Why I'm going with a V-6

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  1. Same thing with accords/civics. They cannot afford a v8 mustang or a nice car so they get a v6/ economy car. Then they want to make it looke "cool" so they rice it out. Most older people are more mature and know the difference between rice and nice. KEYWORD=Most, My first car was a mustang gt and i paid for it myself so im not in this market.
  2. I liked my little V6 Buick GN. ;) :worship:
  3. I don't think affordability plays a huge part in why a V-6 might tend to be more riced (can't speak with authority on whether or not this is even true). It seems to me that there's not much of a price difference between a V-6 with plenty of nice options and perhaps a more basic GT. If you're seriously looking at a new 05 Stang then you're probably not suffering too much on the financial front. Besides, with all the money someone might dump into a 6 in order to rice it up they probably could have gotten a well-equipped GT anyhow! As for me, no rice-burning accessories on my 6 when it finally shows up...by which time I'll probably be too old and decrepit to enjoy it! :flag:
  4. If I see a riced out stang, it's ALWAYS a v6. And I have seen a few lately. I saw a horrible one the other day.
    Double stack spoiler crudley bloted to the trunk.
    That POS autozone exaust tip that glows neon colors, welded to the stock v6 single pipe.
    Clear corners that were installed incorrectly.
    Those universal blue fog lights that do not fit the bumber inserts.
    A "Type R" emblem on the back of the car.

    It sadened me to see this. A pefectly good 96-98 v6 stang, with the parts you would expect to see on a salvaged 91 CRX. I kept thinking, "Why didn't this guy just take that money and get a tune up, a detail job, and a good dual exaust?"
  5. You can sell me your Cobra and buy a V6! (Assuming it's low mileage and not chopped up.)
    Other than that, If you're a driver, you can do anything with a V6 manual that you can do with the GT, on the public roads. Just drive in the powerband or just push your foot down if you want to go faster. It'll go faster if you push your foot down. Heck, you might even find it's fun to drive. It's supposed to be a nice engine. I drove one, though it was automatic. It's far out! You can get'm new cheap. THey're cheaper to keep. Beep! Beep!
  6. ...but the GT's and Cobras reward you with a lot more when you put your foot down :nice:
  7. good choice on the GT

    Let's look at some history of resale value. go ahead and look at todays or yesterdays or last weeks local paper and you will always see the v6 selling for less than GTs. The reason is supply/demand. There are more v6 so the supply is good so the price gets driven down. The type of GT buyer is willing to pay more for getting more. Thats why they charge more from the factory.

    Take a look at the fox body cars and people have a very very very tough time selling a non 5.0 GT or LX. the same will hold true with all the 05's (only exception will be tuner type cars like Roush, Steeda, Saleen who as I understand will make v6's)
  8. The V6 just cannot duplicate the thrill and driver satisfaction of the GT. Sure get a V6, but you’ll be missing out on the full potential of this car.
  9. The only things wrong with the V-6 is that Ford didn't make them aluminium blocks like the V-8s so as to save fronnt end weight, which would have really made them worth while.
    Also, real dual exhausts as an option should have been extended. Hell, the V-6s make more power than the V-8s did a few years ago. And at 4.0 they aren't much smaller than the 4.6s.
    I wouldn't mind seeing SVT get their hands on a V-6 and make it right.
  10. That would be interesting. As far as the iron block it is of good strength from what I'm reading. I think I read it's girdled too. Overall the engine is still lighter as a whole package. No abs on base v6 model saves an extra 8 lbs, for one example. No mils to fight with either (with sensors on axles), so it sould be a straight forward rear swap with a GT. No worrying about a mil. Go to ford website, find '05 mustang, go to "specs", find the shortcut to the "manufacturer's specs (PDF)". It has all the details anyone may want to know (materials, weights of systems and components) .....good info. That's where I found the v6 has cast aluminum pistons, no hypereutectic.
  11. I would
  12. I for one think the 05 v6 is the best looking v6 stang to come out since the 60's and just like the 60's style stangs they gave the 05 6's a classy look and vibe all its own with the clean front grill and spinoff style wheels seperate from the GT but still cool in its own right. That being said I would only own a v8 stang. :nice:
  13. Mils? Are you talking about what you would need a mil eliminator for? That's emissions, not gears. :scratch:
  14. I would buy a 6 if it came with a better suspension and LSD. as far as the engine goes, it would have to be an inline DOHC 6 so it can easily be set up for a turbo.

    oh and a beefed up tranny.

    i guess i'm just daydreaming. :notnice:
  15. Man, I swear I am going to make my V6 as riced out as possible just so I can spank a few of these wise guy "GT"rs. :lol:

    On that note though, yes I am buying a V6 Manual, when ever it gets here.

