Why I drive american.....

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  1. well me and andrew set out to resurect his '87 Mazda B2000 pickup (college vehicle)

    The big thing was putting in a carb kit.....that was a joke.

    here's what one looks like : http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1986...022QQitemZ350064272189QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

    this is purely the reason why I drive american. That thing was such a cluster ***** of a mess that I never want to look at another one. Although it was kinda fun along the way......I couldn't believe how redundant and overcomplicated it was!!! :bs:

    out of curiosity, has anyone else ever had another import experience??
  2. My daughter (Jessie) has owned a '95 Suzuki Sidekick for about 6 weeks now. Two-owner "snowbird tow-behind" before she got it. I haven't found any troubles with it yet; but then again, I haven't driven it in 5-3/4 weeks; so....... :shrug:

    Interesting your comments on the Maz-dodo. I don't know when it all came together, but another Andrew (BDT1967, who "Met the girl of his dreams" and has been chronicling it here) had a 199? Mazda B2200 that was just a different grille on the same-year Ford Ranger; because Ford holds a majority shareholder interest in Mazda..
    '87 was still "a rough time" for little Ford trucks (and, presumably, their Mazda counterparts); so you might consider cutting the little truck some slack.

    Of course, I wouldn't cut it any slack; because a truck is a truck..... fuel economy and an economical form factor take seventh and eighth place in my priorities for a truck. The first seven being:

    1. Torque
    2. HP
    3. Load Rating
    4. More Torque
    5. Comfort
    6. Towing Capacity
    7. Even More Torque.

    I don't really want to put a 6.0 PSD in Larry, and a Cat 3509 just won't fit so...... :nonono:
  3. we were laughing so gosh darn hard putting that together!! its got about 8 vacume hoses that attach to different places on that carb. I said "well, its a bit more complicated than my holley :( " but things just fell into place, andwe got it running. funny thing, I couldn't find an idle mixture screw.....

    when we were searching for a picture of the nikki carb, we came accross one that had someone stuffing a 350 in it. A 350!!!!! :cool: