Why does Ford exhaust sound the best ?

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  1. willys - all in good fun. However, I think you still misunderstand. From your last post -- "but this time your WRONG my friend!!" What I'm telling you FOR CERTAIN is that I cannot tell them apart. How can I be wrong about that? ;) What I BELIEVE to be true is that if a blindfold 'taste' test were done -- most folks, including you, also can't identify a specific type of V8 engine just based on the sounds it makes. With regard to that statement, I'll quote Charles Barkley -- I may be wrong, but I don't think so. ;)

    BTW - it's I N T E L L I G E N C E
  2. Well I got a cobra but I still like that sound of a ls1 over a 302 sorry guys........
  3. I can tell the difference between a ford and a chevy be hearing.
  4. V12's are all good and all, but I agree the P51's V12 dominates all. It and the note of my Mach 1 are my favorite tones, I know it sounds cocky but I set it up exactly how I like it. Now if I could have taken a video before I tore into the engine again I would have posted up.
  5. I try to not be an arm chair magazine mechanic, but the answer can be located in MM&FF November 2005 - Sound Thinking Part 1 Pages 191-197 and December 2005 - Sound Thinking Part 2 Pages 182-191.

    This is from someone in a different room,Im having trouble trying to locate this issue so I mite be hanging myself out to dry by giving it out before reading it..

    Michael Yount=" most folks including you also cant identify a specific v8 engine just based on the sound it makes"..
    EEEEEEEEEEE WRONG!! you cut me to the quick Michael,,just because you cant doesnt mean others cant!!:D
  6. My next door neighbor was real proud of the sound of his V12 Beamer until I took him out on the 2-lane highway on-ramp one night and ran all over him..............physically and accoustically..........he sold the Beamer the next year and bought a Mustang Convertible.......... :D
  7. Tom agree's to Mike:D I found the Nov issue,Im reading tonight and I'll be back to discuss..
  8. I always thought that Mustangs sounded better because of the muffler placement under the car providing a good long run tail pipe - making deeper sound. Whereas the F-bodies had fake dual exhaust, and one big honking muffler right under the bumper - with almost no tail pipes.

    But then again, the new Mustangs have mufflers right under the bumper too, and they sound quite nice, even stock.

    And BTW, I think Corvettes sound pretty sweet.
  9. OK Tom - lets get you enlightened. If it's a car - it's a "BIMMER". If it's a motorcycle - it's a "BEEMER". If it's a motorcycle, and you don't know how to spell it - it's a "BEAMER". :) What year was your neighbor's sedan?
  10. GRGT - I don't know for sure if that muffler arrangement makes much of a difference. My 5.0L has true duals, but an F-body type muffler (single) and placement; my "tailpipes" out of the muffler are about 14" long (link below for pic). People tell me mine sounds like a "big block" - whatever that means. But it seems to be a sample of one that de-bunks the "SBF's have a unique sound" myth.

  11. Beamer, Beemer, schmeemer, who cares from my perspective. It was a pretty car but couldn't get out of it's own way. He inherited it from his father and I'd guess it was about a 98-00 maybe. Nice looking with a short deck, long nose, beautiful blue color, sat low. Automatic car though.
  12. Don't you think there should be a rule that if you can't remember your mustang's firing order, then you shouldn't be driving it? I can re-call the firing order anytime anyplace....And chevy does not have the same firing order as a 5.0 HO in a 87-93 Mustang or 351w...1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
  13. Quote:
    Originally Posted by MYSTICSVT

    Renumber the Chevy like a Ford. Meaning the LH bank(if you're looking at the engine) is cylinders 1,2,3,& 4 and the RH bank is 5,6,7,& 8. Not the traditional Chevy numbering of odds on the RH bank and evens on the LH bank. If you follow the cylinder pulses on a traditional Ford engine(not the 5.0 or the 351W) and a small block Chevy, they fire the same cylinders in the same sequence.



    edit:Helping explain a little,lol.

    I've always read that its the Ford firing order and only last night I saw this mentioned again on a tech site but can't find which one it was. :D

    So the info above has me intrigued but help me out guys as for the life of me I can't figure out what you are saying :D

    The basic Ford is 15426378 and I assume the Chev is 18436572

    Facing the engines the Ford number 1 fires on the left bank and the Chev the right bank so no matter what numbering system you choose to use, even at the start of their firing order they do not fire the same cylinders in the same sequence. or am I missing something :D
  14. bronco - it's all in the details....

    Tom - now you didn't really think that big sedan could/should outrun yours did you? Besides -- if you're gonna compare, compare it all the way across the board. I suspect a run from 100mph to 150mph might be more interesting. Better yet, try stopping from 150. :)
  15. Mike, it was a 2-door sport model. We ran up to ~100 mph and it wasn't even close. his was a 6-lane highway with a 2-lane on-ramp by the way. My car doesn't run over 120 mph because I won't let it........:D
  16. Its a 2 part article,The nov issue covers the language of the sound world (NVH) Db,modulation,frequency,wavelength,loudness,sound pressure level,ect...The Dec issue deals with actual mustang sound quality and what goes into making it..But for the life of me I cant find that issue,gonna see if I can pull it up on line..
  17. Tom thats pretty impressive that you walked away from a vehicle of that caliber :nice:
  18. Ah - that was an 850i. It's predictable that it wasn't close Tom/Willys -- HP/weight don't discriminate. You two have similar displacement and similar HP (you may actually have a skosh more) and his weighs about 1000 lbs. more than yours. Like I said - run him again from 100-150 and see what the result is....
  19. you mean to tell me a V-12 BMW only has 300HP??
  20. Yeah - that was it - and yes, Willys they are only rated 300HP -but he thought he would kill me..........