why do mini starter come with solenoid on them

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  1. if someone could help me under stand this i was looking to buy a high torq mini starter and i cant understand why they have a soleniod on them when my soeniod is under hood. thanks shawn
  2. Convention and load delivery - Most solenoids are piggybacked. And mini's are often high torque units, they want the solenoid close to the starter itself.
  3. The year of your Mustang will determine how that piggy back starter needs to be wired too. What I mean is... There are a couple of things on the older Fox bodies that need to be changed around. The power feed wire for the mini needs to be swapped over to the unswitched side of your fender mounted start solenoid and only the mini's solenoid trigger wire is wired to the switched side of the fender mounted solenoid.
  4. i have 87 gt so how do i wire
  5. basically you make a jumper wire on the starter from the solenoid on the starter to the switch terminal on the starter, you'll see what i mean if you look at it, cause i had to do this for my 460, using a powermaster high torque mini starter.
  6. i ahve a 91, how should i wire it? and how the hell am i supposed to fit that battery cable on there? i alread how a power wire form my 3g? thanks alot man.
  7. I just explained it above your post, i used the stock cables and **** on my 460 swap, stop complaining lol.
  8. good thread guys

    I have a 88 5.0L, anyone have a wiring diagram on what exactly were supposed to do? Or a very detailed, step by step how-to

    I ordered one last week, and expecting by the end on this week

  9. On the old starter, there is a thick wire running down from the fender mounted solenoid to the starter. That thick wire's position needs to be moved. Remove it from the switched side of the fender mounted solenoid to the unswitched side.

    Then take the solenoid trigger wire from the new starter and wire it to the post on the fender mounted solenoid where the thick wire used to be (the switched side).
  10. oh ok, I see

    the thick wire that runs down to the old starter becomes a constant live wire (power wire), and the trigger wire that comes with the starter becomes like the "remote wire on an amp" just tells it when to fire the starter

    Not to hard..................thanks guys, know I know how to wire it

    Is there a ground wire on the starter, that has to be installed aswell

  11. The mounting bolts and mating surface is the ground.
  12. StangPlus2Birds has recently posted detailed info on the mini starter (he does not post much so it should be one of his last 5 posts).

    Duro, I understood your question - you think your battery lug on the solenoid is not long enough to add yet another power cable, right?

    OEM solenoids have longer lugs than some aftermarket solenoids. Otherwise, a distribution block would work (I am going to install the one I have next time I have those cables apart).

    Good luck.