Roush why dont more people do this?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 2001s281, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. buy a "E" and replace the twin screw blower with a kenne belle blower. just a thought?
  2. Because an "E" cost 70,000 dollars.
  3. It would probably be less expensive to purchase a fully optioned normally aspirated S281, build the motor, and top it off with a KB.
  4. Why would you replace a twin screw S/C with a Twin Screw? i know the KB is probably more effiecient and better quality, but still :shrug:
  5. more potential. more power. a fully forged motor with a kenne belle autoror blower can make upwards of 500/500 to the wheel. have not heard of any "E" cars making anywhere near those numbers with the series IV.
  6. very good idea.
  7. so that means that people who buy these cars have some money, and i am sure they have some more laying around.
  8. To my knowledge the E has the series V S/C on it. The V is a larger S/C than the IV (again... to my knowledge). The E makes 425 HP (that is flywheel hp), but i am sure has a ton of potential. And have you ever HEARD of anybody TRYING to mod an E?

    To be honest saleen cant make decent body parts that fit right, i dont think i would want them building me an engine. I would rather do it myself and do it right, THE FIRST TIME.
  9. I have spoken to Saleen about this very subject. The "E" makes 445hp at this time (425 for 2002) due to Saleen needing to make SMOG requirements, and also offering a warranty on the car.

    The "E" motor is what now powers the SR, and it comes in 505hp trim.

    Without having to worry about emissions, "E" cars with a smaller pulley have made over 600hp.

    Most people do not buy "E" cars, and then start to modify them. There is more to a car than the time it takes to travel 1,320 feet from a standstill, and most "E" buyers did not buy their car to think about getting beat by somebody with a GT and a Procharger, as they could care less.

    On slicks stock "E" cars have run in the 11s in the 1/4 mile. (11.7 as tested)
  10. damn and i thought my 435rwhp 420tq was kickin ass