Why get a V6 over a GT? doesnt make sense....

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  1. I'm assuming it's a V6?

    Edit: wait... I remember there being a V6 offered in the Fox's for a few years... eh :shrug:
  2. absoul-dam lootly -lol
    1987 tbird motor to take advantage of Heart-shaped chambers
    but car was a stock 3.8 V-6
  3. ah I see. Coolness.
  4. Everybody and their mother has a 5 . 0 and a cowl hood. Mine will have a 2 inch rise stormin' norman and be sonic blue with a blu-flake clear overlay with redone 2 tone interior (stock colors BTW) Blue/Opal
  5. Why buy a v-8?

    I am perfectly happy with my little 6er. I have had all sorts of work done on her, and I honestly can say, I love that car. I could not get rid of that car if I wanted to.

    I bought her because it was in my price range, I could afford the insurance, and I wanted to do something most people dont, make a v-6 fast.
  6. more power out of the box, so to speak :D
  7. I haven't been on this forum in months and I bet myself that there would be a "why didn't you get the V8 thread" :rlaugh:

    I WIN!!
  8. Exactly. I bought my 3.8 because of the price, and the effect a 3.8 has on my insurance. I got the premium (2001, black mustang) and with the body striping and traction control, it was all I wanted. I am not looking for HP, I like the way the Mustang looks, and yes I have added some cosmetic mods. All in all, I am extremely satisfied with my 3.8.
  9. Just so you guys know, insurance wasn't a big factor with me, I don't know about you guys. Here are all of the quotes that I got from my insurance company. There prices are per month:

    1996 Mustang GT-- $110 per month
    1999 Mustang GT-- $110
    1999 Mustang V6-- $110
    1998 SVT Cobra -- $125
    1997 Camaro Z28-- $110
    1998 Camaro SS-- $115
    1998 Camaro V6-- $120(t-tops made premium go up).

    I got all these quote last year when I was 21 years old. As you can see, there was hardly any difference, and the only differences were based on extras such as t-tops, not the engine. Like I said though, this was MY insurance company where I live. It may be different for others. But to any future buyer: before you buy a v6, get a quote on a v8 too just to make sure. I was very close to buying a v6 f-body because I assumed I couldn't afford to insure a v8. When I got those quotes, the v6 models weren't even an option anymore :D
  10. Bring back a old...dead post.

    Guess my $30 a month for my Lightning is not bad....with excellent coverages.
  11. this thread was mighty old. and some how its back.

    neat i guess? :shrug:

  12. I had a couple of reasons for buyin the v6. The main reason is that i'm 17 now and i bought it as my first car about 13 months ago. Dad really is the reason though. His theory is that I can have the good looking car he just didn't want me to have a v8 since he knew i would kill myslef in it. Another reason was the price. I found it for 7K with nothin wrong with it. I like 1996NoBows wanted to make a V6 a respectably fast car. I plan to start on that goal sometime in the near future.

    Insurancewise it costs me $650 every six months for laibility and collision. Collision covers if i hit a deer or anythign like that. And that includes being a 16 year old with a convertible.
  13. well we have 2 fox body stangs. im 14 and cant drive yet.. there both verts one is a 5.0L 5 speed my dads.a and mine is a 3.8 auto both verts. ford the 5.0 he pays 164 a year for just liability and for my car he pays i 153 a year for the same not a huge difference for antoher 100 hp under the hood.
  14. I bought my V6 in 2000, when there was still a big difference in price between the 1994-1998 GT's and V6's. Now, there is hardly any difference. If someone today were trying to get into a 94-98, I see no reason at all not to get a GT.. the fuel economy is only slightly lower, if you drive sensibly, and the fun factor is waay higher. Not only that, but any mods you do will have a bigger impact on a GT than a V6. I love my car, don't get me wrong, but I can't wait for the day when my V6 craps out, cause that's when I'm swapping in a V8.
  15. well im in jersey and our insurance rates are ridiculous.. with my v6 im payin 2400 a year (im 17) and if i had a v8 id probably be payin around 5 grand. :bs: at least our gas prices are still low but corzine wants to change that :notnice:
  16. Do you know how to pump gas?


    THIS THREAD SUCKS:notnice:
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  17. when you get to 21, if you keep your record clean, you will get a break in your rates, then another big one at 25. But yeah, I agree, in your case, a V6 is the way to go until you have more experience and a clean record. For those of us over 25, might as well get a V8..
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