Why I'm going with a V-6

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  1. Clearly there is a preference amongst Mustang fans for the GT and I can certainly understand why. However, speaking for myself and possibly many 05 V-6 owners and soon-to-be owners (end of Jan for me...or so they say!) here goes why I chose the 6 over the GT....

    I won't be racing anyone...I outgrew that 20 years ago so 200+ hp is fine with me especially since, other than my F-150, pretty much all I've driven for 15 years have been boring, practical Honda Accord's with negative horsepower. Going from something like that to a Stang you can imagine why I find even the 6 quite alluring.

    I don't need to impress anyone, especially chicky-babes anymore (happily married with a wife who's just as enthused with the 05s as me)...something else I grew out of quite some time back. If you don't like my vehicle I really don't give a rat's ass; I'm buying it for me, not some drooling bug-wit ricer or room temperature-IQ bimbo.

    I'm far from destitute but a 6 with a real transmission (the stick...automatics are for soccer-moms) gets pretty damned good mileage and with my 100-mile a day round trip commute that's a consideration these days. In addition, insurance on a 6 is considerably less.

    I don't give a damn about "fog lights". They do look good but on the other hand maybe they clutter up the front end and distract from the otherwise clean lines of the car.

    With the exception of the additional horsepower and the GT logo (hardly unique to the Mustang..."GT" shows up on some of the most boring vehicles on the road these days...I'm surprised they haven't been slapping them on Geo Metros), the cars are essentially identical so why bother (note the word "essentially" which I included as a qualifier for those who will read this, jerk their knees and jump on me for saying the 6 and the GT ARE identical...not what I'm saying so just cool yer' jets skippy). :flag:

    Whatever....how do other V6 owners and would-be owners feel?
  2. Dude, do you need some attention? :rolleyes:
  3. go tell that to the 4.6 talk forum. they will all throw a hissy fit because u have a bigger wang then they do and didnt have to cover it up with engine size and cylinder numbers
  4. Yeah, but a 6 would never give you that orgasmic V8 rumble. If i had a choice between a V6 and a V8 with IDENTICAL hp and tq numbers, i would still go with the V8.

    I fell in love with that unmistakable sound when I heard a 5.0 for the first time in the 80s. Hell, that's probably why my mileage sucks. I leave my motor in the revs just to hear that sound.

    I need counseling :nonono:
  5. Mossberg's got a good point there. There's nothing in the world like that Big American Car V-8 rumble. Believe you me, if this car was going to be a toy or I didn't currently have a nasty commute there'd be no debate...GT convertible! :nice:

  6. Right on! Nothing like a GT convertible!
  7. he wants it cause he like the style of the car and its a mustang, not everyone buys cars for power or sound
  8. Sounds like sombody regrets buying a 6, you are so worried about it that you had to post this junk to find any ounce of reasurance from other 6 owners:rolleyes:

    To me a 6cyl stang is a waste of metal,but I don't blame ford,it's all about money.Thanks for keeping the GT and other V8 model stangs cheap for guys like me by keeping production up :nice:
  9. how is it a waste of metal if it keeps the gt alive. you do know that the first stang was a 6 cylinder, right? and u do know the reason the camaro/firebird died was lack of base model sales, right?
  10. It seems you "outgrew" all fun things in life. I thougt they only sold the V6 as rental cars. :rlaugh:
  11. Im buying a V8 this summer , But i have a 2004 V6 which i love alot , with alot of little goodies i added with stripes me and my wife love it , Yes its like 200 hp but its got nice torque off the line and can lay rubber just fine , Heres my car(red one) wifes sisters both got the other 2 same week , ended up with red white and blue[​IMG][/IMG]
  12. More power to you & enjoy your new ride. Don't let anyone give you grief over what YOU are buying for YOURSELF.
  13. if you like the v6's over the v8's then power to you and go for it! like someone else said it is what you like not what others "think". If you are paying for it then get exactly what you want.

    i don't race others or try to pick up women anymore with a car however i went with an 04 gt over the v6 soley for the v8 sound, the nicer wheels/wider tires, dual exhaust look.

    Ahwell I always wanted a convertible so I got what "I" wanted just like you get what you want.
  14. I'm glad you started this thread. I'm saving my money for a car of Some kind, probably a Mustang, and I'd rather have a V8. But common sense keeps rearing it's ugly head, because I know that with a V6 my insurance wouldn't be as high, my payments wouldn't be as much, and even though the gas mileage is not that great of a difference, any little bit helps, with gas prices being as they are. I wish I were as comfortable and confident as you are about getting a V6, because then that's what I'd do. But just count me as someone who is afraid of making a decision that I'll regret, because this wicked little voice in my head is telling me that I really want the GT, and I get so tired of not getting what I really want! Life is too short for regrets, especially as a person gets older.
    But if you are confident that you will be happy with a V6, go for it, and I'll be happy for you! :nice:
  15. Dude, why are you all on the defensive about buying a V6? If someone is on your case about it, why even bother associating with them. :shrug:
    Listen, i have myself a 98 Canary Yellow Cobra and i myself ENVY YOU!!
    ENJOY YOUR CAR!! :nice:
  16. V6's are for soccer moms, if you dont care about looks/performance why dont you just get a 89 Accord?
  17. I forgot that the dealers make you drop your pants and assign you the appropriate car. :rolleyes:

    Every post I see a 6'er talking that kind of crap just shows more and more how bad they feel for buying one.

  18. well the way most v8 owners rag on sixes, there has to be some jealousy issue there, or a cover up issue.
  19. As the owner of a V-6 99 vert, I traded it in for a 01 GT vert. My impressions: The V-6 and V-8 gas mileage was NOT significantly different. I know, it surprised me too. The insurance cost me another $165/yr. Not that much.
    Right now, the 01 has 15,500 miles on it. I am waiting for the conv. to come out. My wife hates the GT. She says it is too loud, rides rough, not her cup of tea. I love it. However, I will most likely buy a V-6. Truthfully, I really don't need the power of the V-8, plain and simple.
    Everyone can enjoy whichever model they want. That is the privilege of living in America. Good luck on whatever you choose.
  20. You know what, you're right. Everyone in the world that owns something faster than a grocery getter has a small penis. It has nothing to do with racing, enjoying a more powerful car, or "just because I can." Sheer brilliance. :rolleyes: