Why does Ford exhaust sound the best ?

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  1. Why do the big 3 all have different exhaust notes?? Even back in the 60's and 70's when all GM car makers had there own motors..Why do Fords sound the best? Is it the shape of the exhaust ports?
    shape of the head?
    I dont get it,,why the difference is sound quality?
  2. Some people say it's the firing order.. i'm not sure, but i know the other two just don't cut it for me. Everybody looks at me funny when i tell them how ****ty Camaro's sound (farm truck, gross)!
  3. Actually, Ford and Chevy use the same firing order. They just number the cylinders differently. If you renumber the cylinders on a Chevrolet to the way Ford does it, the cylinders fire in the exact same sequence.
  4. Ford firing order on a chevy would be.. 1-5-6-3-4-2-7-8 - right?

    Google came up with chevy firing order being.. 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 or LS1 being 1-8-7-2-6-5-4-3

    Doesn't look like they match up very well..
  5. FORD does OWN all!!!
  6. There are so many different factors...

    Combustion chamber shape / design
    Position of the spark
    Amount of fuel and air
    Shape and size of the headers
    Crossover pipes / converters
    Overal length of exhuast tubing
  7. camaros don't have true dual exhuast...That Y pipe bull****
  8. Renumber the Chevy like a Ford. Meaning the LH bank(if you're looking at the engine) is cylinders 1,2,3,& 4 and the RH bank is 5,6,7,& 8. Not the traditional Chevy numbering of odds on the RH bank and evens on the LH bank. If you follow the cylinder pulses on a traditional Ford engine(not the 5.0 or the 351W) and a small block Chevy, they fire the same cylinders in the same sequence.
  9. Chevy:


    edit:Helping explain a little,lol. ;)
  10. there is two 3's on the ford?????:rlaugh:
  11. Ah I started counting the chevy cylinders at Ford's #1 instead of Chevy's #1.

    Although, you are saying that the Chevy firing order is the same as the non-HO (non-351w) firing order.. kind of irrelevant isn't it? I mean.. when i think of how a "Ford" sounds, i think of a Mustang, not a Crown Vic :p
  12. I got no idea how I hit the '3' instead of six :shrug:

    But whatever fixed now.
  13. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: hopefully everyone knew it was supose to be a 6, if they didnt:ban:

  14. ...there's a post over on the Camaro board asking why Chevies sound so much better than Fords....

    It's all subjective guys -- we all like what we like, and it ain't all the same thing.

    Many different things contribute to the exhaust note of a car - firing order, compression ratio, camshaft, intake/exhaust components - especially presence or not of cats, type/location of mufflers, size of the system, presence/type of crossover, header type, etc.

    So -- you can say 'Ford sounds best' -- but the missing piece of that statement is 'to me'. It may not sound best to everyone. A simple fact of life.

    My dad ranted and raved about Stan Kenton and his orchestra - I didn't even know who he was; me and my brothers couldn't get enough of the Beatles/Stones/Zeplin -- dad didn't like them. Some folks like Dave Matthews -- and I almost always turn the radio to another station when I hear one of their songs. Same thing -- we all like what we like.
  15. Yea everyone tells me that fords always sound better than chevy's.. I dont know why either :shrug:
  16. Yup,but why do some Mopars sound like my air compressor?

  17. anyone else ever find themselves hearing a car from a distance and going "whatever that is, it has a 5.0" and its like an old POS vic or mistaking a 5.0 truck for a mustang, you hear it and then oh a mustang, NOT, its a truck.

    the 302 has a distinct sound that i pick up on.... :D
  18. Go to the track on "test and tune night". I can promise you that you can eaisily pick out the Mustang/cobra from any chev or mopar. I have always loved even the stock exhaust note of the mustang. It is just deep and throaty. Add a full new exhaust sys with no cats and it sounds totally different. Almost raspy as you gun the throttle. But I would still, still rather drive a 5.0 + than a LS1. Although, my winter beater is a chebby truck with a 350 and a IMCO muffler. Rather smash a chevy than a ford. My 93 Cobra is just too hard to replace.


  19. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Adjust to suit you but you're going to think that what you own is the best.

    This much I do know. On Friday nights when all of my buds are sitting in the Kmart parking lot I can't sneak up on them. They know it's a 5.0 and they know it's mine before they ever see me.
  20. The exhaust note is what got me into mustangs.

    I know it sounds kinda teenage-ish but it's true.
    I remember standing around at the local parking lot where everybody would hang out.
    Some guy drove up in a TOTALLY fixed up NSX.
    Everybody was ooing and awing and my jaw dropped when I saw a Cobra with an aftermarket exhaust driving by.Nobody else even noticed.

    I just couldn't get enough of it.

    However I do like the newer dodge rams.
    There's one here with a flowmaster exhaust. I swear it sounds like thunder.
    And those mopar engines are small, aren't they?
    Something like 4.2L.