Why I HATE Stangnet....

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  1. So here I am, all happy with my 5.0 what with its stock parts and ability to get from point A to point B just fine and outrunning more than I'd expect from a late '80s build, and I'm thinking "Gosh, I sure have a nice car."

    But then I start opening up a few forums, checking out a few profiles... seeing the aftermarket appearance options... the performance mods... the little tweaks and tricks that can go on so easily and get my nice car just a little bit nicer. The next thing you know I'm shopping for fiberglass hoods, fivepoint harnessess and second jobs to pay for it all and it's ALL YOUR FAULT! :p

    In other words, fantastic looking cars out here, everyone! Great work and thanks for making the American roads just a little more beautiful.
  2. Thanks, but these American roads sure are getting crowded with a lot of ugly imports and rice burners!

    So come on guys, get those projects finished and back out on the road!!
  3. Welcome to the club, everything in my sig was for a blown head gasket...
  4. I just hate the mods :shrug:

  5. Haha, yea...my car was 100% stock before I joined Stangnet. It's a floodgate.
  6. *puts bant stick away* :lol:
  7. Floodgate is right. I can remember life before the freaken internet, it was full of cash. This world powered by the key board leads me to sites to order parts for my car and drain my bank account and hang out with you thugs :D.
  8. Flood gate is a frickin understatement for me. Drove my vert stock for 2 years, then I started buying used parts off of EBAY, then I started racing it, then came the SC, then a rebuilt top end and more boost. Then the final push over the edge, a cracked block, after a year of down time my vert has come full circle. It is almost completely stock again, but now I have a 92 LX with a Dart 347 and far more money than I ever thought I would even consider spending, dear god what have I done!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Its a desease and will cause loved ones to hate you.

    Its called Stangitis. It incureable and very contagious so always use protection :nice:
  10. I never started modding till I came here either. Damn Stangnet. 4 years, 2 cars, and $40,000 later.
  11. Consider yourself lucky, Stangnet gave me teh aids and you're complaining about making your car better. :rolleyes:
  12. i agree. stangnet was the cause of my car and all its mods. my car was 100 percent stock w 65k original miles on it a year and a half ago. Now it has 500 more miles
  13. :stupid:
  14. You street race :jaw:
  15. my gf calls it an addiction
  16. tell me about it:nonono:

    i would have the cleanest fox in orlando if i just put a good paint job and rims and paint a stock manifold:rlaugh:...but thanks to stagnnet

    i had to get the ponies out with a cheap but still expensive to me gt40 combo, t-5 swap, etc etc.........

    if it werent for the the thread of nicest foxes my idea of a clean fox would be something different.........

    stangnet is awesome.................................:(
  17. This website is responsible for me ending up with $14K in a 1991 notch :rlaugh:
  18. Or you could just drive your project everywhere you go...like most of the ricers.