why, for once, im glad to live in the boonies

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  1. normally, im a city guy. I dont like living 60 miles outside of houston, we get 26k dial up here haha. Parts have to be mailed which takes time because it costs the same amount in gas to go get em. You are normally an hour from any mustang help if you need it. But for once I am glad i live in the boonies...

    I just got my 67 302 mustang monday night, I was told it needed new exhaust and it did, it was all rusted to pieces. So I decided to rip if all off and have it just outta the manifolds for 2 days till I take it to katy to get exhaust.

    Heres the kicker, cuz its an outta state title transfer, they have to see an inspection notice before the will give you a registration sticker and license plates. Soooo, as it stands, it has no license plates, no registration sticker, and no inspection sticker.

    So I decide to go into the small town to get gas, on the way back, i pass a county sheriff, and HE WAVES!!!!
  2. Where do you live? I'm in Houston.
  3. bahahaha coool!
  4. Im near the 20 minutes west of katy.