Why I'm going with a V-6

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  1. I agree. I have nothing against V6 mustangs, but sometimes the owners just don't know their place. They think that V6 and V8 mustangs are alike. WRONG. They are NOTHING alike. It is a completely different driving experience. When I was a kid, one of the first mustangs I rode in was a V6 convertible. I thought, wow a mustang! The growl of the engine and the looks appealed to me. Basically I thought it was the ****. Well, I was young, dumb and basically car ignorant. I've learned since then.

    To ordinary people, it's a mustang, a car.

    To enthusiasts, it's not just a car.

    To say a V6 is the same as a V8 is no more true than saying my 5.0 convertible is the same as my hatchback. They are NOTHING alike. Oh, they're both V8s too, but they don't really have jack **** in common.
  2. Uh...this is the "S197 Mustang Board" Not GT only

    Jeez...this board (and this thread) are about mustangs. It's not "GT Only". Most car owners DO NOT frequent car forums...why?...Because they could care less that their 99' Taurus wagon can run 18.2 @ 86 mph in a quarter. The VAST majority want a nice ride to get them from A to B. We "Mustang Owners" frequent the boards actively because we get it.."It's not just a car stupid". That does not give us the biased right to pass judgment on what flavor of mustang each buys. We enjoy Mustangs...no matter what flavor (except rice...I don't do rice).

    To address both sides of the issue...

    Younger guys...us older guys (not old...just older) don't have anything to prove. We enjoy the retro look and remember the day we tooled around in our 60's mustangs with the 200 ci 6 cylinders...old school day. We don't have to be first at the post office (heck we only go once a month to get our Social Security checks anyway).

    Older guys...the younger guys grew up with 250-400+ 4 and 6 cylinders...they don't understand why a 69' Boss 429 can make us weak in the knee's. Just like we don't understand how a 450hp twin turbo asian car can make them drool. All we can do is shake our heads at a 5 foot carbon fiber Wing with Multi-color LED lights...why?

    It's not about who's the biggest or fastest....if you want to argue that go on over to the GM Forums....it's a shark feeding frenzy erveryday over there. We are just hear to talk about mustangs.

    I may own a GT...but I still think the V-6's are very nice (and economical...a word that 4 kids, 2 car payments, and a mortgage takes on mythical proportions!)

  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesnt the history of the mustang show that sales of the V6 are about 70% of total sales.
    My 05v6 is turning heads right and left to the point it is almost embarassing. I really wish that more people woould show up driving the 05' to lessen the attention on me, and shouldn't we all be trying to further the cars sales to help Ford and the aftermarket recognize us? V6 or V8 GO MUSTANG!!!
  4. Wow...I had NO idea my simple assessment of the V-6 was going to result in such an active round of discussion (and a few moronic comments). However, I must apologize to some automatic tranny owners...the notion that a driver would be physically incapable of operating a manual never entered my mind (duh)...my heart-felt apologies to all of you out there who need the automatic.

    Just one other note; although my V-6 is yet to arrive I have taken two test drives including one in a Redfire 6 that went for about 20 minutes. As some of you that have been following this discussion may have gathered by now I don't much care what folks think about my rides. However, I must admit I got a twisted sense of satisifaction when I noticed the guys in the $50-$100k Mercedes' and BMWs staring at me! I think this demonstrates the tremendous appeal of the 05 styling and reputation and hence, its current and no doubt future success.
  5. :stupid: I have the same reaction where I live due to the fact there aren't that many running around here. I even got a compliment on a guy driving a COBRA that he liked the way my V-6 looks (Liked the wheels better than the GT wheels). And I agree with 05V6, I wish there were a few more of them around to get rid of some of the attention I'm getting :( I have two friends that have '05 GTs and we agree on the same thing: 6 or 8 IT IS STILL A MUSTANG.........PERIOD!!!
  6. I like how he tries to look like he is objective and fair but then rips on the autos by saying they are for soccer moms. He obviously has some insecurities about buying a V6 and just needs someone to tell him its ok...
  7. to each its own, i wouldn't buy a V6 though, i used to own one but i'm now hooked to V8's forever :).
    i don't like to rev my car up at every stoplight, or to show everybody i have a fast car, but knowing my car would move if i want to, is a plus :nice:
  8. Seems like your first post was just irony. A lot of contradictory bull****.

    And no matter how you reword your first post, they are not "essentially" the same.

    Yeah a 4 cylinder foxbody is essentially the same as my modified foxbody hatchback.
  9. Same body, same basic interior, same make, same model, different trim level.

    So this makes in neither a Ford nor a Mustang how??? :shrug:

    Please go back the the 5.0 forum where I am almost certain you could contribute something. As of now, I feel you have done nothing but put gas on the fire. Don't make me take the gas can away from you.
  10. The problem is most grocery getters have 240 plus hp on average. I think the v-6 needs another 50Hp at least, that darn SRT-4 is in the same price range as the V-6 mustang and it has more power and less weight. We should all be thankfull that the 2.3L four cylinder is no longer offered in the stang. See things could be worse. Buy what you like that what I am going to tell all my chevy loving friends when they start casing on my future mustang purchase.
    I currently own a V-6 RS camaro with a 5-speed and I have delt with all the why didn't you buy a z28 questions for two years. Well at the time I could not afford a v-8 and they had 12 of these on the lot and they wanted to sell them badly so I got one hell of a deal. Besides the last two v-8 camaros in town were $34,000 SS Convertables. So I took my cheaper payment and lower insurance rate and I can still bark my tires in second gear. But on the flip side most all the new four door sedans out can kick my butt. So its time that I bought another V-8 Mustang. Not that I race its just I like to be the first guy off the stoplight.
  11. I have owned both a v6 and a v8: I know it's long...

