why do you drive a fox?

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  1. I drive a fox because its in my blood, lol. My mom started us in when she got an 86 GT 5-speed back in 87. Then my grandpa picked up a 88 LX Hatch 5.0 new. Soon, we all had them. I helped my dad build fox-based wagons with 5.0s. Drove a 84 LTD wagon with a 91 5.0 in it during highschool. I eventually was given my Grandpa's mustang. Now its my weekend toy.

    I also love the looks, sound, performance, and mod-ability of foxes.

    Fox for life!
  2. Hey didn't anyone read this article on the stangnet homepage.

    2010 Shelby GT500 Launch in Detroit - Ford Mustang | StangNet.com

    This car has 540 hp off the showroom floor with 0 miles on it. And it sure as hell performs very well in everyother area you want it to. This pictures never do it justice, when you stand next to one or sit in one its a different story completely. gt500 is definately more than a nameplate to sell it.
  3. Nice! Nother thread should be forthcoming, I would expect:rolleyes:- and thats exactly why we all have Foxs- the 16 year old can't hear Timberlake on her cd playa, over the two-chambers, and complains to the punk on the other end of her perpetual cell phone call, and the 50 yr old got laid in a Fox, years ago, smiles broadly, and remembers fondly!:D
  4. I can alway count on Brian to completely confirm what I've said, with actual numbers:nice:- Made in America is a vague idea, at best, anymore. The basic statement is just that, while our "American" company's are jumping ship from the people they count on to buy their "American" products, fewer and fewer of which use domestic parts/labor to make, what were considered "foreign company's" are spending a pile of dough to use the resources abandoned by said domestic company's. Crapload of Americans:canada::flag:(that includes our largest state, Canada:D) are employed by these foriegn company's, to build infrastructure, make parts/vehicles, and support their products sale and upkeep. More and more every day. More than our "American" company's do, anymore. And, as usual, those Americans build good chit. But they are American. Brian may now start the other thread, and prolly PM me death threats!:D
  5. Why would I need to threaten you via PM? Do you think you’ve made me angry or something? It’s clear you're trying to backpedal your previous statement and to be honest a little sad you can't admit you were talking out of your hat? :shrug:

    Don't get me wrong, it was a nice attempt at a spin and I appreciate you trying to take damage control for your comments, but I still :owned: you. You blasted the Domestic based car companies for farming out labour to foreign countries (like Mexico and Canada....your example, not mine), injecting money into their economy and putting Americans (as in The United States of) onto "the bread line".....as you put it?

    You attempted to lead people to believe that Toyota was one of the only real car companies left building their North American based vehicles "exclusively" in the United states by Americans, for Americans. And here I went and ruined the party by shooting it full of holes and proving that Toyota farms out their labour just like everyone else.

    ...to Canada of all places!!! :canada:

    Again, nice attempt, but its seems all for none I’m afraid. Aren’t I a stinker? :)

    ....so....I thought we were getting back on topic here? :)

    The thing I loved most about my fox was the colour. I liked the contrast of the medium steel blue paint, with the silver pony wheels. I went with a complete monochrome paint scheme when I painted it (as you can see) and I think it really set it off…in a subtle kind of way?

    It was nothing really special from a performance standpoint, but it still got the looks and admiration of anyone who was familiar with the line....

    View attachment 272028

    and I like the idea I could make a lot of the parts myself. Notice my bad ass PCV CAI and home made strut tower brace. :rlaugh:

    View attachment 272029

    Ahhh, what do you want. It was my daily summer driver. :D
  6. Foxes are really cool. man.
  7. To me a fox is just foxy Ive owned four of them and I am only 19 I just cant stay away for em I saved my lunch money for my first fox with a 5.0 first one was a 4 banger only lasted a couple of months then I got the 89 GT hatch with gears and exhaust and you can just beat em and they work all the time I only replaced the clutch until one day some crazy lady Pittman maneuvered me and totaled it best part is she was driving on a suspended license lol then I got another 89 Hatch Gt with h/c/i and loved it got bored and wanted a coupe which is my current project its a 4 banger right now due to the gas prices were high back when bought it to save some $$ since im in college now they have lowered finally =) so my 93 coupe motor is being built already have done the 5 lug swap with 18" saleen wheels. The long block is almost complete edelbrock performer rpm intake gt40p heads, TFS stage 1 cam, 24lb injectors, 70mm TB, 75mm PMAS 190 lph fuel pump, 1.7 rockers, 3.73 gears, pro 5.0, KC clutch, CAI, 3" exhaust and the rest of the little goodies hoping to run in the 12's being that this will be my DD and they are so fun to build and do all the work yourself.

