why mod a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by big o car 4.6, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. :bang: :mad: ok, I have to agree with Greenbioch here. This is the one question people will not stop asking. You want reasons, here u go 1. Not all of us have money flowing in from mom and dad. 2. Not all of us want to pay crazy insurance for a car that has less horsepower than a new Nissan Maxima family sedan :nonono: 3. For the sheer joy of, after being beaten down by GT's and Cobra's that refuse to race some real competition because they fear getting beat, that one time when you actually smoke one. It makes it all worth while. I'm not out to flame anybody, but that was a muscle jerk comment if ever one was made. So'd u just come to the six forum to stir up the nest or what?
  2. man... seriously... are you kidding?
  3. i thought this thread died along time ago...
  4. every one has their on opinion on what a mustang is or the v8 v6 issues, i want a v8 will get one next but being in college getting my degree paying for everyting my self its hard to buy a v8 or near impossible.

    I got the v6 cuz i had a 97 v6, back before i knew much of anything just heck its a car give it to me, well i fell in love with the 97 and i could get a manual 01 for cheaper tan teh 97 was so i sold the 97 and got the 01, paid 13,500 for it brand new with 5 miles on it.

    I wanted it to look good so i started putting stuff on it and its gotten addictive. I enjoy moding it but dont plan on making it super fast simply fun to drive and its a nice hobby.

    I dotn really care for teh super fast stuff i dont drag on the street, i dotn go to the track i just enjoy driving so in the end THE ONLY reason why i would want a v8 is to make every one around me be like look at teh gt, but why do i give a crap what you think? lol I dont....

    once i graduate i do plan on getting a new cobra or gt just cuz I want one....but thats a year away :(
  5. There was a guy who almost died climbing Mt. Everest, and when he came down, they asked him why he did it.

    His answer: "Because it's there."
  6. amen brother.. :nice:
  7. Ive had a GT for like two days now, so I guess im no longer with the six croud but the reason i had the 6 was b/c of money, which I guess is the same for most others. This is somewhat off topic but I agree with some other guy above, to me the v6 was more of a marketing strategy (and a really good one if you look at it from Fords point of view) It did somewhat ruin the Mustang image. To me a "sports car" or "muscle car" or whatever you call it, is supposed to be something that turns heads. You ever seen a Dodge Viper drive by? everyone looks! Of course the Mustang is meant to be a more affordable car but even with that, there's still not THAT many GT's. On the other hand, there's a v6 almost every corner, because the v6 is pretty much just like a regular car to most people now. Problem is the GT, v6, Cobra... they look really similar, so in a way it kind of ruined the "sports car magic" for the other stangs. Ok that was off topic, just felt like mentioning it b/c some other guy did. Either way I don't really care who mods what... like I said I have a GT now and I plan on leaving it 99% stock, im not into racing or modding, I just like having a nice car... I'll never race anyone so I could care less who's faster.

  8. Your joking right?? Have you seen the 6 cylinders respond to Turbos, 11.9 with stock internals not sure of the boost level. It has been done.

    Plus I know of a 6 with 320ishHP and like 380-390 ft lbs of Torque, of course the guy is running a big shot of nitrous. I'd say thats good for a six but your entitled to your opinion.
  9. From my point of view...

    V6 = promotes the name of Mustang
    GT = shows the potential of Mustang
    Cobra = shows full potentail of Mustang

    Ford GT = What every mustangs wish to be like :hail2: :banana:

    Bottom line is, a Mustang is a Mustang and there's nothing wrong with modding them. If you ask why people mod a v6 rather than buying a v8 then they may have many various reasons like stated in previous posts (gas, insurance, etc..)

    The whole purpose of asking that question is "why would you mod a slower car when you can mod a faster car?" The truth is.. every car can be as fast as others, people have different goals. Some mod for looks and some mod to go faster.

    Stick with what you have and be proud of it. Not everyone has the ability to do what everyone else does.. that's just life. Be safe and happy modding.
  10. I don't want to start anything. I usually lie pretty low, but it would be wise to check out production figures on the Mustang and maybe pick up a book or two on the history of this car. It's been said before and I'm going to say it again, without the 2.3L 80s/90s and 3.8L V6 90s/Now, there would be no Mustang today... Even with them, it was only luck and politics that saved this car.