    And yes I am going to hop it up to the extent that I (may) eventually have more money into it then buying a GT. But look at this way my V6 will have the steeda Billet Rear Trailing arms, a cool exhaust, custom wheels, billet hood pins (Ford Racing), intake (still sorting that one out), pulleys, engine sparkle goodies (thank you Steeda) and possibly even headers and 3.73 gears costing less then the price diference of the GT. So then I will have not only a sweet 05 Body style stang but it will have some nice goodies on it as well to set my ride apart from some base car off the lot.

    Plus I get lower insurance and a little better gas mileage AND less computer controlled non-sense in the engine compartment, sans the coil on plug, charge motion control and throttle by wire nanny controlled software.

    The iron block makes a great platform to build on as it is not easily harmed by excessive milling heat if your engine guy has a bad day. Unlike the aluminum block in the GT that if overheated when milled out could screw up the cylinder wall. Oh an running hot on the aluminum/aluminum block and head combo can create problem on the deck which results in blown out head gaskets. Iron sucks it up and will absorb alot of punishment before you have major problems.
  16. So what you're saying is the cylinder wall itself is made of aluminum? Go tell that to the guys at Ford, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. :rlaugh:

    And all that for a V6......why? What will that do, lessen the amount of bus lengths the GT will walk it by? :shrug:
  17. :stupid: There's no point to hotting up a V-6. There isn't enough to work with. Just get a V-8 if hotting up is what you're going to do..
  18. In other words, the "check engine light" or malfunction indicator light. Some have had probs changing out to forged axles and either the axle is not in spec or the abs exciter rings are not pressed on correctly, etc. and that has given people the light. Actually it may have been the abs light. I'd have to go back to look it up. It's too late for that shi. :) Oh yeah, a mil isn't necessarily emmissions related. Other engine, sensor probs can be indicated.
  19. Off topic, but I saw in Chevy High Performance (have to keep up with behind the lines news) that Squires Turbo Systems (STS) has a turbo that is mounted behind differential. Wild. From what I read in other articles is that it reduces underhood temps and there is very minimal lag. The intake pipe from the rear end acts like an intercooler (no intercooler) before it goes right in TB. The only thing that I'm not sure about is the K&N under the car by diff. It has one of those sleeves over the filter too to help keep grime off. There is no Mustang kit, but I did ask if they were looking into one. If somone could turn one of those fake brake cooling vents into an intake that would be cool.
  20. still mustang dreamin

    Almost have my truck paid off, and for the helluvit went down to the ford lot this morning, and of course there's no one there but a couple of other guys checking out the three V6's sitting down there. Two of them are yellow, and one in particular for some reason stands out. It has the exterior sport package, or so it says, has a stripe running down the side.
    I've been waiting to get something, like a GT or even a Boss/Mach1/Cobra. I'm not a racer, though, and remember the good old days when I just cruised. I did street race a little, but it really wasn't my thing. I do like the feeling of power, such as what my truck feels like, though.
    What I'm trying to say, is that I'd buy that Yellow V6 if it weren't for a couple of things. I'd like a shaker hood(or something there!), and larger wheels. I just know that once I buy a car, I won't be likely to change much about it, or mod it in any way. I seem to live close to the bone as far as my paycheck is concerned. I'm also wondering how much difference the gas mileage really is.
    I'm kinda stuck; on one hand I want a car I won't mind driving around when I want to, and not think as much about the gas, but I also want the available power and great V8 sound. Sorry for the life story, but I thought it had something to do with the V8 vs. V6 thread this seems to be.