    bottom of the line
    93 LX Notchback 4cyl - $1200
    Aftermarket Parts/paint - $4000
    Owning/Driving/expierencing a 5.0 Fox - Priceless
  8. Uh, make you angry? No. I would hafta care what you thought first. I was making a joke, which was misinterpreted. Backpedal, spin, or damage control? You mistake me for someone running for office or something. I said, and believe, everything I put in my two posts, that you want to microscope, and make them somehow into a nagative against, well, I don't know what. You seem to misinterpret a lot, I'll have to use simpler words, so I don't have to keep repeating myself in different verbage. Everything you put up about the Toyota plants in Canada is exactly what I was saying; then I had to simplify it, on my way out to work, so some guys didn't get my ideas mixed up, which you helped with. Toyota isn't the only one, Nissan, Hyundai- Subaru builds 'em right here in Indiana. Its a GOOD thing. If Ford built cars around here, or in Canada, Japan, or on Mars, I'd buy one(but the new 250 front end, I kinda hate it). Wherever, if Americans work, its a good thing. But the thing that bothers me was the trip to the Capitol for $. Hard to give them my $ if they can't use it right. Still confused? Look, you obviously don't like Foxes. You take every opportunity to impress on everybody on the Fox area of Stangnet(the largest area of this little site) how subpar they were, and how bad the 80's were. I'm sorry they went badly for you, but they were a pretty good time for some of us. We know how superior you are, and your cars, and ideas are, to all of us down here. You proved it. You don't have to keep telling us, we capitulate. Your the King, the big winner- you own me.:rolleyes: Nice 5.0, btw, not a lot of guys went with that color, I liked it- kinda why I went with Regatta when I ordered my first!:D Foxs:D
  9. PVC intake FTMFW, i had one on mine for AWHILE lol
  10. damn it i want a fox.
  11. There's a lot of "us" and "we" in there. :lol: Gearbanger101 is straight foward with his opinions but I don't recall him unjustly knocking Fox bods.
  12. Fox bodies are like High School girls...

    Cheap, easy and fun!

    We should have both and all be happy. :D
  13. haha. that just reminds me of the movie dazed an confused " i get older....they stay the saaaaame age " haha. i love that movie. and fox bodies are just an awsome car all around. i think mostly because we all want to modify it our own way an do the work ourselves. most of the cars need work when we get them but we still get excited an sit there lookin at it sayin things like, it just needs a cobra wing and a cowl hood...maybe a saleen wing? an it goes on an on an then open up magazines or go online lookin at parts an thats where it all starts. maybe its just me idk lol. try modding something new that has all that plastic over the motor to make it look "pretty"
  14. i need to find a way to get a nice fox and be able to keep the 98. :( aint got the coin for that rigth now though.
  15. lol Well said.
  16. Oh BTW, Im talking the "legal" 18 year old HS girls...

    Just want to clarify.
  17. Ohh...that reminds me of an "interesting" story.
  18. stop spamming my thread
  19. I was going to say i drive fox body's because right now its all i can afford. The more I thought about it though, even if I could afford more, I'd still probably drive one (well save for a terminator).

    I took the stang to work today. On my 20 mile highway drive I had 3 people give me a thumbs up. One guy in a new nissan altima, one guy in an F-250, and one kid in a new edge mach 1. Thats why I drive a Fox. I always seem to get props for having one, and keeping it in good condition. I love it :)
  20. i get thumbs up every now and then, but i usually just get a **** load of head turns from people....