Why is FORD keeping the 05's roped up!

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  1. I just came back from the International car show here in Philly and I'm really pissed at FORD. They had the red 05 at the show but you couldn't get in and the sales people had no clue on the order and build date which I allready new about from the site. Can somebody answer me why I can get into a BWW or Benz that has a price tag of 80K and I can't get into a 25K car that I'm going to buy fromFord in the coming months!!
  2. Maybe the BMW or Benz is not the first complet redesign for those models in the last 20+ years. Seventy nine started the fox platform, and everything has been based on it since. They are playing the anticipation factor.
  3. At the show in MT show in Baltimore they did not allow anyone to touch/sit but they had info. There was a man and a woman, the man took your email address to send info. I talked to him for a while as I already signed up on the ford site. He sai he was an engineer and that orders would start in May. That kind of suprised me and my wife as eveyone else at the time said march/april. The woman that gave the presentation stated that the GT would sell for 25,900. She clearly stated that in front of a large crowd that had gathered. She had gone aroud collecting questions to answer and this was one of them. They were very knowledgeable. The cars that are hitting the shows are all hand built. There is no production line. They are a very valuable tool for Ford to get the hype going. I completely understand why they are not letting people near them.

    Another reason could be the sheer amount of people trying to see it. They had just a red one at the show. I went back 3 time to look at it. Spent from 10 to 30 minutes each time. During the presentation I quoted above there were at over 100 people gathered around it. I am not exagerating at all. I frequent a lot of shows and NEVER saw a car attract a crowd like that.
  4. Because those Mustangs at the show are NOT $25K production cars. They are $500K hand made pilot production cars. There are only a handfull in existance and if some Yo-Yo messes one of them up there aren't anymore of them to replace it.

    Next year at the autoshows they'll be down on the floor with no ropes and you'll take a nap inside one of you want.

  5. Shieeeet, i'll be there with my teddy bear :D
  6. Thanks for calming my nerve's fella's but-

    I still feel they should let you sit in the car if there going to take your money in May, I'll be buying one as soon as the dealer will accept my order no matter what! Pontiac had two GTO's there and you could sit in them along with the new Corvette's whats up with that!
  7. Hmmmm The Dallas Auto show should be up and around soon maybe I'll ask real nice if I can give the 05 a big hug. That or ask the lady doing the presentation if I can hug her instead.
  8. nobody gives a crap about GTOs and Covettes... let's be honest here...
  9. I'd say yes on the GTO the Vette on the other hand not so much.
  10. What exactly is going to be ruined by letting you sit in them? Nothing that isn't easily fixable, for sure. Hell, think of it as a test for durability -- the car should be able to handle thousands of people getting in and out without any trouble. It's what you're going to do when you own one for a few years.

  11. At the chicago show last year, they had the GTO roped off. I couldn't believe that. The interior is one of the best aspects of that car you couldn't even get close enough to see it.

    I was really hoping to get to try on the '05 next week in Chicago. I guess I'll have to wait.

  12. THe C6 Vette was roped off in Detroit, as was the pre-production GTO at New York in April.

    They don't let you sit in $500,000 prototype/pre-production cars. They are hand built. You have to wait until they are mass produced production cars before you can sit in them.
  13. They simply want you to SIT in them AT THE DEALERSHIP.

    Because if you arent so attracted to the Mustang at the dealership, you might buy their new Five Hundred or maybe the new F-150.

    Its just a marketing ploy. A great on idead, because now they got you thinking you cant sit in it because it is a "prototype".

    I really DO NOT think these are $500,000 proto's nor did they even cost a fraction of that. Just because their assembly line isnt 100% operational doesnt mean they dont have the mold machines ready and the presses stamping.
  14. Job one isn't till sept 1 isn't it? If that's the case, I guarantee the assembly line is no where near 100% finished. No auto manufacturer builds an assembly line and leaves it dormant for 8 months. That's really unfortunate because I wanted to get an idea of how good the fit/finish on the car is. D.I.B. vehicles are not good for this.

    OK, maybe the thing isn't worth $500k, but that doesn't change the fact that there are only a hand full of them in existence right now. I'll be happy just to see it. Maybe if I slip some bills to the guy running the ford display and promise to take my boots off...
  15. Hand built does not mean they hand hammered the panels, :nonono: it means they put the panels on the chassis by hand... assembly, not manufacturing... as in not robot assisted on the assembly portion of the line. The presses were put together as soon as they had final approval on the looks, months ago. The chassis line has probably been running in at least a basic form for months as this would have been the most critical part of the cars development and the area of the most fine tuning. If they had to hand assemble any of the current cars' chassis or even a big portion of it, the cars could possibly be worth 500K. You have to take more than material costs into consideration at this point.

  16. Back in 1998 MotorTrend had an article about the new (at that time) Silverado and GM let them drive a pre-production truck that was 99.999% production ready and they said it cost $700,000.
  17. Even if the whole car has a value of say $500,000 ... whoop-e-ding. The seats don't cost much, and are easily replaceable. Same with the interior parts. What else is going to get wear & tear from people sitting inside? It's not like they'd be out test driving it on the road, where they could wreck the damn thing.

    Personally, after hearing all the talk about how Ford has so many pre-production Mustangs on the roads for testing purposes, I think they should have built a bunch of show-ready Mustangs and DROVE them around the country to every auto show they could find. Publicity stunt :D.

  18. there are only so many parts in existence for the 05 Mustang right now coupled with the fact that they are constantly moving that car from one show to another. so it would be a hassle for them to have to repair or replace parts for it.

    like it has been said already, the GTO was off limits last year too. this is nothing new.
  19. This says it all. They got you already, there is no need to let you sit in one right now.

    Time to :lock: this thread.