Why does ford keep letting GM beat us?

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  1. Ok, I know Gm lost their f-body (for now). But damn that new corvette is awesome and its not much more than a new mustang. I've been told that it will run circles around a new v8 stang. Is that true?

    Also, what if gm brings back their f body? Im sure it'll be faster and quicker than our mustang, because it always has been since the earlier 90's. LS series of engines are just amazing at the power output. Also the lt1 camaros outran the same year mustangs? Im lost.

    So why cant ford make something to compete with GM and same cost? :shrug:

    Help me out here guys>
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  3. Not that much more? What planet do you live on? Yes, the 2005 Vette is a sweet ride and it will outperform your V8 GT in virtually every category - but it costs nearly twice as much. Bang for the buck, nothing comes close to the Mustang GT.

    In the higher dollar segment, the new Corvette is one helluva car for $50K.
  4. whats a mach 1 sell for? thats kinda what I was comparing to the vette. It seems like the new vette got a lot more car and the price only went up like a grand or two.
  5. The urge to be sarcastic is overwhelming, but I'll fight it this time. First of all THEY ARE NO LONGER MAKING MACH 1's. Second the new vette basically starts at 50k. I know they have been throwing around something like 45, but I've looked and not seen anything like it.

    The new mustang starts around 25-28 and basically runs equal to last years Mach 1.

    If your looking for somthing to run with the vette for similar money, Next year the new SHELBY COBRA will be out starting under 40k. Considerably less than the vette. It will have around 500 ponies (likely with less than 2k of mods 650 hp will be likely) and will likely run pretty competatively with the vette (without mods) in many tests of performance. It's not unlikely that it would out accelerate the vette.

    The vettes are fantastic rides. NO DOUBT I'm getting a shelby and I can afford either. GM offers NOTHING anywhere close to Mustang performance and refinement for anything near the price.
  6. I really dont want to start a pissing war,but i gotta disagree with you on that one. I mean compare trucks even, Sorry, I just want ford to bring out something exciting for a change.

    BTW, the shelby sounds great, if its like it is on paper in real life, it'd be great. We'll see.
  7. Ummmm what does GM offer that performs like the Mustang GT with RWD and a V8 for 25k? Not a single thing. They have the GTO 32k and the Vette 45k.
    Not close at all. Oh unless you want to toss in the FWD and slower Cobalt and Monte Carlo in there like some folks at GM would like us to believe.

    You've really confused me on that one. If you are comparing the trucks Ford and GM sales Ford has handily outdone GM for a long time there and the current F-Series against the current GM trucks...not even close.

    For a change?...**scratches head**
    Ok....The Lightning. The 03-04 Cobra. The 03-04 Mach 1.
    They are going to release the Adrenaline and the Shelby soon....I'm failing to see where it's not exciting. :shrug:
  8. is it me or does pony-inspired appear to have the interllect of a boiled potato?
  9. Perhaps of a...... broiled potato.

  10. What cars are you talking about? Have you looked at the price tag difference between the Vette and the Stang. $20k is a BIG difference in price. That's like buying a mustang GT and V6 together. The type of people who don't think $20k is a big difference. Are not usually looking at mustangs and corvettes.

    And let's talk trucks. Up until the Trailblazer SS. Chevy hasn't had a truck that was any kind of Rival to the lightning. They thought about it several times. Even built an SS concept truck that would have been competition. But just like everything else cool. Chevy thought better and decided not to build. And sure the SSR can now come close to the lightning. Though I personally think it is almost as ugly as the Pontiac Aztec.

  11. Did you say compare trucks? Are you kidding? Ford has had the best selling truck for a billion years. Not to mention that there is almost nothing short of an 18 wheeler that will outpull a 6.0 F350, dont even get me started if you have a superchip in one. I am not going for a pissing war either but to comparing trucks is not the way to win whatever point your trying to make. And by the way give me 5,000 of the extra 24,000 I would have to have spent if I had wanted a vette and I will make my 05 run rings around the vette.
  12. Except that it will be darn near impossible to get one for anywhere near $40K. The old "market value adjustment" will be set to "high" on this one I'm afraid..
  13. Yes it will be. But it depends on how high the idiot to money quotient is. If not a lot of idiots pay too much. Than at least some dealers(If you look for them) will be making deals. No rebates or anything. But probably a lot more like MSRP.
  14. OK - I'm ready for the flames! Really, I'm a good guy who loves Mustangs! :) However, I am a Chevy man when it comes to trucks (personal opinion). The only reason I came back to Ford was b/c my previous Mustang was a 69 mach 1 with 302 Boss. I reference Chevy trucks b/c of the previous truck references. Personally, I prefer the Chevy over the Ford because it rides better (Ford finally changed their frame 2 years after Chevy), has a much nicer interior (hands down) and has a better selection of motors for what I use it for. I tow a 10,000 pound fifth wheel and don't have $55 - 60,000 for a Ford or Chevy diesel (can you believe how much trucks have gotten). Ford offers the 5.4 and Chevy has the 6.0. I like the 6.0 (more horse and torgue). I have used the Supertuner III, Magnaflow exhaust and K&N filter setup and am getting about 350 HP/TQ. The lightening is faster than any truck Chevy has right now and my hat is off to them - dam nice truck! Dodge - forget it. Just my 2 cents in defense of my Black 2003 Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab 6.0. :)
  15. :owned:
    You forgot about the 6.8 liter V10. Ill put that up against a chevy 6.0

    And the ford 6.0 powerstroke "Forget about it!"
    Ford has the truck market on lockdown.

    Ford 6.8 V10 355 HP 455 TQ
    Chevy 6.0 300 HP 360 TQ :owned:
  16. Have you ever been in the new F-150?????? MUCH MUCH better than Chevy's 10 year old interior design.
  17. the SSR is a 6000 pound DOG from what i hear, a lightning would whomp on it, but i'll agree it's pretty hideous.

    05Stanster i am with you, i have always loved mustangs but my preference for trucks is the bowtie. i shopped around but i got more bang for my buck and when it comes down do it i like the look of the truck much better. my brand loyalty only goes as far as my wallet which is why i think ford hit a jackpot with the new stang, great car at a great price. now if i could only find one...
  18. Hey Meat96, are we havin fun yet?

    Quote "You forgot about the 6.8 liter V10. Ill put that up against a chevy 6.0"

    And you forgot about the Vortec 8100 V8
    (496 cubic inches - that would be a Big Block)
    Chevy 8.1 V-8 330 HP, 450 ft/lbs. 10 - 14 mpg.
    Ford 6.8 V-10 362HP, 457 ft/lbs. 8 - 10 mpg. :owned:
    That would be a better match, and I would go against you.

    Quote "And the ford 6.0 powerstroke "Forget about it!"
    Ford 6.0 325 HP / 570 TQ :owned:
    Duramax 6.6 310 HP / 605 TQ

    Plus - Chevy has the Allison Transmission.

    Lockdown? Don't think so.

    Now remember, this is just for fun :banana: :cheers:
    Have a great Weekend!
  19. Quote "Have you ever been in the new F-150?????? MUCH MUCH better than Chevy's 10 year old interior design."

    I have. I have also owned a 98 before the 03. Have you been in a Chevy lately? They re-did the interior in 99, then again in 03. It is the Ford that didn't change a thing for a decade :)
  20. i test drove one, i a bit overstyled IMO but i could get used to it. it just seemed flimsy to me. nothing fancy in the chev but it looks sharp enough for me and it holds together.