Why is FORD keeping the 05's roped up!

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  1. LOL. If you're not happy about not being able to set in the car show '05, you're really going to be thrilled when you see what the dealers are initially going to want from you for obtaining the privilege to drive one home to your garage.
  2. HAHAHAHA..... :lol:
  3. GTO's just have to be imported and dressed. C6's assembly line is already assembled ready because of the Cadilac XLR that rides on the same platform, is made in the same plant, and has an earlier release date than the vette. Unless I've read incorrectly.
  4. THe C5 line is still running, I beleive the XLR and C6 will run on different line, just in the same plant and sharing parts.

    I've been to a lot of auto shows and you don't get to sit in the cars unless they are already being sold on dealer lots. Even the Chevy Aveo and Ford F-150 were off limits at NYC back in April.
  5. its a combination of cost and marketing, riding the whole anticitpation wave. plus they dont have to deal with some ford-hater sitting in one then telling the world he thought it was a POS.

    and yeah its gonna be funny watching all the sheep shovel over the dealer mark ups, can anyone say 03 cobra?
  6. My buddy just returned from the Fort Worth, Texas Auto Show today. He told me that they had a light powder blue Mustang GT at the show which was roped off. The car was locked and nobody could get into it. The only thing which you could do if you wanted to see the car up close was to get close to it and look at it and look into the windows. That's it.

    My friend also found out at the auto show that there will be BRAND NEW 2005 Mustang Sales Brochures available in May 2004 for people to pick up at the Ford dealerships. Ford will start taking the first orders for the 2005 Mustang beginning on MAY 17th. And the first Mustangs will start being delivered to Ford dealerships starting in October 2004. These are EXACT dates. So, it seems that the availability of these cars will be scarce for at least the first 3 to 5 months up until Ford starts adding many Mustangs to each Ford dealer's inventories all over the country. Don't count on Ford dealers having any of these cars on their lots during during October 2004 to February 2005 because any Mustangs which do come into the dealerships have already been pre-ordered and already sold. This will last for at least the first 4 to 5 months of production up until Ford can meet the demand and until the dealerships can start building up their Mustang inventories.
  7. Can't get in the silver one at the chicago show either. It's set up in a revolving display with glass around it, arm rest height.
  8. Ron, that would be exactly what they told me at the Baltimore show. Funny thing is that I went and test drove a Mach 1 yesterday (I finally understand why the owners are fanatics!!) and the dearlship told me they were just informed that preorders will not start until July and delivery was in November!!! The sales manger said that he was told this week. It actualy kind of irritated me and at this point I am not placing any stock in it. I am going by what the ford eng told me directly until I see something in writing from Ford. I think I am starting to get obsessed with this car.
  9. Whats does it matter if the cars at the auto shows cost 500,000. They will never get that out of the car anyway. So if they do cost that much they have allready take a 500,000 dollar loss on them the minute they are completed. And nobody would even pay 25k for the car because technically its not a virgin(new car). When I pick mine up I dont even like the thought of it being PDI by the technician at the dealer. I work at a dealer and trust me its not a 10 year highly trained tech that is PDI'ing your brand new baby, its some PK in high school making ten dollars an hour to dog your new ride. Granted you will probably do worse but when I pay 30k I want to be the one.
  10. You are right lowside. I always watch the dealers like a hawk when they service any of my own Mustangs. I caught one of them do damage to the pinch weld seams on my 2002 V6 Mustang. It's going into the bodyshop tommorrow to fix the damage that the Ford technician did to it. The Ford technician was sloppy and wasn't careful when he put it up on the lift and he damaged the pinch weld seams underneath the rocker panels. Ford is paying for everything. Ford didn't even tell me that they did the damage. I found it on my own by inspecting the undercarraige. Ford couldn't deny doing the damage because it's the ONLY place where I take my Mustang for service. I am glad that it's being fixed for free. Hopefully they will be more careful from now on.