Why Do Import Guys Give No Respect Towards Mustangs???

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  1. Yeah its weird when even other stang owners get weird and defensive when you pull up. A lot of the car guys over here always seem to be trying to act tough. Like that goes with having a fast car or something!?!?

    Theyz got da Fast N Furiousness
  2. It's cause they're self conscious about the ghey choice in vehicle they made. Think of it like big girls. Ever notice how fat chicks are more often than not very crabby, while attractive chicks are usually in a good mood? Fat girls, like the rice owners, hate themselves and therefore they take it out on the world around them.
  3. Lets also not forget the whole" I'm a man and i have to be the more mocho man". Also how big there ego's are so big that is bigger then the fat chick.People just need to remember when you die you cant bring anything with you.So what im saying is lighten up a little and respect new comers that what to join in you group.Unless the dude is completely BS with you then no.
  4. Lighten up on the crack bro.
  5. Thanx to you i made my point.l;)
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  6. Lets not forget your username is Batman fan and therefore you must either be a child or a 40 y/o virgin.

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  7. Spoken like a true d-bag actually I'm 30 and married with 4 kids and whats wrong with Batman?:scratch:
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  8. nothing.

    I am batman

  9. You have to say it right,"im the goddamn batman" lol
    Nice Keaton pic hey did you just post your pic on fb i commented on one yesterday just like that?
  10. nah I don't do fagtagger just found it on google :nice:
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  11. Just showing you Clooney's sad face. It's not easy being the crappy, nipple suit Batman. :D
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  13. Well for starters....he ain't Superman. :D
  14. Too good for Facebook well i guess thats just you.Everyone's different.
  15. I hate that Batman discrace to all films.
  16. Not too good, just hate it. Hate everything about it. :nice:
  17. I guess bad experience? I like it to keep up on news especially cars.But of course family and friends.Plus i don't have cable so helps on news and sports. :)