Why fellow fastback People so frumpy?

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  1. To flip someone off is to say F you. There are those who do not take that kindly. Perhaps you should rethink this. Then again if someone is enough of an arse to flip off someone who just extends a friendly hand of commraderie, they need a whoopin. I like to think I've grown up a little. But, I've most assuredly delivered a couple attitude adjustments in the past for similar behavior.

    About 4 years ago, had a guy flip me off one time (he was in a 65 coupe) one time as we were doing little informal stop light derbies. When I pulled up next to him to say nice car, he was quite verbal about things. I tried to get him to pull over just to "chat" but he just yelled like a child and drove off. Wasn't worth getting in an accident about.

    Less than 6 months later he walked into my business. I own a couple of martial arts/kickboxing/boxing/cage fighting schools. When I saw him I wasn't sure, but then I went outside and saw his stang (very specific markings) I made it a point to demo just a little with him. Not hurting him, just letting him understand preasure. He didn't recognize me. Later he tried to talk to me about my gym. I hit him with the old you don't remember me do you???? He didn't. When I told him, he started to deny it then basically started to whine and blubber. Odd he was a large guy over 6'5" 250lbs. Had I run into him other than in my business and had there been less witnesses, I might have tuned the hell out of him.

    As per those bagging CA. as a haven for stuck up liberals. There are huge pockets of Conservatives in CA. I live in Bakersfield, I would have to say less than 20% democrat. Orange county is also very conservative, Palm Springs as well. But hey we've finally gotten a republican Govornor, that is progress. As per stuck up, there are pains in the arse all over. BAD67FUN is from WI and he wants to flip you off. More than stuck up, that's kind of like the behavior of a 16 year old with size issues and gender confusion. At least that would be my guess.
  2. It all starts out with a. :nice:

    Then moves to a.[​IMG]

    Aproaches a.[​IMG]

    Then ends up in.[​IMG]
  3. I personally like how you follow up calling someone a prick with saying how you are mad that people are not friendly.


    PS. Read the forum rules Jr.
  4. LOL..That's cuz my fastback isn't looking so good right now. I deserve that of couse. But beware at the next stoplight, cuz what is under the Mavericks hood? Only the Shadow knows....
  5. BTW, two of my favorite Mustangs were coupes. My first car was a 70 Grande in Calypso Coral. That was a pretty car.
  6. I'll wave or nod at any and all cool cars {eliconores ain't cool.. no need to wave at a train wreck}

  7. [​IMG]
  8. never understimate a vinyl-topped Maverick.
  9. It is absolutely incredible to see how thin skinned people are with no fricken sense of humor. Along with being completely naive.

    If you lack the knowledge to read thru a blanket pale statement to realize the guy is just kidding. You need to do a little soul searching. Get out, smell the flowers, crack a beer with friends and get back to reality.

    The fact that any of you read my "tongue in cheek" comments and thought for a minute that I would actually speak lowly of coupes or people being friendly on the road is an obvious example of your personality.

    It IS hilarious to see how everyone turns into Anne Landers and hands out friendly advice... not realizing the guy is just cracking off.

    Jon350.... You may have been around the block... but it's obvious you haven't "been around the block".
  10. A little too off topic for Tech, eh?
    How about we transfer to Chat.
  11. :shrug: Maybe coupe owners are sad they only have half a car.

    :p Fastbacks Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fire suit on, :banana:
  12. hey mustang 70, I have a 70 with a windsor also. I was wondering what kind of power you make with that setup on the engine? also, Jon,move on. The guy probably was just borrowing the mustang from his buddy because his camaro broke down or something. We all know fastbacks are superior to all, some just forget about the brotherhood they are a part of once they climb behind the seat of the stang.
  13. What a joke!!! Line one you state that people here are naive. Ok it's naive to assume that someone who states that they like the idea of acting like an arse is an arse. Might it not be more naive to ASSUME that they are not? Seems like a rhetorical question. You also attack the sense of humor or posters. OK Fine, but isn't that a little like a comedian dying out there and then blaming the audience. Maybe your attempt of humor (and I doubt that it was) just wasn't funny. And since Not one person posted a: LOL, LMAO, Dude you crack me up, or the like, it's REASONABLE to assume that it's not THEM (US) it's YOU! The thing is that I've seen several posters get very positive response to humorous post, but MAYBE THEY WERE FUNNY. Someone who isn't naive might assume that.

    Next you say that some lack knowlege to see through you're just kidding. What kind of knowlege would that be. Mathematics, World Economics, The history of edged weapons???? No I think the only thing like knowlege that you might be refering to is an INSIGHT to your own person sense of humor. How exactly would we come by that sort of knowlege? I means since most of us don't hang with you on a regular basis.

    As per line three YOU DID ACTUALLY SPEAK lowly of people and coupes and people being friendly. And by the way it speaks of your personality. It speaks of our reading comprehension that we understood that.

    In short if this was your attempt at humor it appears to have failed on everyone who responded to it. It had NO POSITIVE SUPPORT. Try not to bag on people who responded to what you wrote, after all you wrote it. We apparently made the mistake of thinking that you meant what you wrote in a public forum. Then we responded to what you wrote in a public forum. We should have known that: a) didn't really mean what you wrote that you meant. and b) you are actually funny as hell and we're all too naive to get it.
  14. The obvious choice is b)

    But now I know better not to assume that you or anybody else would understand that.

    My bad...

    I'll blame the whole thing on a combination of me and the "Pussification of America" check George Carlin.....


    Next thing ya know it and someone's gonna drop the "race card" or sexual harrassment...

    Too much Oprah and Jerry Springer. What's the world coming to.

    Blow this chit...

    I'm out.

  15. That happens to me often... I'll be too distracted drooling over their car to give a wave from the steering wheel..
    If I'm cruising around I'll wave if I see one, but if I'm going somewhere like work.. I'm usually in a hurry and not really looking out for waves or the like. At stoplights I'm usually listening to the radio or watching the light.
    There is something about a Mustang at a stoplight though... in my new or old one, people always have to compliment it or ask questions. I have to turn off the radio and roll down the window to hear them, then the light turns green... ooops.
    As for fastbacks... the first one ('65-66) was just an after thought and that's what it looks like. :D From '67-70 the fastbacks look the best.... '71-73 being the worst.
    Although, given the chance, I would take any Mustang, be it fastback, coupe, or convertible.
  16. [tylers65] he ended his own post with,"Maybe I'm just a prick."
    I was just agreeing.

    [eric n]

  17. Oh please,,,,,, Been there, wish I hadn't have done that. :rolleyes: