Why is the LS1 so much better than a 351W?

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  1. i have two sets of those heads laying in my garage haha
  2. ummm I smell something fishey, and I' don't mean the contents of one of Baldrick's apple crumbles.

    Sorry but I think I'm gonna have to flash the ol' BS meter.

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    lol, :) :)

    The LS6 has 405bhp and in the C5 Z06 11.9 is possible, but low mid 12's are more common. The Z06 weighs a FULL 1000lb less. So there ain't know way a Caddi is doing mid 11's anywhere remotly near STOCK.

    But yes I had over looked the LS6 fitted in the CTS-V. :SNSign: :)
  3. The LS1, LS2 and LS6 motors are the only thing GM ever did right :lol:
  4. There r little 306's NA on pump gas that hit 385rwhp so it is not unreasonable for a 347 stroker or 351W to hit 450-475rwhp, NA on pump gas w/ less than 11:1 comp. It takes the right H/C/I, gears among other things to get the engine dialed in and produce big #'s.

    347 stroker or 351W - AFR 205 heads or TFS Hi-Port Stage 3 heads or TFS R Stage 2 heads, solid roller w/.600 lift, 230/240 dur, Victor EFI or TFS R port matched intake, 36lbers, 80mm TB, 85mm MAF, 3.73 gears, etc.
  5. I have no doubt that it CAN make power, but no way on this planet is it going to be all that streetable (in real terms), or economical or emissions friendly. There's also good cause to put a '?' over the reliability too.

    I've had this debate with someone else before. Most push rod engines WILL NOT produce 100bhp per litre and remain friendly to drive. The LSx engines get pretty close but still fall short of the mark.

    BTW - gears will NOT affect an engines output.

  6. Steve, go back and read the first post. We were talking about how an LS6 camaro lacked low end grunt. It does indeed, an LS1 makes better low end than an LS6 especially in a light RX7. you are comparing apples and oranges, shushie...
  7. :lol:

    Except it wasn't a LS6 Camaro, it was a modified LS1 Camaro.

    So an apple to an apple I'm afraid.

    Come on, just face it you where wrong to say LSx cars have no bottom end, even the graphs you posted contridict what you are saying.

    No body can be right all the time, hell I get things wrong lots. But if I am wrong and someone proves it as such I'll hold my hands up and "yep, my bad".

    Remember there's nothing bad about being wrong, this is how we learn.

  8. Modified = LS6 package

    :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    Why dont you understand what im saying..

    The man is a good friend and he wouldnt lie.. He told me flat out he swapped the whole LS6 package on there. it is not longer an LS1.

    do you want his phone number so you can call him and ask him yourself?

    the graphs i posted prove me correct 100%.

    the data i gathered empirically proves me 100% (by the way empirically means experimentally gathered if you didnt understand the first time)

    i have 7 witnesses that saw the race and all agreed his bottom end pull was lacking a lot.

    one witness was in my car and the other was in his car for crying out loud.

    and for the last time, it was complete LS6 swap.

    i think you are getting agitated at my physically gathered data. its time for your tea and cucumbers.

  9. lol.

    no worries man.

    I just wouldn't post that on LS1tech.com I think they would have a rather different view about it.

    But hay each to his own.

    On a side note, got any pics of your car. Sounds like a sweet setup you've got.

    EDIT: Ok I'm wrong. should have looked at the link in your sig. Nice car BTW :)
  10. who cares about emissions. Go on corral.net and do a search on 306's w/ 385 rwhp, they r streetable, and it has been done on this planet. But the question is can a 351W or a 347 stroker do the 450-475rwhp be NA streetable and the answer is YES.

  11. no problem i just got a little carried away...