why mod a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by big o car 4.6, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. End of the matter

    I think anyone that has doubts should see this month’s 5.0 Mustangs and Fast fords mag and read an article called "A century of Progress" It has an excellent article on how to get 100 more HP out of your six. They have very good things to say about the subject, and they ought to know. A good read.

    And for you V8 snobs, are you gonna trade in your eight if the 10 cyl BOSS mock up on the cover ever goes live?
  2. One word for buying/modding a 6er: SLEEPER!!!!
    It's just to surprise a few of the GT and Cobra drivers around here who pull up next to me at a light and start reving thier engines. I've had to start rolling my window down and tell them to save thier gas and give them the Peace sign then hold up 6 fingers. Most figure out that I'm saying V-6 under the hood.

    Once I start the mods and have the appropriate equipment under the hood, then I'll change my badging to show 3.8L and under that, the smaller Supercharged or Turbocharged (depends on what I go with). On my website, I've listed quite a few mods that I want to do. Right now, it's just a snorkle removed and a K&N Airfilter.
  3. Why mod a 4.6? Why not start with a 5.7 to begin with?

    Why mod a 5.7? Why not start with a 8.0 V10 to begin with?

    get the idea?
  4. Or an 8.3 V10 :D

  5. Or you could just get a V-12 lol :D
  6. True, but they don't put a V-12 in the viper. :p
  7. Skip it all and go for the 8.0 quad turbo W16. Nothing like 1000hp that is drivable and street legal anywhere in the world. :nice:
  8. I don't know why he's bashing on the V6's, there's nothing wrong with them. Some people get them for b/c they can't afford a V8, some want the sleeper, etc. I myself own a 93 T-bird with the V6, and it's a fine car. I personally went with a V8 b/c I've always wanted one, and I just graduated college and can afford one now. If I had the money, I would have a Cobra, but to pay another 15k for one I thought was stupid (I paid 20K brand new for mine)! Anyways, just back off, V6 mustangs are fine, just as long as they are not RICE! :D
  9. HAHAH....best friend is 18, with the title to a v6 auto 95 firebird, in his name.....here on Long Island...the best quote he got, and took was 3695 a year. Damn, he might as well have just bent over for 5 minutes, and been done for the year....srry for vulgarity....
  10. Why I am modifying

    First off I have a 2000 V6 mustang. I was 18 when I bought the car ( on my own) but my fathers name was on the title to my old car (93 4 door cavalier, yuk) he didnt think that an 18 year old needed a V8. I had a nice 99 GT ,black mustang picked out all ready for him to sign over the title, but he refused. Even though I bought it on my own and I am the only one who has ever made the payments. :bang:
    So I had to settle for the V6 but this time my name is on the title. :banana:

    Now I am 22, but I work and go to school so the V8 I cant really afford, and I live in Vegas and the insurance here is crazy. So untill the 2006 cobra comes out, and I am done with college, and can aford a V8, I am just modifying my V6.
    And also most people dont have a V8 simply because they can not afford it, but still want to have something nice so the V6 works great.
  11. Interesting concept, how about alot us do not want a v8 stuff thru the fenders, 1, gas
    2, insurance
  12. speed is nice but its not everything, i get good gas milage in a nice looking car that cost me 13,500 brand new off the lot. I am poor and in college, i wanted to do a few this adn thats until i graduate and its beign a little difference also i guess.
  13. Not a snob at all, as I started with a 6 banger, but to answer your question, yes, i would if I had the cash. :D I also like the new hyland motorsports 6.0L modular block (basically just a stroked 5.4L block). I just plan on motorswapping forever, but leaving the v6 look. THAT is a sleeper. A bolt-on v6 isn't a sleeper. However, if you have a blower or turbo or perhaps even nitrous, that could make the v6 into a fine sleeper.
  14. "Why mod a V6?"

