why mod a V6?

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by big o car 4.6, Nov 29, 2003.

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  1. First of all, why the hell would anyone care if nobody cares about you not having a cobra? Second of all, if I want everyone to be looking at my car, then you're right, I should've bought a Saleen.. or better yet, a Viper.

    If (yes I said IF) you feel bad about other people not noticing your car, and you already knew that the people around where you live don't notice, then by all mean get some other cars that will get other people to notice.

    And where did I say something about wanting people to look/care/notice at Mustangs?

    Sorry if I hurt your feelings or offended you in anyway, that's the best I can do..

    P.S. No matter where I am, I will always notice other stang and sometimes even turn off my radio just to hear their exhaust even if it's a v6 :nice:

  2. You didn't mention it, I was just making the statement. I wasn't offended, I was only saying that there are alot of GT's around here, even more than there are six cylinders and, kind of as a side note, I mentioned that people don't pay them much mind. I wasn't tryin to insult u :cheers: In the end, V6 or V8, they're all Stangs, right? :nice:
  3. What part in TX do you live in? My guess is Houston?

    Hmm.. I noticed that I used some harsh word in that post (Hell). But as long as it didn't bother you, it's fine with me :D

    If you put a v6, gt, and cobra with the same year model side to side, take off all the badges and make the exterior look the same.. a novice eye would think that they are all mustangs and it won't matter to them what kind of engine it has... Hell even I won't be able to distinguish between them if I don't see the engine..

    So I say this once again.. no matter if your mustang has v6/v8/v10/v12/4c, it's still belongs in "ONE" Mustang category. Thus, Stangnet was born... (random statement..)

    <----- somewhat drunk and sleepy :p
  4. The 5.0 has 212 Hp stock where is all the smack about the 5.0?

  5. OK here's some since you asked.

    The 5.0 in stock form is very weak.

  6. :rlaugh:
  7. I bought my V6 after the flood of 2002 in west virginia took my 94 5.0, and i love my car. I have had my car lil over 2 years now, its a 98 v6. and its a show car. I starte ddoing car shows last summer and brought home 11 trophies, the last one being best in class 72-up mustangs. Yea its not a v8, but it spanks civics and thats the name of the game. who cares if you have a v8? i had a v8? i like it but im not like ohh **** a v6. I'll tell any of you guys who trash on v6s to bring your car to a car show im at, and we'll see who leaves with the gold.
  8. too lazy to read the whole post
    but let me ask you a pro v8 guys a few questions

    why mod a grand national?
    it's only a little six

    why mod a WRX or a EVO8
    heck they aren't even 6cyl they are 4 cyl

    what about the dodge neon? already stock it is as fast as a 99+GT and once again only a 4 cyl

    then comes supras
    another only a 6 car

    if I remember right the turbo 4 cyl mustang can be made fast fairly easily also
    again only a 4cyl

    or the 1g eclipse
    another only a 4 cyl car

    why would anyone mod those?
  9. Well, you took a good guess..lol. I'm just outside of Houston by about thirty minutes.
  10. i had a 2002 V6 and traded it in for a 1996 cobra with the same insurance rates and im only 17
  11. *sniff, sniff* dude, I think I smell BS
  12. No it's not BS, you can do that when it's in your Dad's name and the insurance exludes you as a driver, ie that also, means if you get caught driving it, by the insurance company the rates sky rocket, that's why I had to 98CobraClone off of mine policy, raters were 50bux a month higher.
  13. Why in the hell is this thread still alive. I haven't been on stangnet in a really long time and before I left this thread had just been created. People get a life, it doesn't matter.

    I like what I have, I spend money on it, so what. Last time I checked the V8 guys or the rice burners weren't going to stop me from doing it.

    And if I had my 1987 Monte Carlo still I'd mod it. It was a V8, yes, but it was "only" a 305.

    LOL I can't believe this thread is still going.
  14. TTT :D (it's already on top) :banana:
  15. And besides, he traded a 2002 for a 96. I can insure a six year old vette for roughly the same price as a new mustang GT. And that's on my own policy. Cause when they insure a used car, they only insure it up to its value. Kinda sucks how your insurance on a new GT does not drop every year as the car appreciates. Its a scam.
  16. Consider this, all those cars you mention are turbo'd vehicles. I agree with what your saying, but I also say that if you took the grand national(for example) naturally aspirated, and started with a mustang GT naturally aspirated, the GT will win. If you turbo the grand national, then spend the same money to turbo the GT, the GT will win. It generally takes more money to mod less displacement to do the same work as more displacement. That does not mean I'm against modding 4's and 6's though. If thats what I had, I would mod it. If you cant mod the one you love, then mod the one your with. :D
  17. could you buy a non-turbo GN?? That ones news to me,
    yet another post to keep this topic up top, hehe.
  18. 'stang v 'stang

    you all seem to "forget" the 80's when a stock 5.0 had 225hp and the sixes had 120hp. some of y'all been spoiled. but why build a six? simple V-8 hp with no weight penalty( more engine fatter sway bars etc) and my 4.3(bored+stroked 3.8) will net 300hp when done with no adders. So my question is WHY NOT???????
  19. It wasn't until 1987 that the V8 had 225 horse.

    '82 - 157
    '83 - 175
    '84 - 175 (the year the SVO was released and it had the same HP)
    '85 - 210
    '86 - 200 (this year the SVO had 200, again equaling the V8)
    '87-'92 - 225
  20. Not being a smart a$$ but 1987 was in the 80's last time I was there
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