Why Do Import Guys Give No Respect Towards Mustangs???

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  1. ^ wants to wifeswap
  2. Mine is pissing me off so deal! Please send nekid pics.
  3. One bad thing is that my wife only likes S.U.V's and gets car sick.But she does support my car habbit and she is slowly riding in my car.:)
  4. I never caught a bunch of :poo: from the ricer crowd. They usually respect when a car faster than anyone's in their group rolls in. Haha.

    One night, I unintentionally rolled into a meet at a carwash. I went to put air in my tire and the next thing I know there were about 20 deep questioning me about my car, trying to get me to race the "bad ass SRT4". I declined, told them I don't prefer racing in a bad area with people I don't know.

    They didn't give me any :poo:... said my car sounded good and were blown away by the 315's out back.
  5. I think its ignorance and the mentality of the people who buy those cars. I am talking about Civics, Accords and so on. 350/370z, supra, evo, and the like owners are completely different. All the people I run into that have Civics and the like seem to be young punk kids.

    I remember the last time I rolled by an import meet in a parking lot. All these young punk looking kids start getting up out of thier lawn chairs and begin talking :poo: to me, giving me the thumbs down and what not as I roll by. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was very similar to a gang mentality.
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  6. Yeah. I have some friends that are in that crowd and they're OK dudes. So me and a buddy and a few of his friends went to go to one of their meets one night. So we had my GT, a new V6 Camaro with a few things done, a G35 coupe, G37 sedan and a big Duramax.

    They decided to meet in a parking garage at a fairly popular spot. As soon as we go to pull in, security walks up to my car and says "you better not go in there for that meet, police are on the way". I said no problem, I'll just pass through and thanks. I motioned for everyone else to follow. My buddy in the Duramax almost didn't make it through due to the height of his truck :lol:

    Anyway, we get out to the other side of the garage and within seconds, just as in the Fast and the Furious, cars are EVERYWHERE! I mean, running stop signs, doing 50 in a 25mph zone, etc. The worst part? They are RIGHT BY the police station. I was in total shock of the idiocy.

    So they "regroup" to another spot. We decide to try again... we pull in and within 5 minutes, a few of the fleeing stragglers were pulled over on a different road, but clearly visible from where we were at.

    Oh my God, I am not kidding when I say as soon as the cruiser lights went on it was like a bomb went off. Once again, everyone jumped in their cars and began hauling ass in every possible direction. No regards to stop signs, lights, etc. All of this could have easily been seen and heard by the officer that had the other cars pulled over.

    We just sat there in complete disbelief. We hung out for another 20min or so just to let all the idiots get far enough away so we wouldn't get plowed by a rouge Type R driver on a VTEC binge trying to catch up to SR20DET hero.

    At that point, I said never again will I venture into the import meets. If I ever got an import that I intended to make a respectfully quick car, it would be something with some class and hopefully I could find a group with the same mentality.
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  7. This didnt happen to be at Tulalip WA did it?
  8. No. Myrtle Beach, SC.

    Similar story for you? haha.
  9. Well kinda my friend had a place similar where he meet that was i asked.
  10. Somewhat agreed. I've always had the opinion that 'rice' or being a 'ricer' has nothing to do with the car you drive. It's all in the mindset you have. I've seen douches driving Mustangs, Camaros, Civics, Evos, WRXs, 350Zs, Vettes, and so on. At the same time, I've met some really cool folks that drive all of those cars.
  11. Absolutely, one of my favorite examples of a domestic ricer was this guy on YouTube who had a SN95 with a GTR badge :)

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  12. Haha i just saw someone on another forum post that. I haven't even seen the movie and it seems like he a complete idiot!:rlaugh:
  13. Just had a talk with a guy with a built Honda. Nice enough guy, but no knowledge about the Mustang. He couldn't believe that my car runs 12.8/12.7 with a stock motor. Or that the car handles well, the ruining group may well have no idea about cars out side of their niche. Hell, I was talking to an RX8 owner who knew nothing about RX7's.
    I guess I just love fast cars, no matter who makes them, my favorite just happens to be a Mustang :D
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  14. What are your mods? lol.

    I've run into that as well. Guys asking "man that's got a 5.0 (pushrod) right?!".

    Too funny about the RX8 owner. That car is for chumps (going on personal observation) and serves no purpose but to fill a narrow marketing niche in my opinion. Maybe that's harsh...
  15. Yet still 100% accurate.[/quote]
  16. The RX8 it's a step backward from the RX7, and Mazda has realized that fact. I drove my friend's 94 turbo RX7 running 15 lbs of boost, and it was a laugh riot! The RX8 is missing that go-cart on steroids feel.

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