    With production in the 120K total unit range in 1983 it was slated for cancellation at the end of 86. It was about half way through 86 that the union forced Fords hand and made a deal with them to continue production until 93. It was keeping Dearborn open that saved this car, not people in Ford or the car itself. Funny thing is, by 86 the unit sales were back into the 200K range. We lucked out when the Probe thing went south toward the end of the 80's and Probe itself was canceled in the early 90's. From 90 to 93 was even worse for the car than it had been in 83 to 85 and if not for some miracle of choice by Ford to redesign instead of just getting rid of it, it would be gone. Sales dipped to an all time low in 92 with only 79K units TOTAL production. It would not hit the 200K range again till 2000. If the V6 did not exist you could cut those sales numbers by 2/3rds if not more, and there is no way Ford would have kept the car around for 50K or less unit sales per year at no real profit. There is more of a profit margin on the V6 than the GT at every trim level due to volume and it saved our collective enthusiast asses. What's odd is I've never heard anyone ever say the 2.3L I4 ruined the Mustang image during it's entire 19 years of Mustang service.

    Every once in a while Ford messes up. They trip a little, brush themselves off and try to make amends. On the other hand For what the V6 is - a base model - it does a great job expressing itself as a pony car. It sounds good, kills nearly every car in it's price range in looks and power and does a very good job representing the Mustang namesake. Not everyone that drives the car can make that claim however, so image is not entirely the cars fault. Just look at imports and what image they have levied due to a select few with bad taste and big mouths... The old adage; one bad apple spoils the bunch come to mind. Image is only bad from the point of view of those who don't buy into it though - look at the turn advertising has taken in the last year.:shrug:

    In 2005 we will see Ford fix a few things regarding definitive appearance differences of Mustang power/trim levels. The 4L will more than do it's job in place of the 3.8 and is a much smoother engine. Just like the 3.8, it has been tuned to sound Mustang and with the torque numbers I've seen, it will feel the part pretty damn good for being the lowest of the pony car breed. If the 20K V8 never comes to pass; as many feel it's too good to be true, the V6 will be the car that pushes 2005 Mustang sales close to, if not past the 300K mark for the first time in 25 years; 369K units were made in 79.

  11. LOL! Ok, so I don't have over 300 hp, but check out my TQ. And it's on a mustang dynamometer, my numbers would've been higher if I would've let the engine cool, if I could've got the RPM's to read, and if the car had been tuned for max power rather than max. drivability

    Dude, do research before you start blasting people

  12. Dude, lighten the f u c k up.
  13. Any ******* can BUY a fast car. Takes a real enthusiast to make a car fast.
  14. I agree.

    That's where I disagree.

    There are few V8 powered sports cars (if any) slower than a 4.6 GT Mustang. The GT makes people think all Mustangs are slow.

    However, people expect the V6 to be slow and are surprised that it's only a second or so off the GT in the 1/4.

    Could not have said it better.
  15. now you are a retard

  16. You are just uptite because what I said is true. What 2 door car besides another Ford made in 1997 with a V8 was slower than a 97 GT? Honestly.

    Hmmm.... I can't think of any either.

    I didn't say you had a bad car. I didn't insult you or your car like you just did me. I just stated my opinon, and I feel it to be true.
  17. Are you saying all GT's are the slowest sports cars out there, are just the pre 99+ models? :shrug:

  18. *sigh*

    Let me say that first... I have no problems with 4.6 GT Mustang's 99+ or pre 99. I'd buy one. I actually might, a pre 99 since it's cheaper.

    All I am saying is that it's the GT model that makes people think the Mustang is slow not the V6 model. You can't honestly say you haven't heard people (like people tht own V6 Altima's or WRX's etc...) say the "Mustang" is a dog slow car etc... and they are talking about the stock GT's they beat or paced.

    I like the V6 and V8 Mustang.

    People expect the V6 to be slow. People don't expect the GT to be about what a top model average family sedan is cappable of now. (Altima, Maxima, Galant etc...)

    Bottom line... why mod the V6? Well... why mod the V8? They are in the same boat in different ways.
  19. Yeah, I understand...it sucks that 4 door sedans can pretty much keep up with me now, for needs to really boost the power numbers for all the models...they would get worse gas mileage, but it's not like I get great mileage now! :rlaugh:

  20. Dude, don't take this the wrong way. I don't know where you live, but around here, if you don't have a Cobra, then nobody cares. And if you do, it'd better be done up because a stock '03 Cobra isn't going to get anybody looking. There are actually more GT's out in this area than sixs' because of the whole spoiled-college-kid and mid-life crisis deal. It's getting to the point where you're gonna have to buy a Saleen to get anyone to even notice you have a Mustang. :nonono:
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