why do you drive a fox?

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  1. just nothing like the sound of a 5.0 coming down the road all the different motors out there i know the sound of a 5.0 everytime!:D well almost:D
  2. hahahahhaa. whas for desert.....bzzzzttt.....squirrel..
  3. you said it all man. you got my sig quote too. haha. love it.
  4. :lol:

    "why are my eyes burning?" so true!!!!!!
  5. haha its an honor
  6. 5.SL0W : "i drive my fox b/c its loud, obnoxious and uncomfortable, and its unlike any other mustang, i like that i can pull into a gas station between a 16 y/o girl and with her 96 v6 and a 50 something guy with his brand new 09 GT. and they will both be like "wtf is this thing? why are my eyes burning?""

    he he he!!! thats funny!!!
    FEARED FOXBODY he he he FFTMFW!!!!!:hail2::D
  7. funniest crap i have ever heard in my life.
  8. Same comment my passengers have... Why are my eyes burning.
  9. Right?:D I've also been asked, "Is the radio on? Can you turn it up?" Idk if its on, I never use it:D
  10. to me there is just nothing better looking then a fox LX or coupe. They are just nasty looking. I love the sharp boxy lines of them. I have been in love with them since my dad bought a new '90 vert and it was all downhill from there. They are small, lightweight, sound incrediable, and tons of aftermarket.
  11. i like foxes because you can always turn a corner and see a 4.6 mustang. I rarely see any other foxes when i turn down a street. And you can find any part, anything for a fox pick up a jegs and go and bolt on. Easy, easy.
  12. I drive my 5.0 Coupe because i fell in love with it at the age of 2 when my dad drove it off the lot in 1993 fishtailing out of the dealership. This car was given to me when i turned 16, but sadly my father passed away working on this car, so this car will always be with me. To this day that car has 45,000 miles and gets driven everyday. A few months ago when i turned 17 on my birthday a bought another 1993 5.0 Coupe for with a t-5 and 86k miles for $4500 with money i saved from my part time job, simply because i love Foxbodies with a passion. In a few days i will be getting 5.0 tattooed on my wrist. I've had numerous offers of cash which i won't take and trades but wouldn't trade either for any other vehicle on he road. How can you not like or at least respect a Foxbody, i mean come on there so easy to mod, light, and just plain fun.
  13. I love 5.0's because if you put 5 grand into a honda like i did, Versus putting 5 grand into a Fox which i did as well, the fox will rip the **** outta the honda any and everyday.

    Nuff Said
  14. I drive a Fox body because when I was growing up my dad built a 1964 Falcon. He always would take my brother and I out in it on saturday nights to the local car show. I grew up only knowing Fords, when I was 13 I remember seeing 93 Cobra's sitting at the local Ford dealership as we drove by. I said when I was 13 years old, that one day I would have a red 93 Cobra, when i grow up. I never let myself down. I ended up buying a 88 Lx hatch when I was 20, then I bought a 91 GT, sold those 2 and got a 1993 Red Cobra when I was 25, Sold that now currently I have a 88 GT with 2,000 original miles! You can not beat the sound of a5 liter makes. I tried to like the new Mustangs (05 and up) but I just hate them, way too big, too plastic/cheap looking, all old men driving them. Fox forever hands down. :flag:
  15. Agreed.Its like that around my area, 5.0's are becoming more rare every year.Mostly because of the type of weather we have around here.I considered selling mine last year but just couldn't do it.I just love the sound of em.:nice: Plus its always nice seeing people give you the nod and asking you to "light em up"
  16. i have a 18 foot bass boat love to fish, got a modified banshee love to roost around on it some other toys etc., but when i wake up in the morning and know my kids are ok the next thing i do is look in the garage and go vroom vroom hee hee hee!!!!!! god i love dat dam car i truly don't think i could love any other model stang this much!!!:D :SNSign:
  17. Unfortunately where I'm from foxes are anything but rare. There's roughly 15 in town but I'd say 10 of those look like hell. I'd say that's the main reason I drive one because I can't stand to see them get such a bad name from the random primered rust buckets that roll through town. Gotta at least attempt to show people that they aren't all like that.
  18. Where are you from? Here in Indiana, I see very few Foxes, and the few I do see are run down 6 or 4 bangers. Its very rare around here to see a V8 car, and EXTREMELY rare to see a 4 eye. Maybe 5-10 years ago you'd still see a lot, but not anymore.
  19. I've always love the foxbodys they are cheap to build, reliable, fun to play with and other than a civic they have the most aftermarket parts available.:nice:
    I drive mine 80 miles a day round trip to work and back, and love it everyday i fire it up:D to go to work or go home, and then play on or off the track the rest of the time.

    They weigh less you can use newer mustang parts on them just all around great stang.:D