Why get a V6 over a GT? doesnt make sense....

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  1. I'm on my own policy. It's State Farm. My fiance, who's 20, is also a driver on both cars.
    I'll see if I can't find a letter from them... $120/mo is the last time I remember the payment being... (which was at least 1/2 yr ago) It has probably changed since then. It's directly taken out, so I don't pay that much attention :D
  2. i dont see how some of you are getting your insurance so cheap. Mine is 153.50 a month just for liability on a 97 v6! :notnice:
  3. mines 700 for 3...
  4. I personally think the insurance on the Mustangs is high IMO. I pay for my Lightning, with very good coverage, $53 a month. My wife pays $62 with the same coverage.
  5. son of a btach 53 per month :bs:
  6. He's not far off Silver. I pay $150 per month for three cars. 02 Stang, 86 SVO and 02 Turbo Bug. I had the Sliver 84 insured for a while and it added $48 per month to the policy.

    Rates very from state to state and company to company. Each person is going to be pre-assesed in some way or another; not really sure how they pic a risk catagory for any given person. A multi-vehicle policy helps somewhat, as will home and life insurace policies, to bring the over all cost down.

    We are with All State. I've looked for cheaper rates and nobody can touch what we have now... some of the big boys who tout their crap on TV won't even talk to us.

    Oh, and if I had a garage; Collectors insurance for all three SVO's full coverage, no milage limits, stated value of 5K each. $178 per YEAR. :shrug:

    I need a garage. :bang:
  7. Actually I was wrong.

    $52 for my 2003 Lightning, full coverage, $500 deduc, 100,300,100
    $59 for my wife's 1999 V6 Mustang, full coverage, $250 deduc, 100,300,100
    $5 for my 1996 Z28, fire n theft

    29, homeowner, good credit, home-owners policy with the same company.
  8. I did. I drove my car into a ditch... a few times. I lived in the sticks so the dirt roads enticed me to do stupid things. :D NObody was ever around so it didn't matter. I guess my mom was smart buying me 600$ 75 torino...
  9. beater cars pwn u :banana:
  10. my bro might be getting a beater car for qhen he goes to college, they dont let him have a car the first year (or he would have to find his own parking) so were thinking he shuld get a POS car so he doesnt worry about it being hurt in a parking lot ='(
  11. The insurance on my used 03 v6 is $1314 per 6 months. So it's $2628 a year. It's with a crappy insurance company and I have both way coverage. Oh and I'm a 17 year old male and I just go the insurance a few days ago and I've never had anything against my record. With a a v8 it would have been much more.
  12. thats about right for an under 25 guy driving a v6 mustang with actual full coverage
  13. I bet ur fiance is the primary driver. Women literaly get half the payment of a guy.
  14. Sweet... I always thought women would pay more, they seem to be the worse of the 2 in driving, especially around that age. "I was talking on my cell, changing cds, when this guy honked at me, then I went off the road...."

    So I looked it up and my payment is $194/mo for both cars.

    I get discounts for:
    multiple autos
    accident free
    multiple line
  15. i can't wait till i get the age discount it prolly gonna drop like it's a hot potato
  16. Mines 300 for my mustang and escort combined, but I have liability only. If I wreck it, i deserve the wrecked car and could fix it for less then the insurance premium i would have. I'm still in the clear if someone else kills my car, then they're ass is mine. :D
  17. :stupid: I'm glad someone else thinks the way I do. :nice:
  18. Ok no flames please.
    83 'stang 350 bucks
    engine 4500 bucks
    rating 300 BHP/W AOD 250 RWHP
    having no car payment=Priceless
    thats my 4.2 project Rice killer (Flat tappets too!)
  19. Why would someone flame that? It was kinda funny... what's the 4.2 stand for?
  20. Its a bored and stroked 3.8 actual displacement closer to 4.25/4.3 liters