Why does Ford exhaust sound the best ?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by willys1, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. WERD!!!!
  2. Who care Mike its just plain stupid to drive that fast period. I would think someone as smart as you wouldn't give out that advise to someone. Now go drive your car 150 and don't stop.:nono:
  3. Back to the original subject,,Miky boy your wrong on this one Bro!! Theres definitly different sounds and tones with different make V-8's.
    Its been a longggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time..
    But I gotcha!!:nice:
  4. 5.0s have specific sounds.. i have three 5.0s.. each one differently modded.. all flow master kits.. and it seems the more you mod it like the one in the signature.. the more mean sound you get that will make your head turn faster..
  5. I have no idea how mine sounds anymore, wonder if it sound like a huge 5.0? lol
  6. Willys/Tom - depends on the actual year of the 850. It started as a 5.0L V12; ended as a 5.4L V12. Peak power was 322HP; torque 361. The 5.0L version made 296HP. Those are crank numbers -- you can see that Tom's car is quite competitive with those numbers - probably similar or a few more HP at the crank, and definitely more torque for Tom's car. With a big weight advantage the Stang should be much quicker at least until the BMW's aero characterisitcs and high-speed handling take over. While I don't remember the data, I suspect given the Autobahn nature of things German that the 850 was geared even longer than Tom's 3.08's.

    Settle down there marks -- I think Tom and his neighbor Bimmer-driver were the ones doing the actual street racing. You can play 'dad' with him if you like.

    Willys - I'll leave this thread still standing by my original post. I can't tell them apart -- and I believe if you show up and let me run a blind fold test for you, you won't be able to either. Later guys.....
  7. We could do it in a post - post links to some blind sound bites of a few different V8s and lets see who can pick them right.
  8. Good Idea. But the nature of capturing the sounds the same with whatever recording device and transfered to computer might make things not equal.

    It's not like hearing it in person.

    I know there have been a few times I was mistaken from the sound of a car before, not too often, but it has happened.
  9. That would be a little tougher Tom.I think you lose a little bit of the sound over the interweb:D ,,,Theres not a doupt in my mind that Im rite though..
    If I had the rite equipment I mite try something like that..:nice:
  10. I think the biggest difference are the cruising sounds. At WOT, i have heard some LS1s, LT1s with duals and 2 chamber flows that didnt sound TOO far off from a stang at WOT. Now cruising and accelerating slowly, thats a different story.

    But the other thing, i have never heard another V8 sound like the 4.6 motor. And thats a SOHC. The 4.6 DOHC is even more unique IMO. But again, cruising. WOT can be imitated easier.