Why Do Import Guys Give No Respect Towards Mustangs???

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  1. :rlaugh:
  2. Haters will be Haters.
    An ricers will eat rice.
    I just grab another gear, flip the bird an let them fade into my rearview mirror
    An that goes for all other inferior brands foreign or domestic

    Some can call it Torque envy
  3. I can respect some imports. S2000, 300zx, 350z, gtr skyline, NSX, etc. But a 1998 4 door civic with a fart cannon and a stupid body kit? :nonono: I never had to many problems with import guys tho. Camaro owners were more annoying to me.
  4. The real answer is that there is no correlation between import owning and being a douche. People are people some are cool some are douches. You will be ok if you always ask yourself first; "What would Steve McQueen do?"
  5. I was reading threw and hope this helps, I'm out of Oklahoma, and I used to be big into Hondas until I got a Mustang. I'll never go back, ever..
    I was into Hondas since I was 16 I'm 23 now, and got my mustang two months ago.
    This is what blows my mind, every mustang driver out "here" is nice and pretty cool, and they drive by and waive cuz I have a mustang.. And will come to u and talk about one another's cars..
    Here is the reason why it blows my mind..
    Anytime I drove my honda by any imports, Hondas, Nissan, or toyota, I wouldn't get a waive or what's up.. I would get this beat down stare like there hating on me or just think there sh** don't stink, and those are white dudes, the Asians are worse giving u the worse look ever and look at u like they wanna kill ya..

    I'll say it again.. this mustang scene is awesome.. And everyone just acknowledges you, I'll never go back to the import scene!
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  6. Amen brotha :)
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  7. people use to talk :poo: on my mustang i ask them what they drive they say i v-tech....NO :poo: MY GRANDMOTHER IS 88 AND SHE DRIVES ONE IT MUST BE SOOOO FAST! it shuts them up fast lol
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  8. d. It's between s and f.
  9. Are you ****ing kidding me? Who the **** are you trying to impress with your mad tyte spelling and grammar skills son? Give me a ****ing break...
  10. KT ran out of vagisil again...

    ... oh and I quoted you :stick:
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  13. Man i think you just live in a wrong area.My buddy owns a civic hatch but he's a die hard chevy guy.But guess what he like that i loves stangs.Last month we went to Formula D with my wife and his dad.So i sounds like you just have a bunch off immature dudes at your work.But trust me most of them will grow up.Well i hope.:)
  14. One would hope.....but as you see, this crowd didn't. :D
  15. Sounds like the people that graduated with me in HS and that was over 10 years ago.People never change i guess.:shrug:
  16. I get more flak from Chevy/Camaro owners more than anything when I go out to meets with my other 2v Mustang buddies. They like to joke about how me and my other friends with Mustangs are the "Pony patrol" when we pull into the local meet. Import guys actually are cooler to talk to imo they seem more open minded than backwoods Chevy guys.
  17. My guess you get more love from the the imports could be from the drift scene.I mean there is one Camaro that drifts in Formula D. But here in the north west there's plenty and it seems like we get a new fox every year.I thought about doing it but man i just cant see myself bashing up stang.Plus lets not forget the price of tires these days.:bang:
  18. Meh there are douche owners for all types of cars. Mustangs included.
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  19. Unfortunately i will have to agree.What really upset is some mustang owners cant except other mustang owners.Like if there's a group fox owners together and a new edge wants to join or a fox 4 cyl joins or a v6.Then they act like they don't even own one and its like wtf we own the same damn car just different model or engine.That type of :poo: never makes any sense to me but whatever.