Why Do Some Air Intakes Need A Tune And Others Do Not?

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  1. Maybe this has been talked about, and i've searched... But I just purchased a volant air intake and it says it doesnt require a tune... knowing me i still tuned with my diablo sport to CAI Universal 100mm. As soon as i fired her up she almost shut off and when i went for a drive well.... It studdered and ran so horrible. Finally i went back to my normal performance tune and it worked fine. Question is why does this enclosed system not work with a CAI tune?? I assume its pulling just as much if not more air then other systems.. But on the other tunes it was running rich ( I looked at the error codes ). If anyone has some answers to help me out how i can maximize with what I have. I just hope my air intake doesnt perform as much as open systems...
  2. Intakes requiring a tune will have a larger diameter tube, as well as a larger and/or re-located MAF housing. These two factors will cause the MAF to read lower air flow numbers and will cause a lean condition. A tune will compensate for these issues.
  3. Intakes that don't require a tune generally aren't pulling in a large enough amount of airflow to send the ECU into fits. That also means they aren't pulling in a large enough amount of air to make a huge difference in power either.

    Keep these points in mind when you spend your hard earned bucks on that aftermarket intake.
  4. Because some make power and others don't
  5. The Cold Air Intakes that need a tune relocate your Mass Air Flow sensor element to a larger housing which needs a tune. Airaid has an insert that makes the housing where the MAF element is located back to the stock 87mm which doesn't need a tune. Pull this insert out and the diameter changes to 100mm which requires a tune. Airaid does sell a race CAI which just doesn't come with the insert piece. Most CAI don't have an insert so you either have a standard size MAF housing or a larger one requiring a tune.