Why does Ford exhaust sound the best ?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by willys1, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. I'll do it.............^^^^^

    Bring me a Chevy 305, and a Ford 302 with the same exhaust set-up,...........i'll tell them apart for ya

  2. I for one think I would pass the blindfolded 5.0L hearing test:lol:.
  3. blind fold me and put up a Hieniken,a Bud and a Corona and I'll nail it:nice:
  4. Like I said - EVERYONE thinks they can....
  5. Bring it on :nice:

  6. ....see what I mean.....
  7. Well, it's all in how the waves travel and at what speed and frequency. Even slight differences in headers and exhaust tubing can change the sound. Also, the shape of the head, the speed at which the exhaust exits, how much gases are created, and even the ports in the head, size, shape, length and ridges, will vary the tone.
    Kind of like why does a fender-well intake whistle and a straight-shot doesn't? It's how the air flows////this isnt mine,but its the best Ive heard so far!!
  8. According to what you just posted, 5.0L's with different mods will all sound slightly different -- so how can they have a distinctive sound? It would seem you've done a good job their at explaining why your original post doesn't make much sense. :)
  9. :rlaugh: :SNSign:

    Who of you can tell a stroked 302 (347) form a 351W? :rolleyes:
  10. Gotta agree with M.Y. on the PSD sound!
    I have a 4" exhaust, Superchips reprogram, and a open air cleaner element and you can here the turbo spool up very plainly. Makes a bird like sound at steady throttle and a very audible "spool down" off throttle.

    On the "Mustang" sound, I think it is the stock mufflers. However 5.0 Mustangs do seem to keep a distinctive sound even with Flowmasters!

    I can tell what brand V-8 one is by the sound of the start-up. Each car company seems to have a unique starter sound! :)
  11. "Each car company seems to have a unique starter sound"

    Now that I'll buy -- especially the old Mopars whose starters always sounded to me like they were gonna come apart at any minute.....
  12. MOPAR=Many Old Parts Assembled Randomly


    J/K I like Mopars
  13. well if your saying motors,especially fords dont have there own sound then you must have a hearing aid,,or are in need of one!!
  14. Nope - hearing is in the 99th percentile according to my last physical. I was one of the few that actually used ear plugs when riding my cycle or racing cars.

    I grew up in the muscle car era (driver's license in '69) and have been around/worked on/ridden in/driven more Chevy/Ford/Mopar/Oldsmobile/Buick V8's than I could count. If asked, I'd respond that I couldn't tell a Ford V8 from a Chevy V8 from a Mopar V8 from a Toyota V8 from a Porsche V8 by the sound they make. They're all 90 degree V8's with cranks that have successive throws with 90 degrees rotation between them -- they all sound similar. And I've seen the current stuff run at the track and on many dyno days -- blindfolded I don't think most folks could tell an LS1 from a 4.6L Ford from a 5.0L. Guy had a Porsche 928 4-cam/4 valve on the dyno a few months back -- sounded just like every other Chevy/Ford V8 that had run before it.

    Now, get a Ferrari or Lotus V8 with a 180-degree 'flat' crank - and it sounds completely different. Yamaha/Ford/Volvo's 60-degree (angle) V8 sounds different too.

    I understand you think you hear something distinctive. I don't. I believe you'd fail the blindfold test --- but we can't do anything but talk about it. So - enough said.
  15. Well i've been into cars for a while too and I think there's a sound difference for sure. If you blind folded me and reved a 351 and a chevy 350 stock I would definatly know the difference and 5.0's have there own sound. I love my stang but I think some dodge v8's sound good. Chevy's suck!!
  16. :shrug:,I personally could care less about the,"scientific" reasons why a certain auto manufacturers exhaust note sounds different from anothers,who cares!!!

    As long as you like the exhaust note...the car LOOKS GOOD...and goes like hell,that`s all that matters to me.

    Who gives a s*it as to why one sounds different from another?It just does and that`s all.Good luck trying to find out why.
  17. "I love my stang.....Chevy's suck!!"

    This is the primary reason people think different engines have significantly different sounds....
  19. Michael I value your input,and intelagence..Maybe youve been around too many cars:shrug: But given the example of 2 cars I had early on in this thread (65 Lemans,,74 G.T ,,stock motors) if they were lined up and one at a time would give it one rev,with me blind folded,theres not a doupt in my mind I could tell them apart...Again,,Im talking stock motors here..
    Its been a longgggggggggg time before I could say this,,but this time your WRONG my friend!!Ive been around my share of cars also,maybe not as much because of our age gap,but Ive heard,saw,driven and worked on my share!!
    thanks for your input..I have a lead on an article in car and driver on this very subject..I will get it for you as well..
  20. I can honestly say that I have never turned around and seen a Chevy or Dodge when I expected to see a 5.0.