why is life like this?

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  1. I showed my wife Sal's II for sale on ebay. She asks me why I didn't buy that instead of our king cobra project!!!!!!!! Oh man, that hurts.
    Licking my wounds in Maine,
  2. lol Never try to understand women... ;)

  3. Would that have been before or after the auction end.
  4. Oh no, the auction is still (or was) on. She wasn't kidding. She hasn't forgiven me for the project car. This is also the woman who was mad at me for not buying an 05 mustang at a rip off price. She is really supportive of the mustang hobby, but is mad about the project car thing. She would totally support me in buying Sal's car, just because it is mostly done and not a horrid looking project car. It's funny how women can look at fabric and see a dress, but can't look a project car and not see a piece of junk.
  5. Hate to tell you Doc, not all women are like that.

    Wife is so supportive we built a garage so I would have a place to play. I HAVE been turning more wood screws than wrenches but woodwork wasn't the reason we built it.
  6. :lol: I love my white piece of project car..... hehe
  7. sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. My wife is very supportive of my mustang obsession, er hobby. She was mad at me for not buying an 05 at an inflated price. She is quite proud of my having waited to buy one at x plan price. When we look at new houses, she seeks out large garages, or a barn--so I can put cars in it! My lament was that I could have bought Sal's car, had I not already bought the 78 king cobra. If I had room to keep the new cars...well she would be supportive of my buying them. Truthfully, I'd be afraid to have Sal's car around the house, I do have children who will eventually find the keys. On the flip side of this: I'll bet when we see a nice II she'll ask me to buy it, so she doesn't have to look at the project car. I'll tell you, ever since it started on fire, she hasn't been that crazy about that II!
    Happy with my wife, kids and mustang (soon to be mustangs) in Maine,
  8. Good advice :nice:
  9. Behind every successful hot rodder, you'll find a woman sighing and shaking her head.

    I come in, covered in grease and smelling like gasoline, grinning like a monkey and asking where the Band-Aids are, and my wife shakes her head and says, "I swear, it's like living with an eight-year-old."
  10. Just buy Sal's car, sell me your King project, and all will be good in the world.?
  11. Yes, that is just the point. I bought the project car, then the 06...I'd sell the project, but have no place to store Sal's. Truthfully, I have no proper place to store my project (the 06 will get the best spot) and I am now on to putting my money into other things. My window for Sal's car is gone....but my wife is looking for a house with more storage! That car would have to be turned back into a street vehicle, I don't know if it is too over the top already for my family "project car." It would be scary for me to have more room to store cars. My wife is a great sport about my hobbies, she just doesn't like to see them on fire in the driveway, or stored there either. There is a guy down the road that really makes it bad for the rest of us, always a gutted honda or camaro in the street or driveway. He has main street frontage on the other side of his house, so he fixes and sells cars, but on our side...even I get sick of looking at them. Wow, sorry for the story.
  12. They beat you down until it's done - AND THEN - they want to drive it!!!....hmmmph. Grumble grumble women grumble grumble.