Why get a V6 over a GT? doesnt make sense....

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  1. my insurance for my v6 was 595 per six months for state minimum. I did not carry comprehensive or anything because i paid for the car with cash.

  2. my insurance would be about 800 per quater with a gt as apposed to 700... so i'm not really saving that much 400 a year ehh...

    any way i thought i would remind everyone that a 04 6er has a 3.9l and a few extra hp over the 03's and the 05 model will come with 200 hp (i believe) but the 04 is close to that, i like the 99-04 body better so ide suggest you get him an 04...

  3. It's only 6 cubic inches (238 vs 232), you'll be lucky to gain 1 HP from that much.
  4. pfft more like 3-4!
  5. Get a used car... whatever it is, don't buy new. You'll save lots of money, and sometimes you can get a warranty. I got a 3yr warranty with my '01.

    My first car...
    '66 Mustang i6:
    $3800 in early '90's
    full coverage insurance = $44/mo

    '01 Mustang GT:
    $15.9k in early '03
    payment = $309/mo
    full coverage insurance = $120/mo

    I'm 21... had 1 speeding ticket in '02 with the '66.
  6. I have not boght a car yet. I am on only my second car, the stang, but have not bought either. the first one i had was a family hand-me-down that my sister drove for 3 1/2 years (an 89 Dodge Colt hatch back, five speed, very base model not even power sterring) Now that was a great car for a 16 year old male to drive. The rate for first time drivers, specially males, getting into accidents in the first year is high. After the Colt nearly died, my dad surprised me with a 99 V6 back in March of 03. I would suggest against getting your son a NEW car because of the accident possibility. He needs experience and lots of it before he gets that kind of vehicle (in my opinoin). Now i say that i have not paid for and of my vehicles because my parents would like me to save my income for college, which i do have to pay most of that and its going to be a lot more than a car payment. Now my dad is a teacher and right now makes around 40 grand a year minus taxes, and he's paid for the colt that my sister and i drove for a combined 5 years (2000, not alot), then bought himself a used F-150 for 10 grand plus trade in, then bought my sister an Escort for 6500. Now it came to me when his truck and my sisters car were both paid for, he now had no car payment so he bought me my v6 for 9000. In my family my dad also pays for everyone's insurance (one way to split up the bills in the family) But i know, if I was on the stang it would be almost 1900 a year, with no tickets of any kind and good student discount.
  7. my parents bought me a 6, and i like it, so i drive it. i guess thats the only reason i drive a 6 and not a gt
  8. the 99+ v6's have almost as much as the old stock 5.0 and run just as quick, but can get 27mpg on the highway.

    the best my 99GT can do is 24 highway and about 16 around town.

    the V6 is a great car and a great engine. the 04's should be going on clearance soon with the new 05's coming out. you may get a great deal because of it.

    i really don't like my 99GT. i have a 98 V6 with an ATI Procharger on it and like it better. almost 300rwhp and 25MPG. and just about all V8 body and suspension parts will bolt up to it

    V6 is the smart way to go for your kid. make a project car out of it. if he buys exhaust,springs or other goodies for it spend some quality time with him installing the parts. you won't be sorry buying the 6
  9. he said he wants it to handle great, im ok with that. so hes gonna mod suspension and brakes first, then the power adders.
    im pretty sold on an 04 when they hit leftover status, unless someone has a better reason to get an older one? speak now! thanks for all the help guys
  10. I don't think you are going to hear much negative about your decision all things concidered, specially because it involves the well being of your son.

    I'm 30 and had the opp to get anything I wanted. I still bought the 6 because it had all the power of my old 5.0, the awesome looks of 99+ and a few extra MPG. More than enough for me at the time. With the mods it makes for a good summer driver.

    Good luck, have fun Modding with your son.

  11. well, a change in my mind has occured. after going to the ford dealer this morning and seeing an 03 V6 optioned out with all but auto, for 12,500 i think we may get just that. it was a "certified" car. is this a good price for an 03 V6? mileage was 11,000. i liked it and cant beat that price. any opinions on the this car would be helpful
  12. It's not a bad deal, but you might get luckier later (or not). When the '05's come out they might sell new '04 for that price.
  13. 3.9 vs 3.8... save the boy some dignity here...
  14. I hate to break it to you. But all of who you say you have "full coverage insurance" for 120 a month at age 21 on a mustang GT are just getting liability. By law, its considered "full coverage" if you have liability. I have a perfectly clean record. No tickets, no nothing. (and my mom happens to be an insurance agent, i worked for her for a while). I pay like 180 a month or something.(i don't remember) for actual full coverage. And no one in the U.S. can beat that rate.

    this is just a reminder for all of you who think you have full coverage when you actually only have liability insurance.
    Full coverage = liability according to insurance companies.

    Penguin maybe ur aware of this. Otherwise, call ur insurance agent...

    Im 20 and I looked up the price for a newer mustang Gt insurance with actual full coverage. Cheapest price in like u.s. was like 240 bucks per/month I think.
  15. I got the V6 cuz I already had a V8 and the 11 mpg was killing me. But now with my V6 I can smoke the cars around me aside from an 03 cobra or the Z06 vettes. Beat that.

    If you're looking to get it for your kid......the insurance, safety (less power than GT), and MPG should be determining factors
  16. I would just like to say the mpg for my car blows...then again...mine isn't stock! oh well...15mpg is a blessing for me.
  17. pffft slushbox
  18. Depends on what you want.

    I think the V6 cars are fine...my wife loves it.

    But anyone that buys one with the intention of putting some money into to go fast might as well just got a GT in my opinion.
  19. Ok... well on both my cars, I have

    Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability
    250 Deduct Comprehensive
    500 Deduct Collision
    Emergency Road Service
    Uninsured Motor Vehicle

    Does that mean I have just liability? I actually don't understand what you're saying. I have 2 cars, so I get a discount for that. A few of my immediate family members also use this provider, so maybe that gives me a discount, also. :shrug:
  20. no thats full coverage...which means...that ur not the primary driver of ur mustang Gt...or somebody's in cahoots somewhere along the lines...or it could be insurance provider error? whose ur insurance provider?

    having family members will give u a discount. Say if ur on ur moms policy. But not that kind of discount.