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  1. Hey guys, I need some help here. I have a 99 cobra vert., 4 months ago i put on a slp loudmouth 1 exhaust and a pypes stainless steel off road x-pipe. Now when i start it, it sounds great. But as i start driving at about 2200-3100 rpm's it make a winding type noise, almost like a import exhaust, but before 2200 and after 3100 rpm it sounds mean. I first thought maybe the exhaust has to break in but i have put about 500 miles on it and it still does it, does anyone know why it sounds like this, is it the x-pipe? or slp? or is there any fix for this kind of thing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. If you've never used an "X" pipe and are used to the sound of an "H" pipe that may explain it. The "X" pipe does have a more "Exotic" type sound when compared to the "H" pipe.

  3. +1 on the x pipe
  4. If the exhaust sound has suddenly changed in tone (since your install 4 months ago), get underneath and check for exhaust leaks ASAP.