why do you drive a fox?

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  1. I might see 2 a month where I live and the weather is pretty mild!
  2. I dunno:shrug: But every time I take it somewhere, I smile and it sure does feel nice to drive something that is me. Driving my ol' truck, or even driving the corvette is just not the same.

    I can't wait to get the tune right so that I can drive it more often.

  3. I've always wanted one. I was born in 87 and I swear before I was 5 I knew I wanted a fox. In high school there were 3 foxes... my buddy Ethan has a 93 GT Vert, one guy had a 88 GT hatch, and I had a 4 cyl 91 hatch... my junior year I stumbled on to a friend of mine's dad's car (great grammar i know) 91 5.0 notch... I picked it up for 2,200... 133k on the clock, completely stock, aod... and I've bought the car a couple times over by now, but I still have spend less than 10k on including paint it and have owned and driven this car for 6 years... I have 186k on the odo now, and it runs strong. I replaced the AOD last year, but the motor is unopened, completely stock. I drive this car because I love it. I can get a car that gets better mpgs, drives nicer, goes faster, but I love the look and feel of this car. As long as I can find parts to fix what I break, I will own this car.