Why is it so hard to find a Mustang II?!

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  1. Howdy folks! So I can't figure out why I am having such a hard time trying to find a Mustang II. I need a daily driver while I rebuild my Ford Ranger and I WANT a Mustang II. I LOVE all Mustang's really, but there is something beautiful about the II's. It's such an awesome and unique car and like no one knows about it. You could tell the average person that Mustang ceased production between 74 and really 80 and they wouldn't know any wiser. They don't even know what it looks like really, much less that it was called Mustang II. I like things that are different, unique, not overly saturated or overly popular. It would be great to have something awesome and kind of educate people and maybe see a passion grow for a few people and for the few who talk crap, well I get the pleasure of making them deal with it. The problem is I can't find one. At ALL!

    My plan is, once I am done with project RangTang, I will be able to swap and work on the II, which I do have plans and ideas for that. So it would be mutually beneficial. (Project RangTang is taking the powerplant and drivetrain from a new 3.7 Mustang and fitting it in my 95 Ranger. So that's kind of proof that I like to do things that don't make sense. Haha.)
  2. search for buy year, most people do not list them a mustang "ii's"
  3. Found a fixer upper just last weekend, see my other thread.
  4. The truth is that not many survive and the majority of those that do, they're not worth fixing up. I know where there is a hatchback sitting right now. I gave it a little thought and changed my mind.
  5. I'm not sure I understand where you are coming from, They are EASY to find, a bit harder to find in Driver condition. Even at that there are usually 2 or 3 on ebay all the time. I have 4 of them 2 restored 2 not. If your looking for one to restore I have a rust free roller 78 2+2 T-Top you can have.
  6. I also have a 78 mustang shell, no motor or trans, now front end, or rear end. The body is in pretty damn good condition, also have the cobra wheels.
  8. I also have a 78 I just got, lazer straight body clean title.