why get headers?

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  1. I don't know the specs on the factory headers, but the MAC ones are 1 5/8 i do believe. What is the point of getting headers, do they use larger pipes? What exactly is the benifit of going with aftermarket headers? Thanks in advance--Taylor
  2. Headers replace the stock restrictive headers and open up your exhuast more...you can expect a louder meaner sound as well as high performance gains..(up to 30hp)...
  3. um no, unless your runnin like 12 psi, yur not gonna see 30 hp from headers.

    plus ours are pretty good for stock headers
  4. how much of a horsepower gain can you get from new headers then?? 5-10???
  5. You're a new member so I'll give you a tip. Don't post any data that you don't have a reputable source for. Or at least say that in your own opinion blah blah blah...

    The point would be to free up the exhaust flow. But like ryan said unless you did some head/intake work, or you have forced induction, the stock ones will do fine.
  6. i heard the stockers can work fine up to 400 flywheel hp so aftermarket headers are a total waste and better things can be upgraded with that money, like intakes or pulleys.

    I just put some MAC LT Headers with an O/R H-Pipe and Borla XR-1 Race Mufflers and with a custom Tune with a Diablo Sport chip I increased my RWHP by 46 and my TQ by 54.....
  8. :rolleyes: Hmmmmm, any evidence?
  9. yeah are you adding up the company's hp ratings.
  10. If you're going to get aftermarket headers I would go with MAC longtubes. They provide the best results and are the only long tube header made for our V6's. Otherwise you need to be making pretty significant power to need new shorty headers. I have a mag that did dyno tests on V6 boltons and they had no power gains from MAC short tubes. Just a thought.
  11. V6 or V8? dyno sheets please...
  12. like someone else said, maybe if u add up the magical numbers some of these dctributors put out... lol
  13. i put a header on my gas powered R/C car and it added 35 hp and goes 45 mph faster than it did, you wanna race steedastang?
  14. ha, what about the good ole' N20 wetkit?
  15. that is next months mod, it should add another 100 hp to the mix. i hope my piston can handle all of that raw power.
  16. yeah you might have to get a low compresion piston... if you didnt already put some big azz chrome rims and low profile tires on their... also put a HUGE wing (think, escudo) if yours doesnt already have one, or remove the body completely to reduce weight... lol
  17. alright then, i'll just not buy the headers for now, but i do want an O/R H pipe. the MAC headers are direct replacement, so they must be the same length and all, so could i just add the H-pipe between my Y-pipe exhaust and the headers? i know i would have to take off the Y-pipe 2-1-2 pieces, but would it work? I've tried asking MAC this a couple times but they have never replied to my emails, but i've goten the automated messege that someone will get back to me within 72 hrs both times.
  18. The H pipe would replace the Y pipe, so yes you could. It would fit to factory(headers) or the aftermarket headers latter on down the road, if you make enough power to yield such a purchase. So you are going with true duals then right??
  19. yes, i would love trude duals, love to get rid of the cats and resonators, and i want a deeper sound. So i guess i found my next mod, replace the Y-pipe with an Off Road H-pipe. I hope this is just a direct replacement? or one with very little modification to it.
  20. Anybody ever tried this before? that is to put on the Y-pipe exhaust system, then later replace the two pieces between the headers and the mufflers with an H or X pipe?