Why I have not been here much in the last few weeks

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  1. My mother lost her 6 year long battle with breast cancer on tuesday night. So for the week or so prior ( when she started to REALLY go downhill) and now in the days after I have not had much time or interest in thinking about problems with cars. I will continue to lurk and moderate and soon I will be back trying to help with DIAG.

    In a few days I will unstick this and move it into talk..
  2. Good luck Mike. :flag:
  3. Sorry to hear man. Take care.
  4. Sorry, bro. Hang in there & know that you're in a bunch of people's thoughts & prayers.
  5. Truely sorry to hear that, don't stress about not being here....its only a car forum! Take care of yourself and your family. They are your priority...don't worry we'll bug Tomustang while your away :)
  6. Sorry to hear that man..I have lost some family to cancer too..
  7. It hurts I know man...lost my mom in 98. Her Birthday is coming up May 13th...tough even after all this time.

    Hope you can find strength in her memory...always bring a smile to my face to remember the good times.
  8. Thats rough man sorry to hear about your loss. You have been a big help on these forums for a lot of people and thanks for that But its understandable to need time to clear your head and I hope to see you on here soon.
  9. thanks guys I am going to move this to talk now..

    I think I am handling this ok.. I really am worried about my dad.
  10. We're with you in prayer. Your Dad will be fine, it will take time and he may never be the "same" but he will be ok. I had to move my wedding day up a month because the doctors found lumps in my dads lungs, he died a month after my wife and i were married. I still miss him to this day and that was 8 years ago. It took a long time for my mom to get even semi-normal after, she just has to keep herself busy now. Good luck, as said before, we are with you :nice: .
  11. sorry to hear about your loss man..... :(
  12. As droptop said, dont worry about us. Take all the time you need. where all with you. Hope you do better and we will see you on here when your ready
  13. i am so sorry to hear about this. i lost my father last year to cancer myself. so i kind of know what you are going through. we did everything together, especially share a love of Mustangs, so it is still hard for me to deal with, but i move on in his memory and in memory of the great times we had together. family is the most important thing in a time like this. my family desserted me when my dad died, so all i had was my wife and our daughter, and of course the friends i had made in the Mustang world, and they helped me get through. you will never get over it, but you can move on and be happy. just remember all the good times. don't stress out about not being on here. but know that if you need people to talk to, i am sure we'll be here. good luck! and God Bless you and your family. you will be in my prayers!
  14. Family first, man. God bless.
  15. Our thoughts are with ya..
  16. Hang in there Mike. My sympathies for your loss.
  17. Im really sorry to hear this Mike. Theres nothing we can say or do to make this right, but you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers, and healing will come in time. We are here for ya whatever you need. Take care of yourself and your family. We will be here.
  18. Sorry for your loss :( . Stay strong.
  19. I'm sorry for your loss, hang in there bro.. you're in our prayers
  20. I am sorry to hear about your loss. In my opinion, loosing a loved one is the hardest thing that we have to deal with in life.

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    As for your dad, IMO the best thing you can do to help him is give him support. It takes a strong person to turn a tragic situation into something positive. Maybe this will help a little: Your mother and father raised you to be the person you are today so whenever you get down .. just remember that your mom may not be here physically, but she will always live on through you.

    Sorry if that was too deep. You are a stranger to me but have helped me out with mustang info many times (insignifigant in the grand scheme of things) so the least I could do is try to help a little. Take care.