Why Does My Car Whistle????

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by 94coupe, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. hi guys.....another question, i have bbk cai,70mm throttle body and when im hard on it it whistles, at first i liked it.....now i hate it

    please help thanks,
  2. Change tb's would be my guess
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  3. I have a BBK 78MM and it whistles a bit just off idle.
  4. The BBK stuff is notorious for that whistle. You could try to swap them out but just about any CAI is going to make that same noise.
  5. take a dremel to the inside of the throttle body where the sharp edges are at the iac port. That's the cause of most BBK tb whistles
  6. Mine started to do the same thing after a 70mm tb install, never found a leak. My guess is the screws in the tb flap were hanging out a bit and could be causing this. I plan on grinding mine down to see if it fixes it but i'll do that when i swap the intake....and maybe heads...hopefully some time this winter.
  7. apply simple mod listed in post #8 for a sure fix
  8. so if i dremmel out the iac this will work? am i loosing or gaining anything with this whistle?
  9. As soon as you get in there, you'll see the sharp edges. Get rid of them and you got rid of the whistle. No downside to keeping it other than the annoyance
  10. thanks....ill do it when i put the bbk shortys on in a couple weeks