head. I've never heard a truck sound that good.
  16. really? every third pickup around here has Flowmasters, and IMO Mustangs with Flows sound like a pickup truck ;)

    anyway...and again IMO the import guys just victims of torque envy...
  17. Mustangs with Flows don't sound like trucks. It's the trucks with Flows that sound like Mustangs.
  18. UPS trucks pre-date Mustangs with Flows ;)

    maybe it's because I'm old enough to remember when performance cars all had Cherry Bombs or "turbo" mufflers, but I don't like the "truck like" sounds of Flowmasters ;)
  19. I actually like going to import meets, they usually stop talking when I pop the trunk, and don't believe me when I tell them it's slow.
  20. I don't have that problem.

    Something about a Lopey idling 383 stroker convertible. Actually ive had people pull cameras out at red lights.

    I never got the truck comment. But once a Crackhead said it sounded like i had a cage full of lions under the hood. lol