Why I will never again visit this tuner in Charlotte, NC

Discussion in 'Regional Forums and Event Information' started by mcduck, Apr 12, 2004.

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  1. Good info thanks for the heads up!
  2. You know what...in a way I do see your point, but to come on here and tell someone not to go see a tuner b/c of your unhappy experience, then that's not very "professional" either. I was told to begin with that he wasn't as "nice" as he is coming off on the post. I was told he came over to pick the car, was happy to hear it put down so much power, but didnt wanna push it any further, so that's why it was detuned. Then he went to another shop, didnt run the numbers he was told (like you said earlier in your post) and automatically put a stop payment on his check. Now, you tell me that you wouldnt be a little bit pissed off if you didnt get paid for "custom" work b/c someone felt like they were overcharged? Of course, anyone would get ticked off if they'd worked on something for half a day, then be told they werent gonna get paid for it...come on. So, he then proceeded to come back to the shop and take it up with the owners, with an attitude b/c he felt they'd taken advantage of him. Then, the owner's got pissed off b/c they wanted to get paid, he was told to pay or else he couldnt leave their shop, and he put the rest on his credit card.

    Now, those events are probably not as he remembers b/c unfortunately things do get bobbled (sp?) around after 8 months and different story tellers.

    As far as customer service, ive never had a run in and they've always been up front with me and do good work. I mean just ask Ralph, the owner of CP Racing whose old Saleen he's driving?

    As far as the "race" between your friend and them, since you dont have a lot of HP, you might not realize how much of a difference, street tires make versus ET streets...and to come back with a comment like "tires, what's the difference" you obviously dont know and probably have never put money down on a race either.

    Look, I dont know you and I do feel sorry that you felt taken advantage of b/c no one likes to be overcharged, but for you to come on here and talk crap b/c you received an attitude...come on...I dont like having these internet wars, especially with someone I dont even know...so "shake hands" (no smilie for that) and hope to see you out one weekend.

    Oh yeah, I am curious about how the Z is running now...seriously
  3. so, whats the deal...is there a deal....with the shop street racing for money?
  4. I know exactly what tires are good for and what they can mean. You missed my point. If his car was soo superior to his previous competition (which is exactly the way you made it sound), then it seems that he would have enough hp/tq to take out whatever comes his way, no matter what rubbers they are riding on. The comment was made in sarcasm, not seriousness. If there's anyone here who doesn't understand the value of sticky tires, especially in high HP cars, then they need to do some more reading up. Anywho, do you see what I am saying now?

    Me too... :shrug:
  5. I can see the sarcasm now, sometimes its hard when you're reading and not actually talking to the person.

    As far as the shop racing for money, im gonna have no comment on that topic. Everyone I know, used to run on the street, but now they take it to the track. It just took some unfortunate events for people to learn its better at the track and more shall we say "fair"

    You know what's really funny is this guy came on here, made a few posts, then has vanished...and we're sitting here arguing over his shyte... :shrug:
  6. Yeah, I guess that's my fault for bumping this thread. A guy had posted about shops around the Charlotte area. I listed a few, but warned about problems at Underground that people had had and told about this thread. I resurrected this dead thread, mainly for him. Sorry to open any old wounds or hurt any feelings. I just don't trust them. Ya'll don't have to trust me either!!! It's a free country, right?!
  7. True, but at least we can have one of those rare civil internet arguments. :p
  8. This thread is really funny. You do business with a company that is "known" for running and being involved in illegal activites.Then when they screw customers you wonder where there business ethics are :shrug:
  9. I dont understand why its funny? Can you tell me that every performance shop in the country doesnt go and show off their cars by running someone when they get called out? Why don't you go ask Mr. Hennessey? of Mr. Heffner?

    Oh and as far as business ethics, b/c a person may have fun on the street sometimes, reflects their professional attitude? No, I dont see that at all...tell me you havent gotten a speeding ticket (which is illegal) and I guess that shows us what your ethics are like too?
  10. Actually I haven't had a speeding ticket EVER! I save it for the track. I still find this totally amusing including your responses. If this shop is so great time will tell. If they are still in business 5 years from now then maybe this is an isolated incident.Only time will tell.
  11. Okay we see where his bias is. Towards the shop. That is clear. You can defend them all you want. But not in this thread for it is dead!
  12. WOW...we have a law biding citizen on our hands...you know its funny that strangers come on here and post in favor of someone w/out even knowing the facts...and my responses are amusing? yeah, defending people that do good work is amusing I guess, but maybe that's b/c I like to break the law :shrug:

    Lsredy...you're right, this thread is dead
  13. Torrey sometimes the LAW has to follow the law.... :flag:
  14. :bs: only if they want to...
  15. I guess you didn't catch the clue so will leave it there....time to catch a plane back to the US ! :lock:
  16. Damn, I thought that I locked this thread two days ago!
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