Why get a V6 over a GT? doesnt make sense....

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  1. I think you get a V6 over a GT so you can have forums with old ass posts that get brought up because there isn't much else going on.
  2. This side of the fence is fairly slim with respect to new posts, but this one is somehow being kept alive in spite of itself
  3. it probably stays alive because people keep talking about how this thread should go ahead and die. ;)
  4. very different reasons over here.....

    my stang is my only car, and i do quite a lot of miles, so i need a low milage car.

    the nicest mustangs coming into the UK right now are actualy coming from japan, my *** spec 96 mustang has just 24,000 miles on it, and is in 100% perfect condition. the japs however simply dont buy the V8's, (tax reasons) so the vast majority of mustangs and camaro's coming over from japan are V6

    how much cleaner are the *** import cars here? the same money (£4000 GBP) that bought my perfect condition 24,000 mile car, would buy a shabby 90,000 mile GT that would have been imported from America

    with fuel at $8 per gallon, and gridlocked roads, the GT simply doesn't have any real advantages as a daily driver.
  5. Either your car insurance company is on crack or thats completly wrong. I looked up quotes on all online companies today for my car and they didnt even come close to that, either did the 99+ years.
  6. I'm 21 and paying $106/month for just liability. That is also with 2 speeding tickets on my record which only raised my payment by $10. I was paying $96/month before the tickets.

    When I got my Mustang, I was fairly new to the car world, and wanted the car simply because it was a Mustang. I could've cared less about power. My opinion has changed since then. I'm glad I got a V6 because I don't think twice about stripping it down, and upgrading it. If I had a GT, I'd want to keep it true to stock. Maybe h/c/i, but I would feel bad modifying it.

    It's like taking a '67 GT code, and turning it into a Shelby clone. I'd rather have a restored GT.

    The folks that have turned the '03 Cobras in to strip cars make me throw up a little in my mouth. To each his own, though, right?
  7. It Lives Again!!!
  8. I think this thread may outlive me...
  9. why i got my v6

    i entered a contest and won my car. they then sold it to me for 1$ on the bill of sale. tottal spent on my car
    5$ raffle ticket
    1$ bill of sale
    0.06$ taxes
    Grand tottal $6.06

    so if you can find me a 98 gt with 60,000 miles on it and in great condition for heck lets say even a hundred times what i payed for my car then give me a call. if you cant then you got no room to bust on my v6.
  10. I have a 2006 mustang v6 and my insurance is outrageous.:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
  11. Gas prices and Insurance were main factors for me. What most people on here don't seem to get is that insurance prices are different for different places. When I moved from a smaller county to a VERY large area (Dallas) my insurance rates went thru the roof. Sure, if you live in a small city or in the country, your going to get better rates than those who live in a city and commute an hour to work everyday. The risk of accidents is much higher. I pay $102 right now for full coverage on a SIX, if I were to go to a GT it'd be over a grand every 6 months. No thank you!
  12. I hear ya, i paid 7k for my GT, but it's the body style b4 urs:( was in crazy good shape tho
  13. 1. Don't buy a new one, especially for a 16 year old.
    2. Don't buy one of the new ones (05-07) because they are ugly.
    3. I got my 03 V6 for 12 even w/9500 miles on it. 5speed and everything-perfect, aside from the V6 part. If you can compare the prices of, I'd say a 99-04 V6's and GT's and you find they are close now- go for the GT. The reason I was given the V6 was insurance, price, and reliability (by reliability, I mean that (for a Ford) a V6 for 12Grand w/ 9500 miles, or a GT for 12Grand w/ 50000 miles- the "newer" one will last longer). By the way, I bought it in April 04.

    Just my .02 as integraholic said. Idk why ever since Ford changed from the actual first prototype in like 04, or whenever they came out with it, I haven't like them. I respect them greatly (GT's) but I think an 03 looks much better than an 05.
  14. they look pretty close to the same to me?? different sidescoops and hood, added a spoiler.

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  15. My mustang is my second car, and also the first one I have bought. My first car was given to my dad for free and he gave it to me.

    Now while shopping for a mustang my dad was included in everything, he has a lifetime of knowledge with cars and I respect his opinion. So I was 18 and it was april-june 05 when I was shopping, to give you mroe of an idea of my situation. My dad really didn't want me to get a v8 car yet so we talked it over and we found an 02 v6 for $10,900 with low mileage and I bought it.

    Now the v6 may not be a fast car but I don't exactly need a fast car, the closest track to me is a 2 hour drive and I don't speed. I also average 23-24mpg around town and 27mpg at 70-75 on the highway, I think thats pretty damn good. I was really just buying a mustang because I love them, not because I wanted to go fast. I also have a nicer car than any of my friends. The only regret I have is not waiting till I had the cash to buy it and taking a loan out.

    As far as insurance goes, I need full coverage with it being on a loan (sucks big time). My yearly insurance is about $3100 with a spotless record being 19 years old...I need to pay off this damn car.

    With all that said, next year I'm selling it and buying either a 5.0 fox or a 94-98 cobra. LOL
  16. WHy is this thread still alive??

    Everyone bought their car for their own reasons. Just because a *insert whatever car you own here* works for you doesn't mean it works for everyone else NOR does everyone else have be like you and think exactly like how you think.

    End thread :lock:
  17. it started with a legit question at the time, but agree, its time for it to die