Engine why is this oil leak happening? (pic)

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  1. my 1965 289 puddles up oil in several places on the timing cover....and on both sides of the gasket. I checked all the bolts and they are tight as well as the gasket being fairly new. My buddy told me his 69 bronco did the same thing but he never knew why. Any thoughts or experience with this problem? I am almost thinking the oil is coming from somewhere else and just puddling up in these areas, but I can't really see where.
  2. I should ad that it isn't just puddling up where my finger is pointing. Its basically anywhere there is a valley for oil to sit on top of the timing cover and near the front of the block. If you look carefully, you can see another puddle on the other side of the blue gasket
  3. Base of the distributor, front of intake manifold, especially if you used the actual front intake gasket instead of a bead of silicone. Outside chance of a small hairline crack or two in the cast aluminum timing cover. I suggest wiping/sopping/cleaning up all leaked oil and thoroughly cleaning all surrounding surfaces and keep a close eye out for where the oil may be tracking to there from. Seeping leaks can often be very difficult and frustrating to track down, but perseverance and mindful observation will usually pay off in the long run.
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  4. yeah i agree with Gene ,front of the intake manifold its the most common of leaks.
    the cork gaskets just do not seal. a bead of silicone is best. put intake in place while the silicone is wet so it will bond to the block and intake .
  5. ok thanks. This is gonna be a pain in the ass, but I guess its better than it being a timing cover leak
  6. completely de-grease it, then start the engine. the highest point the you see oil is where it's leaking.
  7. Hey I had the exact problem with my 289 when I first got it. The oil is just pushed out from the timing cover seal. Took it to a ford dealer and they 'repaired' it with thick silicone. Of couse that did not last and puddles came back. When I took it off with a friend we found the aluminum had corroded along the seals length and the use of the seal and silicone did nothing to fix puddles.(as we tried). We just used an even layer of black permatex and no gasket to seal the cover. No leaks since. I even rebuilt the engine and put timing gears from edelbrock in and resealed the same way with no problems. Of course, now, new timing covers are available.