    I had a 98 v6. Liked it, but after riding/driving my cousins edelbrocked out 68 302 4brl coupe, as well as some friends with fox bodied 5 oh's, the v6 was not the same (Sound, power, looks). The v6 was a GREAT car, and with true dual's, it sounded very nice. My GF has a 2001 v6 with flows, chip, fipk, eibach springs, american racing wheels and a 5spd. Her car is not slow by any means, and I love driving her car, but it still does not have that v8 feel.

    If you a one of those v6er's who speaks down on v8 drivers for whatever reason, you ARE an idiot. If I'm cruising down the street in my 95gt, and some guy blows by me reving a modified cobra, the first thing out of my mouth will be, "Nice car," or "That sounded mean." Not, "He must have a 3 incher."

    My next door neighbor is a happily married 45-year-old Nurse. She is a the one of the nicest, most down to earth people you would ever meet. She drives a 5.0. She loves the car and won't sell it. She says she thought about the v6, but loved the looks, interior, and power of the GT. So she has some sort of problem because a v6 wasen't enough for her?

    Everyone in here was drawn into the mustang scene for one reason or another, and because of this we share a common bond. We all love our stangs, we all hold different opinions on stangs, and we all have different stangs. The v6 is enough for some, some opt for the gt. Some opt for the cobra. Some opt of a saleen S351. Some opt for a Q400 steeda...ect. Tagging one group of people something for their stang preferance is stupid, immature, and short sited. I'm happy with my 95gt.
    :flag: :flag: :flag:
  12. Well said. As long as you're happy with what you bought, what anyone else thinks is not important.

    A recent conversation:

    Me: I want to buy a new Mustang next year.
    Him: You should by a GTO.
    Me: You paying for it?
    Him: No.
    Me: Then I don't buy the GTO.
  14. I think the 05 would get looks if there were a wheel and hampster under the hood... I didn't think this thread was about looks but rather V6 or V8. You get what you pay for, do you go to an amusement park and ride the teacups or do you go for the newly built roller coaster? It is all opinion but a V8 is more exciting and thrilling IMO... although the new V6's are suppose to be quite peppy so enjoy whatever you get.
  15. To a large extent, true... but, only to a point.

    There are also many "enthusiasts" that drive Mustangs, simply because the car satisfies their definition of sporty, fun, and stylish among other things....irregardless of engine displacement and power output. They may also spend similarily large amounts of time and effort in maintaining their cars, and participating in automotive events and meets. "Enthusiasts" can be defined many different ways. There are more than a few enthusiasts of classic cars, for example (including Mustangs), that could care less about bulletproof transmissions, ET's, and NOS systems etc. Many of these people may also have a lot more automotive knowledge and expertise, than a 18 year old kid with a new GT that daddy bought him for graduation.

    I would expect too, that a fair amount of GT buyers will make relatively few "performance" mods to their cars. Does this necessarily make them any less the enthusiast, from those that heavily modify their engines and suspensions? Should this affect their ability to participate in "enthusiast" online forums? After all, IF there is nowhere else (specifically) for them to go, and YOU aren't interested in what they have to say...go to another thread of interest to you. As for V6 owners "knowing their place"...maybe you could better define that?

    My thoughts on some other comments that have been stated in posts by others:
    Neither group that "speaks down" to the others (as such) is justified.
    All reasons stated for owning either model are understandable, and make perfect sense to those that posted them...and they should to others too. It wouldn't kill anyone here to be a little more openminded.
    I think V8 owners that are "offended" in any way by the initial post in this thread, have somewhat misunderstood it. Or, maybe it's just because they aren't as used to hearing the snide remarks that are so often directed at V6 owners, they consider this a form of one? I don't really buy the "justification" for purchasing argument...unless such post was made "in reply" to another.

    BTW, I really like V8's in almost all cars... but I'd be happy with a V6 in many, and have learned to really see some positives attributes about a 4cyl in some.
  16. Not to stir up anything further but does anyone notice that the v6 models are more likely to be riced out than v8 models. When I was living in Florida it seemed like every other v6 model i saw had a body kit that looked like it belonged on a civic or some ugly ass rims. It is very rare that i see v8 models with a lot of rice items. Maybe in Detroit, more people respect the heritage of the Stang.
  17. Explain the suspenion difference between the V6 & the V8to me I have not heard of this?
  18. There's nothing like big American car V-8 rumble, and a GT sounds nothing like a big American V8. The 4.6 is tiny, and a Mustang is too short to allow for a real exhaust note. Sure, the GT sounds good, but it will never sound like a real car.

    Getting back on topic, I have owned 3 V6 Mustangs and think they're fine cars. Decent performance, decent mileage, hold their value way better than a GT. If I was buying an '05, it'd definately be a 6. Since when is 14s not fast enough?
  19. 14's? :sleep:

    There's no such thing as "fast enough." 13's isn't fast enough because you want 12's, then you want 11's, then 10's......
  20. do you have pics of this? i'm interested in seeing what the bumper on the 6 looks like with duals. did you order a gt bumper?