    Because it is my car and I'll do what I please. I have a sweet looking stock V6 stang and to this point didnt do any mods to it because I was sure I would trade it in for a "GT". Well I have decided to keep my 2002 V6, and just bought mach 1 rims off ebay. I dont think the only thing that makes mustangs appealing or worth modding is based on whats in the engine bay..

    Enjoy your V8, Ill enjoy my v6. They are both mustangs....... :flag:

  15. what all to put in v6

    i know all the things u can get, but what are worth anything? i have a 99 stock v6, bout 90.000 miles on it, i want about 300-350 hp, i know thats alot, but a supercharge will give me around 260-270, so a few more bolt ons im sure can reach me to 300, so should i go turbo or super? and after that, throttlebodies? exhaust? what else, if not all else? peeps say trade in for a v8, but then where will i be? i wanna dust v8's with my lil 6'er, so any help will do great, also the better brand names too, thanx guys
  16. man 90K .... ! but in making a short story long

    that is my My goal as well... since the only thing seperating mine from a stock gt is the missing two cylinders and with cam and head porting along with all the bolt ons.... I'm in close pursuit to those 99+ gt numbers. other then that... in other regards i'm past equal to most stock / mildly modded GT's.

    I started by completely going through the chassis and suspension with Welded in kenny Brown Packages, KYB strut shock combo backed with steeda Comp springs and rear sway bar.... 13 inch brakes to boot.

    but as far as power .. I'm trying to get my NA numbers up before nitrous or if i can afford it down the road sc. with everything I have to date, including buying this repo'd 6 I still have less in it then what a new gt would have run so the why mod ??? from the peep still holds water.

    you don't really need the tb or larger maf until you do go deeper into your engine mods although I'm leaving mine on because I have my cam and rollers on order and then Intakes will follow.

    I can't really tell which benefited the most 4:10 gears in the 8.8, UD pulley, and cai I did all at the same time but the fun factor definetly increased then I had the chip programmed for the speedo. I previously had done the H pipe and duals going into flowmaster 40s (i like the interior rumble)

    since i'll have the heads and upper tore down I will probably go ahead and do my headers now when i do the cam , wont help near term only in anticipation of future induction mods.

    Just a humble long winded opinion.
  17. I just asked my car this question and she was a little insulted....

    Here's her response:

    "I don't deserve improvements just because I only have 6 jugs? I'm a Mustang too!! If you give me a CAI, do I not suck in more air? If you give me HEI and platinum spark plugs, do I not combust more fuel? If you give me shorty headers, an x-pipe, and true-dual exhaust, do I not flow more, sound better and look better? Why mod me? Because I am a Mustang. Any true enthusiast would never have asked that question."

    I edited her response because she was a little pissed.....
  18. Personally, I feel the V6 models were never intended to be performance cars. I think Ford had in mind a Mustang for people who wanted the looks but could care less about performance.

    I have nothing against modding a V6, but it's potential is limited when compared to 4.6 and 5.0 liter V8s. I know it's possible to get over 300 HP out of a V6, but you won't have the amount of torque a V8 Mustang will. I kinda find it funny how the 4-cylinder Fox Mustangs respond so will to turbochargers, why wouldn't the 3.8 engines either?
  19. heres my reasons:

    insurance for my v6=$103 a month full coverage.

    V8=$260 for full coverage

    with that kinda of money, i could turn around and put it back into the v6 and get it to 270 horse way easier and faster...

    and i wanted a v6, i would deffenetly kill myself with a v8, and a v6 sounds just fine with some flowmasters or mac's, and can still smash a honda to bits...

    and my number one reason for all you v8 guys out there....

    ........if you cant go fast with v6, you cant go fast at all.... 20-30% of speed in a race is the driver.

    any one care to disagree...?

    i wanted a v6 and modding is fun on any car, from chrome caps to superchargers...

  20. maybe cause im also into imports as well, and like the idea of making a *smaller* engine fast. everyone expects a v8 to be fast, but ppls jaws are gonna drop whenever a 6 smokes an 8.
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