Why does it cost so friggin much to install a headliner?

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  1. I'm debating on taking on the task of creating a one piece fiberglass or material covered fiberboard headliner. I wouldn't mind going with the normal headliner look but every time I call a upholstery shop for a price they all charge $500 and up. That's with me supplying the headliner and window gaskets. For that price I'm sure I could have something done like a fiberglass one made. Why do they charge so much? While I was searching the threads here I came across people who said they only paid $100 or so. Is the cost of living here in the California bay area that expensive?
  2. dude, do it yourself it's free
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  3. I've been seeing the same prices. Ranging from $400-$500 with me supplying the material. I live in So Cal, it is a project I am thinking of doing myself just to save some of that cash for other things.
  4. when I lived in FL a few years ago I remember seeing ads for headliners installed for $70...but then, I don't know if that applied to classics as well...the ads said ANY car...but I cant imagine that would be the case
  5. From what i've seen and heard its no easy task to install the older headliners, you have to remove the rear and pull the front windshield as well, doing it right you often have to call a pro in. plus its all upside down work. Idk though thats just what the ppl i've talked to have told me. i've never done it myself but i feel your pain too; i'm trying to get my interior done as well and thats the ball park range i'm getting too.
  6. i did mine myself and saved a bunch of money, its just time consuming and it helps if u have a partner helping. I finally got mine in nice and tight.
  7. $500 to do a coupe healiner is fair. They have to remove both windows, remove the old headliner, clean the window channels ( a horrible job), fit the new headliner, reinstall the windows and all the trim and if it leaks, they get to re-do the windows for free. Compare that to the body shop that takes out a small dent, repaints it and charges you $1200 for the same amount of time and nobody whines. Also, I promise that halfway through the fiberglass headliner, you'll think $500 for an OEM-style liner is a bargain. Either pay the man or do it yourself.
  8. If your interested in tackling this job yourself (or justifying the cost for the pros), I just posted some classic mustang headliner installation tips in this thread: 1972-mustang-headliner-installation
  9. zookeeper is right, the only thing he left out is that the glass companies that do the removal and reinstall of the glass for the upholstry shop often times wont pay to replace any glass they break.
  10. $500 that is crazy. I ve done 2 coupe and 1 fastback myself. Well had a friend help with the glass. It take a couple of hours no biggie.

    Edgar where in LA are you. Ill come out and help you when you decide to do yours
  11. I will have to hit you up when the time is right then. I live in the San Gabriel Valley, just east of Pasadena.
  12. A couple hours, start to finish? Wow, you must really be speedy at getting all the window trim off, getting the windows out, cleaning the window shelves (if it's a fastback, all the plastic interior panels plus the rear seat have to come out), then getting the visors out, the pinch lace around the doors, then removing the old headliner, trimming the new one to fit, reinstalling the bows, gluing it all in place, then reinstalling the new pinch lace, cleaning the windows, and reinstalling every part of the trim, plastic panels, sealing the windows and then praying it doesn't leak. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great that you are offereing to help a fellow Mustang guy, but I'd have to see it done in a couple hours to beleive it. I did my fastback myself, and I can tell you even with my car cleaned and apart, the install of the headliner and windows took a weekend.
  13. He has a coupe. yes its a bit of work but I have done a few and its really not that big a deal. Agreed on a fastback there is more work but its still only the uppers that need to come out

  14. hey cup cake where are you located ? I could use some help installing headliner. I live in Glendale,
  15. not only that ,but on a finnished painted car you have to take extra steps to kep from getting glue all over the paint and dash . spray glue can go every were and paint brushed glue drips every were, atleast you will know were the paint brush is ,its glued to your fingers:rlaugh:. have to mask every thing.
    i have replaced a couple in coupes ,the lower rear sides are the hardest to keep wrinkle free. fast backs are the easiest . once you have done one they are not that hard to do.
  16. Ever considered the mustangs to fear one piece headliner? I'm going that way cuz it gives you 1.5 inches more headroom. You tuck the edges under the window gaskets but the instructions don't say anything about having to remove the windows. I asked about shipping and they quoted me:

    Size of package: 51x67x18
    ships truck freight
    $198 to business
    $278 to home
    They offer $50 off the product since shipping is so much.