Why I Own a Mustang

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  1. Why I Own a Mustang

    I own a Mustang because when I was young I was told to look around and see who had the kind of life I wanted to have then go buy the same car as them.

    What I found was that Mustang owners are generally much better looking than average. They test out smarter and have more friends.

    I heard about some guys from a university who studied Mustang owners in a bar. They found that Mustang owners get approached and generally get lucky about 43 times as often as most folks.

    Mustang owners shoot better pool, catch more fish and don't win the lottery nearly as often as they should. They can work their VCR and set the clock on the microwave. Their kids are brighter, their lawns are greener and their cars run better. Their daughters are prettier and their sons are better athletes. Their spouses are sweeter and their mothers-in -law hardly visit at all.

    Mustang owners do things like save lives and generally make a better world.

    Anyway, I looked around and it seemed to me that Mustang owners were clearly superior folk and I would be proud to be one. That is why I own a Mustang. That and all the good cars were too expensive.
  2. Pony Owners


    Now I just need to learn how to fish, then decide if I want a wife again. I happily have everything else!

    (oops, except I currently don't have a Mustang, just this funny roadster with Mustang parts on it!):nice:
  3. Wow I wonder how I ever became a mustang owner? Maybe I don't break the mold because my car is down for repairs so much. I can set a VCR though.
  4. I got one because I'm married with chilldren. :lock:

    Also, I really dislike all the punks driving ricers around town with fart pipes thinking they're badasses.
  5. No wife.
    No kids.....but the nieces and nephews do hold up that end.
    I do try to save lives.....but I keep tripping over this damned cape.........
    Whaddya mean
    ??? Mustangs ARE good cars!:nice:

    I would also like to add....it keeps me off the couch, mine AND the psycho-therapists!:D