why mod a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by big o car 4.6, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. I am not trying to start/talk **** on the forum but I was just wondering why you would do that. Why would you not just buy a V8 to start with?

  2. The same reason people mod any car. Everyone wants to be faster or they just enjoy modding their cars. And most people dont have the money to pay for the crazy insurance. But my reason is to one day get the gratification of smoking a v8.
  3. I looked in to it and the insurance for my car and a V6 is the same. Why would you feel gratification from beating a stock V8 with a built V6?
  4. Dunno where you are, but that's NOT normal. Most places, insurance on a GT is significantly higher.

    For me, I bought a 6 in the first place for that reason. The car was way cheaper, and so is the insurance. So I guess the answer to "why not just get an 8" is that I can't afford an 8. Not saying a 6 is better, I'm saying it's either a 6 or nothing, cause I can't afford an 8 right now. (Note that I'm talking in the same model year. I could easily afford a 1990 GT, but I don't want a 1990 car, I wanted a 2000.)

    I think for a lot of people it's a matter of running with what they have, too. Now that I HAVE this 6, if I come across a hundred bux, I'll throw it into the 6. It's my car, I like it.

    And FYI - nowadays it's getting harder to generalize like you're doing and say 'why bother with a 6'. A 2000 V6 like mine will give a 1990 V8 a damn good run for its money. So saying why not just get an older V8 instead isn't that cut and dry, the newer V6s can keep pace nicely.
  5. I Mod Mine Because I Drive About Double The Average Miles And Need The Mileage, But Want Something Fun To Drive. My Stang Has Seen All 48 Lower States, Mexico, And Canada. Besides, With The Lighter Front Nose I Get Better Handling Than A Similarly Setup Gt. The Same Brakes Stop Me Faster(oh Yeah The 13" Kit Is Ordered). The Ins Is Cheaper, The Gas Bill Is Too. I Love The Handling My Mods Are Netting, And Don't Get To A Strip Often Enough To Care About Et's Much.

    I Love Working On My Friends V8's, And Have Owned A Couple, So Don't Think All I Want Is To Beat Up On The Big Brothers Out There. This Car Suits Me, And Yours Suits You.
  6. I bought mine after coming back in late August, between the 99-00 model changeover, and wanted a 1999 35th Anniversary Red Convertible.

    I got the only one available within 4 states, and it had a V-6 and history went from there...see below...
  7. because its fun
  8. This is still one of the stupidest things I hear. let me ask you why mod a V8? Why didn't you save your pennies and buy an exotic car with a V12? A car enthusiast is a car enthusiast, who cares what it is there modding as long as you have pride in what you drive.

    My point is made!

    I personally like the idea of a V6 that can kick the ass of a GT. Cause the guy that bought the GT will not have put nearly the work into modding his car. He just bought what every other lemming drives and thinks hes fast! If the GT wins I would respect him cause I know he put some effort into his car and that is why my weak V6 lost. I respect those that can make a car, any car go faster including rice even though some are fugly!

    Also why not go ask the guys with 4 banger stangs why they bother. :rolleyes:
  9. Becuase everyone is afraid of how we might answer :rlaugh:

    everyone mods there car for differnt reasons, to make it differnt. Some mess with 4's, others six's and other 8's, aslong as you arent arogant about thinking your car is sooo much better, thats cool with me. Like was said before, pride in ownership, and to beat the next guy. I love to suprise people, what better way than to run a 2.3 that plays with the small block v8's? Do i have respect for the v8, of course , 302 and the 351 are my fav's! Do i respect a 6, well im still learning that one, but i do respect someone who is willing to put there time into it. why do we mod our cars? the same reason i eat cereal every morning....im addicted! :nice:

    keep it real
  10. I used to own a V8 90LX. I also have owned an SVO (4Cyl Turbo), and I loved!! the driving experience of the SVO, but it lacked the punch of the 5.0. I have a hybrid in the garage in work now. It is an 86 LX that will get SVO running gear (or as close as i can get) and I have an 2000 V6 motor from Stangparts.com to go in it. The end goal is to have more torque (ala the 5.0) With the balance of the SVO. I drove a 2000 cyl for a year and i think in the lighter body of the 86 i'll be there. I was long winded in the respone, but to answer the question more directly....Why mod? because any one can buy his ride, but not everyone can build a unique car that can go like hell. The 5.0 is done to death, now the challenge is to get more performance from smaller lighter and hopefully faster cars.
  11. I don't have a V6 stang, but the reason i'm modding my 2.3 mustang is because I couldn't get a 5.0 in the first place. This, I guess, kept me open to other options (aka the SVO). Now, i'm building a 2.3L four cylinder with a T3 turbocharger, front-mount intercooler, 3" exhaust, and lots of boost, and this car will suprise many 5.0's and 4.6's once I get it running and tuned good. It's fun being the under-dog, to try something different than the jaded 5.0.
  12. Why not? :)

    Personally, it was insurance and gas for me at first. Now, I've just spent too much time in this particular car: it's my baby now. I'm curious to see how far it will go, and God willing and money permitting (which it ain't, lately), I'll find out.
  13. You must live in some fantasy land if your insurance rates are the same for a V6 as a V8... Its almost double the insurance for me to get into a new model v8 instead of my 6...
  14. Not even the cheaper price/insurance for me. Because I like it. I've never owned a 6 before. I saw the potential. At the same token, why don't I just put a 460 in it?.........because.

    All of the stuff done to my car has been done by me. People know the car isn't messing around when I'm cruising through town and the supercharger is whining.

    Granted, I could probably get much more power/happiness with buying/building a v8. But right now, people frown when I tell em I have a 6 and they get stomped. I have a V8.....it sounds better, but the 98 will stomp it anyday
  15. because for 4600, someone is runnin 11's with his v6, with stock internals
  16. I got my v6 b/c i found it on a lemon lot for 5.7k i wasnt even planing on buy a stang
  17. Congrats on the stang, and that's the way it starts for alot of us...
  18. I bought mine as a good daily driver while I retired the V8 to weekend driving. Since the V6 was only $12K with only 4k miles, why not? It's long been paid for and it gets me to college everyday.

    Though, why didn't you just buy a Cobra instead of the GT? I mean, why mod a GT to beat a new Cobra? Hmm...

    I'm pretty tired of these threads really.

  19. If you carry liability only, like me, the above will be true. If you carry collision and comprehensive, then insurance rates change by vehicle type. I've been through 3 cars, 84 chevrolet celebrity 2.8l v6, 92 grand am 2.3l I4, and 97 Mustang V6, and my insurance has stayed right around 600 bucks per 6 months.

  20. Im paying close to 2500 per 6 months on liability. BEAT THAT!
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